BBMA Oma Ally 2020 Trading Strategy

BBMA Oma Ally is one of the most well-known approaches to technical analysis. Some so many traders have been quite successful in learning this strategy.

While many forex traders who sell their trading systems claim to provide consistent profit. But in practice, what they say is just a fake. Still, the trade failed.

But different from this one trader. Oma Ally, a Malaysian trader who is the founder of the BBMA system. He is also known as a successful mentor in educating forex traders to generate consistent profits. Oma Ally is one of the Guru Traders who is quite generous in sharing her knowledge with the wider community.

I think you will interesting to learn BBMA Oma Ally trading strategy, I will write about BBMA Oma Ally which he calls “ASAS BBMA”

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BBMA Oma Ally Explained

BBMA strategy by Oma Ally is a famous trading strategy in forex trading in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Oma Ally is a Malaysian trader who developed this strategy, which is a further development than the BBMA introduced by Kang Gun, a senior Indonesian trader.

The name BBMA is taken from the names of two trading indicators used in this method, namely Bollinger Bands and Moving Average.

Since 2010 BBMA Oma Ally has helped traders get a lot of profit from the forex market. BBMA Oma Ally has been through years of research and testing with success rates. BBMA Oma Ally has been the topic of conversation between Indonesian and Malaysian traders since 2010.

Even the combined community of traders from Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and several other countries registered in a BBMA Oma Ally telegram group has up to 2,800 traders.

Trading strategy BBMA Oma Ally is famous for its high entry accuracy, low floating time, and most importantly multiple entries.

BBMA Oma Ally Indicator

BBMA strategy by oma ally uses 2 indicators which by default are found on MT4. These indicators are Bolinger Band (BB) and Moving Average (MA).

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Band (BB) is an indicator in technical analysis to measure volatility and read market movements. BB consists of 3 lines known as “Top BB, Mid BB & Low BB” or some call “Upper band, Middle Band & Lower Band.

Bollinger Bands (BB) is a very important indicator in Oma Ally’s BBMA.

John Bollinger is the founder of the Bollinger band indicator whose function is to determine sentiment, bias, and measure volatility market.

In Oma Ally’s BBMA, this indicator has several rules, including:

BB As Dynamic SnR And To analyze Market Volatility

BB can be used as a measure of volatility and market sentiment or bias. To analyze at the volatility, by taking into account the shape of the BB, whether including BB Expanding or BB Horizontally.

Flat BB is when the Top, Mid, and Low BB tend to be aligned. Aligning here doesn’t mean the BB shape will look perfectly aligned. This flat condition indicates that the market is ranging or sideways.

Take a look image below to closer

bbma oma ally

The image above shows the price reaction to the BB line which tends to flatten out. When the price touches the Top band, there is a rejection that becomes a resistance zone. Conversely, when the price touches the Low band, there is a rejection which becomes a support zone.

It’s not always exact, but the top and low bands are quite accurate as to support and resistance zones on the sideways market.

Meanwhile expanding BB indicates when the price has broken through the BB Top/Low in an open state.

Breakout of BB by the price and ends with a closed candle outside the expanding BB is a new momentum for the market to continue the trend in that direction.

bbma oma ally 2020

The image above shows the price reaction when BB expands, which is an indication of a breakout which then forms a new trend.

BB as Trend Direction

BB has 3 lines, namely Top, Mid, and Low BB. Mid BB is a moving average functioning as a limit. When the price is above the middle BB it means an uptrend, on the contrary, if the price is below the middle BB it means a downtrend.

Moving Average (MA) is an indicator to find out the average value of price data within a certain period to identify general price trends.

In Oma Ally’s BBMA technique, MA is used to look for indications of changes in price trends, as well as find entry opportunities and for opportunities to exit transactions.

Moving Average

Moving Average or abbreviated as MA is a technical indicator that takes the average price of a certain period. MA indicator is used in the stock market, forex, crypto, where it functions as a trend indicator as well as dynamic Support and Resistance. This is included in the lagging indicator.

Below as example MA 50 on the chart:

bbma oma ally 2020

The blue line is the 50 moving average, pay attention to its reaction to the price. When the price is below the MA line, the trend tends to be downtrend. When conditions are flat, the MA line tends to be in the middle of the price range. Conversely, when the MA line is below the price, the trend tends to be uptrend.

