Best airdrops 2020

New companies based on blockchain technology are growing with new names, looking best airdrops 2020 isn’t simple?

Maybe there are still people who don’t understand what airdrop means? Airdrop in cryptocurrency is a term for the activity of distributing a free Blockchain token to members of the crypto community.

Airdrop is a promotional activity that is mostly carried out by blockchain-based startups to bootstrap their virtual currency projects.

With this airdrop, it’s a chance for everyone who likes cryptocurrency to get a free token. Why the company did airdrop? The main goal of the crypto Airdrop is to introduce the crypto and Blockchain project to the public.

As well as to attract people interest and investing in their companies.

blockchain airdrop 2020

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What is blockchain airdrop in cryptocurrency?

airdrop blockchain 2020

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Maybe for those of you who have just learned about blockchain and cryptocurrency, you still don’t know the term airdrop, what does it mean by airdrop in blockchain?

Blockchain technology has grown with new tokens as new companies, they partly create promotional strategies by airdrop.

Airdrop can be said as a limited time by the project coin, by giving free tokens as a promotional tool.

But to get this free coin one must do something like a requirement. This particular task, for example, is like social media or making a video that presents the company hosting the AirDrop.

Or register with the official site via Google form, chat with a telegram bot, referring to other users, spreading the link, or also spreading crypto words on social media.

Why people of doing Airdrop?

In general, the aim of Airdrop is to carry out advertisements, promote a product or service in the hope that it will spread more quickly to the public.

One of Airdrop’s goals is to increase marketing at ICO. The company team or developer distributes free tokens to attract attention during the ICO and to increase the investment value in their tokens.

They give the lure of an airdrop, meaning that Airdrop is used as something to attract the attention of potential investors and make people excited, buy the new coins.

Another goal of an airdrop is to introduce new coins when there is a fork in cryptocurrency or the launch of a new network. An example is a Bitcoin user getting Bitcoin Cash. With the Ethereum hard fork, the user gets an Ethereum Classic token that is the same value as in the original wallet.

Other examples include ETC holders who were awarded a CLO with the appearance of the Callisto blockchain. Or NXT holders who received IGNIS tokens after the sale of IGNIS tokens.

How does airdrop blockchain work?

There are so many upcoming Airdrop is distributing new coins to the community, before this there were no specific rules, but each team may request whatever they want.

But be aware of scammers, legit airdrops will never ask for a private key, so you have to be careful with this problem, don’t give out private keys to anyone.

Free Airdrop is connected to social media, so you have to share or retweet posts with links from the project. And you might have to have a specific follower to eligible participate on airdrop.

What does the requirement to participate in the airdrop?

airdrop blockchain 2020

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Although getting this airdrop is free, but there are some requirements you must have to participate in the airdrop project.

Below this is the tool you need

  • Ethereum wallet.
  • Active Ethereum wallet.
  • Telegram account.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook
  • E-mail address.

Ethereum wallet

You need a digital wallet to take part in airdrops. MyEtherWallet is a digital wallet that crypto players often use.

Why? Because storing in a wallet is safer than storing it on an exchange such as Binance or Bittrex.

MyEtherWallet is a wallet for ERC-20 coins, meaning this wallet can only store Ethereum-based coins/airdrops. You have to make this wallet because of 99% of coins that airdrops use Ethereum.

Active Ethereum wallet

To activate MyEtherWallet, at least you have used it. The coin team will check your wallet and make sure not only to get more coins.

This means that if it does not show activity, the wallet will not receive airdrops. there are instant airdrops 2020, but almost them isn’t instantly.

Even the coin team will see clearly the amount of balance in the wallet.

Telegram account

Telegram is a very important messaging application for Airdrops and Cryptopers.

They, usually, will have groups in the telegram for announcements, for example when airdrops will enter the crypto market, news about partnerships, and so on.

You must remain in the group until you receive a token if you leave it will not receive a token If you leave the group immediately, you will not get airdrops shared.

Twitter account

Twitter is still the most widely used social media for crypto news because re-tweeting is easier than sharing posts on Facebook.

For this reason, many companies like to use Twitter rather than Facebook because marketing through Twitter includes more people. Almost all Airdrops always have Twitter and you usually have to follow their Twitter and re-tweet the post.


You are not required to have a Facebook account, because not all airdrops have a Facebook page. However, there is no harm in providing an umbrella before it rains, how nice you have to prepare.

E-mail address

You need to have an email address because Airdrops will send an email to confirm KYC (Know Your Customer) or form to fill out to follow airdrops.

How to avoid airdrop scam?

Even though getting an airdrop is free, you also have to be careful because they might just scam.

When you have done KYC, provide email, Facebook, or Twitter. Information is very valuable, this data can be misused.

To avoid unwanted things you should follow the tips below.

Never give your private key to anyone.

Many fraudsters will send your message in a telegram to deceive newbies who have just entered the world of crypto.

Your Private Key is the password to enter your wallet and people who know can transfer your coins freely.

Don’t deposit to take coins

If you see airdrops like this, it’s better to immediately blacklist. Even though these airdrops give large amounts of coins.

Airdrops that make deposits or ask you to send another coin to an address are scam coins, you better avoid this.

Check the source

If a company does airdrops, they will do airdrops with a Twitter or Facebook account and they usually have a website. Airdrops that don’t have a website are usually scams because building a website requires a lot of money.

Best blockchain airdrop 2020

airdrop blockchain 2020

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There are so many that offer airdrops, and maybe it will be a little confusing choosing which ones are legit and which are scams.

Some best airdrop sites that provide airdrop listings are.

There are many lists of airdrops that might interest you when you visit the site.

But does everything on the list guarantee not an airdrop scam?

There are a number of things that might be useful for avoiding airdrop scams.

Have a vision and mission

Real projects will provide solutions to specific problems and have useful services. So if you find an airdrop project that does not have a vision and mission, then this should be suspected.

Have a standard roadmap or white paper.

A roadmap is like a project schedule. The specific time, date, month, and year the project will be completed.

If it does not follow its Roadmap, the project is likely to be a scam. Although there are some projects that are actually legit, the delay in the process may be due to the extension of ICO or other reasons.

Have a small reward

It would make more sense if the project provides small rewards, it is better not to easily trust projects that offer high rewards for example 100 $ just to register on their site. That number does not make sense and is likely an airdrop scam.

Plans to register tokens on the exchange.

If in the roadmap the project will register a token on the exchange, this possibility is a valid airdrop

Request ETH before giving away free tokens

If an admin or project asks you to send ETH to get a token, chances are it’s a scam.

Better to avoid even if the admin only requires sending 0 ETH, because it is likely they will hack the wallet address.

Does not hide profile identity

Look at the team behind the project, look for information on whether one of the team members has committed a crime or not.

Team members must be transparent, this shows the sincerity of the project.

Best airdrops 2020 example

Maybe some of the airdrops below attract you to get it.


ARC IRIS offers an energy revolution for profitable mining globally using wind solar and hydrogen technology.

How to get your token.

  • Chat with ARC IRIS Telegram Bot.
  • Follow their Twitter and Facebook pages, register on the ARC IRIS website, do other tasks.
  • Airdropped Coins: 500 ACI (~ $ 50.00). (YoDollar)

Maybe you who are experienced in the world of crypto, already know this exchange.

They use telegram bot, where you can buy and sell directly

With Yo Dollar, you can exchange crypto for no fee at all.

How to get coins

  • Chat with Telegram Bot YoBit.
  • Join their Telegram Group, register on the CryptoTalk form and paste the code received on the CryptoTalk thread.
  • Airdropped Coins: 700 YoDollar (~ $ 30.10).

Brave Browser (BAT)

Brave Browser is a secure browser with native ads and tracking blockers that allows you to surf the Internet privately and safely.

BAT’s main role on this platform is to obtain various advertisements and attention-based services.

As such, it is used to reward users for paying attention and mental involvement.

How to get coins:

  • Download the Brave Browser.
  • Click the BAT icon on the browser interface and get a prize, refer users (BATs for $ 5 for each referred user).
  • Airdropped Coins: 54.45 BAT ($ 10)

Origin Protocol

By using this application and making transactions, you will get an OGN token, as well as affiliates and marketplaces that make sales listings.

How to get the coin:

  • Download the app on your desktop or mobile through Origin Protocol’s Airdrop page.
  • Create a wallet and verify the account.
  • Perform the task described.
  • Earn up to 1,300 OGN tokens (~ $ 176)
  • Airdropped Coins: 44 OGN ($ 6) + up to 1,300 OGN (~ $ 176)

Juiice (JUI)

Juiice is a sharing platform where users will get rewarded for sharing content after publishing it.

How to get the coin?

  • Chat with the Juiice Telegram Bot and join the Juiice Telegram Group
  • Follow the Twitter page and register on the Juiice website.
  • Airdropped Coins: 75,000 JUI ($ 15)


This is a blockchain platform for integration solutions between business processes and blockchain.

They create a fully functional MVP to connect the user database to the existing blockchain infrastructure.

You can specify which application or process to use.

How to get the coin:

  • join Prometheus social media groups and Telegram groups
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel.
  • Airdropped Coins: 130 PRO (~ $ 13).

Swissborg (CHSB)

This is a community where investors can buy crypto portfolios in a smart way.

How to get the coin: 

  • Download the Swissborg app on your mobile phone
  • Register and verify the mobile phone number.
  • Participate in BTC price predictions, refer friends, and complete challenges.
  • Airdropped Coins: 1750 CHSB (~ $ 28)

Faq about airdrop

Best airdrops 2020

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1. What is a crypto airdrop?

In the world of cryptocurrency, airdrop refers to giving free crypto tokens, to get this done by doing simple tasks on various social media platforms, Airdrops usually take place one until three months before the ICO of a project.

2. Why do they give me tokens for free?

Their main purpose of giving away free tokens is to get users to spread information to various social media channels about their project, this has the purpose of advertising.

3. How can I participate in crypto airdrops?

You need an active crypto wallet, social media account, email address.

4. What’s the difference between an airdrop and a bounty program?

For airdrops, you must do the activity only once.

For the bounty program, you do routine activities and often report all the work you have done to the project team to receive your token.

5. When do I get my airdrop tokens?

Usually about one or two months until you receive the token.

6. Should I follow the news once I’ve received my tokens?

Yes, first of all, there might be a major chain release, which requires you to exchange your tokens.

7. How can I store my earned airdrop tokens save?

So far, there is no problem in storing your crypto-token in an online wallet, if you have never shared your credentials (besides your public key), but it’s safer to move to the offline hardware wallet.

8. Dump it or Hold?

Some experiences are better at holding tokens to achieve good profits.

9. Where can I sell my airdrops?

You can check the token that you are looking for on CoinMarketCap if it’s not available because the tokens obtained for free are not listed on the big exchanges.

In the first step, you can trade it through a decentralized exchange like Idex or Bancor.


With airdrop is a free way to get crypto tokens, although this does not guarantee that the tokens will be successful in the future, this should be tried because it is only a simple method.

But if you feel this way is not challenging, then crypto trading will provide more potential profit as well as losses.

Because crypto trading requires capital from one’s own pocket while airdrop does not require capital unless completing a task.

If you want to try crypto trading, you can try the TenkoFx crypto account service.

Finally, if this is useful, please share it on social media, thank you.

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