The drawing of the MA line also depends on the period used, the shorter the period, the faster it reacts to prices. MA lines are also often to be dynamic support and resistance zones. When the trend is bearish, the MA line becomes a resistance zone, and when it is bullish the MA line becomes a support zone.

BBMA Oma Ally setup

The indicators used in the BBMA Oma Ally set up trading strategy are as follows:

  • BB Period 20, Shift 0 Deviation 2.
  • Moving Average Period 5, Shift 0 MA method: Linear Weighted, Apply to High.
  • A Moving Average Period 5, Shift 0 MA method: Linear Weighted, Apply to Low.
  • Moving Average Period 10, Shift 0 MA method: Linear Weighted, Apply to High.
  • A Moving Average Period 10, shift 0 MA method: Linear Weighted, Apply to Low
  • Moving Average Period 50, Shift 0 MA method: Exponential, Apply to Close.

You can use BBMA the free download here to a quick setup, simply to place the file template BBMA Oma Ally in the “Templates” folder on your Metatrader 4 Platform.

Below an image from appearance BBMA Oma Ally template:

bbma oma ally

Oma Ally’s BBMA entry rules

In Oma Ally’s BBMA technical analysis, certain rules become entry requirements. In this case, there are two types of circumstances that must always be considered.

  • The first situation is when there is MA 5 and MA 10 that come out of the BB line.
  • and the second is when a candlestick closes outside the BB line.

These conditions underlie the 3 signal and entry conditions in Oma Ally’s BBMA.

Extreme conditions

In an uptrend or downtrend, this condition occurs not only for the candlestick to break from the BB line, but the MA also comes out of the BB. Simply put extreme conditions are conditions when MA 5/10 comes out of the Top or Low BB.

Take a look image below to get more understanding

bbma oma ally

The image above is the minimum condition for an extreme condition is valid. These circumstances are:

  • MA 5 or MA 10 comes out or breaks the Top or Low BB.
  • There is a Reversal candle that closes inside BB or just below/above MA5.

If these two rules are met, then candlestick number 3 will be the place for entry. The candlestick marked with the number 3 is the Candlestick Retest.

Normally Candlesticks & MA are in the BB range and must not be outside the BB. If the Candlestick & MA manages to break through the BB Low/ BB top, it violates the law of the ASAS and this forms an EXTREME setup.

  • Extreme Sell: Moving Averages 5/10 High break out of Top BB
  • Extreme Buy: Moving Averages 5/10 Low exit the BB Low.

Below is an example Extreme Sell and buy BBMA Oma Ally:

extreme sell bbma oma allyextreme buy bbma oma ally


But entry signals in extreme conditions are high risk, so the profit target rules also have certain rules for effective targets. The Take Profit rule is at MA 5/10 which does not break out of the BB.

From the example above, MA 5 High comes out of the Top BB and other conditions have been met, so our Target profit on MA 5 Low. Because it is risky, this extreme signal is mostly an early sign that a trend will end soon.

If you are scared of high risk with this entry method, it’s better to no trade for the safety.

Market Hilang Volume (MHV) or in English Market Lost Volume.

Market Lost Volume or MHV is the sequence after the extremes going on. MHV is a condition of a trend where prices are no longer strong enough to continue their journey. Simply put, the trend is starting to weaken.

Essential principles in MHV must be considered because this is the key to understanding Oma Ally’s BBMA system:

  • MHV is formed at the end of the trend after an uptrend or downtrend occurs.
  • MHV informs that the momentum of the uptrend or downward trend has started to weaken or does not have the strength to continue the trend.
  • This condition is also known by traders in general as Double Top & Double Bottom, Head and Shoulder, and Inverse Head and Shoulder.
  • MHV was formed after the formation of the Extreme Buy/Sell setup.
  • An MHV considered valid if the price fails to close outside the Top BB/Low BB and only leaves a Shadow Candle outside the Top BB/Low BB.
  • MHV is invalid if the price manages to break and close outside the Top BB/Low BB.

This MHV signal has the characteristics that the candlestick cannot bounce to break the Top/Low BB. Take a look closer to an image below:

bbma oma ally

Candlestick patterns that indicate MHV include a Double Top, Triple Top, Head and Shoulder, and Inverse Head and Shoulder patterns.

Just to make it easier to learn about the MHV candlestick pattern below is a sketch of the MHV pattern and it is accompanied by the tp and the entry point. In practice, you can mark any highs that are unable to break the BB Top/Low.

bbma oma ally

You can see examples of valid and invalid MHV in the image below.

valid ,mhvmhv invalid


In the re-entry setup in BBMA Oma Ally follows the predetermined rules, but before that, I will write about Candlestick Arah (CSA) and Candlestick Momentum (CSM).

Candlestick Arah (CSA)

The Candlestick Arah is the initial signal of post-extreme price changes and MHV. CSA at the BBMA serves as a pointer to where prices will move in the near term.

CSA itself is divided into 2, namely the CSA Awal and CSA Kukuh. In CSA Awal occurs when the candlestick closes only past MA 5 and 10. While CSA Kukuh is CS close through MA 5, 10, and Mid BB.

Candlestick Momentum (CSM)

Candlestick Momentum is the initial signal of a market that is starting to have the strength to move. This CSM is marked by a close candlestick outside the expanding BB Top/BB low.

CSA and CSM are signals to prepare for entry. If there is CSM on Top BB, we have to wait at MA 5 or 10 Low first to make an Entry Buy.

Setup re-entry

In the BBMA strategy by oma ally, the re-entry setup also follows the rules which are the order in which this strategy is implemented, these rules are as follows below.

  • If there has been a significant uptrend or downtrend in prices. It will usually be followed by the formation of a sideway/ranging pattern. Then this is where the Re-Entry setup is formed.
  • The Re-Entry Sell setup is the price to look for MA5/10 High when the price is down and a sideway is forming. However, the best Re-Entry setup for Sell is when the price is looking for a meeting place for MA5/10 High and there is a Mid-BB that is close to coinciding with the MA5/10 High.
  • The Re-Entry Buy setup is the price to look for MA5/10 Low when the price is rising and a sideway is being formed. However, the best Re-Entry setup for Buy is when the price is looking for a meeting place for MA5/10 Low and there is a Mid-BB close to coinciding with the MA5/10 Low.
  • Take a look at the MA 50 indicator. If the price is below MA 50, you should focus on looking for a sell re-entry setup (not a buy re-entry) because the price trend tends to fall, and vice versa.

Below is example re-entry setup:


BBMA Oma Ally timeframe

In implementing this trading strategy, Oma Ally’s BBMA is recommended to do multi-timeframe analysis, which means not only using one timeframe but 2 or 3 timeframes.

If you use the H4 timeframe, you should also look at a larger timeframe, for example daily and weekly.

Important tips in Oma Ally’s BBMA strategy pay attention to the MA 50 indicator. If the price is below MA 50, you should focus on looking for a Sell setup. Conversely, if the price is above MA 50, focus on looking for a Buy setup. It’s safer. It’s advisable to practice in a demo account first to learn how to trade with strategy BBMA by Oma Ally for perfect entry.

BBMA Oma Ally success rate

To be sure, no one has provided concrete evidence of how the success rate of BBMA Oma Ally is when applied to trade. However, if you look at Oma Ally’s profile, she is a full-time trader. On his Facebook page, he has followers of more than 20 thousand people. This means that he is very popular and there are still many who are interested in Oma Ally’s BBMA strategy.

Some traders who take fully to use this strategy claim they have made more consistent profits. But, some other traders lose money when trying to implement this strategy.

This proves that even in using one strategy, each trader will get his results that are different from other traders. In this case, if you can deeply understand all the rules that are determined by the BBMA Oma Ally trading strategy, I am sure that this will give you a success rate above 70%.


BBMA Oma Ally is a popular strategy in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, and some people even dare to sell BBMA Oma Ally’s books in several marketplaces. Regardless of whether they ask permission from Oma Ally or not, Oma Ally indirectly has given way to other people to get money.

Oma Ally often uploads photos with beautiful scenic backgrounds on his Facebook page with his wife. It seems to prove that he is one of the most successful forex traders.

How about you, do you also want to be successful like Oma Ally?

Are you ready to start trading?

Open an account or try Demo account.

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