Best crypto coin 2020, which altcoin should to buy?

For crypto fans, in 2020 there will certainly be a basic question, about the best crypto coin 2020, what coin should be to buy?

Although not all countries legalize the use of crypto coins, the development of crypto coins is out of government control. They grow and develop by offering new ways of online payment.

I think we often hear about “Be your own bank” Bitcoin is currently still the king, with the largest market capitalization, but what is the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2020?

One of them is Ethereum which also one of the popular coins. It is still worthy of being the choice of crypto coin fans. Indeed, using coin crypto to send money does not require a large fee. So this becomes an interesting part to use cryptocurrencies for payment.

Well, in this section, we will try to research various sources that are summarized in the best cryptocurrency to buy 2020.

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Why you should buy a crypto coin?

Best crypto coin 2020, which altcoin should to buy?

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With the increasingly hectic cryptocurrency trading, and also the development of blockchain technology. This will be a new opportunity to try to keep up with the changing times.

So there are several reasons why someone buys crypto coins. Some might only use it for payment purposes in the online environment. But many also make crypto coins a digital asset that can be traded easily.

Some specific reasons why someone buys crypto digital currency are as below:

  • Easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world, crypto coins can easily accessible, you can even trade whenever and wherever.
  • Lower fee, If you use crypto coins as a means of transfer, this is much cheaper than traditional exchangers.
  • Fast transaction processing, If you use crypto for transfers, it will be processed quickly even instantly, in contrast to bank transfers that take several days.
  • Diversify capital, If you already have other investment assets, buying crypto coins is one way to diversify capital, as the philosophy of do not put all eggs in one basket.
  • Security, If you put money in the cupboard, there may be a thief who can take it, but if you put it in a crypto wallet, it will be safe if you do not give a password to the thief.

What to look before buying crypto coins?

But before buying crypto coins, some things are also worthy of consideration by users.

Because not all crypto coins provide convenience for up and coming cryptocurrency 2020. For traders, crypto trading can be done in several ways. But before deciding on coin crypto to buy it is worth paying attention to the following.

  • Crypto coins must be accepted by retailers, this will make it easier for you when you want to sell crypto coins into fiat money, if the coins are not widely accepted by exchangers, this will be a difficulty to get cash.
  • The consensus method, the old verification method is proof of work or POW, which requires high energy, while the new method is Proof of stake or POS, which is faster and more efficient than the old way.
  • Market capitalization and daily volume, market capitalization is the total of the money supply worth of coins, these are all data information beginning to end, while the daily volume is the amount of money circulating within 24 hours.
  • Stable rate growth, cryptocurrency, which has stable growth, will slowly be better from the beginning.
  • Developer reputation, the footprint of colleagues from developers who have high credibility can determine the value of the coin going ahead.

Crypto coin to buy 2020

Best crypto coin 2020, which altcoin should to buy?

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We have examined from several sources to determine the choice of the best cryptocurrency to buy right now 2020, including from experts who have a popular name in the crypto world, below is a summary.

Sources from the Cointelegraph some experts and people involved in the blockchain industry, they have a choice of coin crypto that will probably be the best in 2020.

  1. Paolo Ardoino, Chief technology officer of Bitfinex, has a choice of coins besides Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Monero, Tezos, Algorand, and many more who are registered with Binance.
  2. Marc P. Bernegger, a Fintech investor at Crypto Finance, chose Libra, according to him, this Facebook issue token is worth following.
  3. Sebastian Borget, Co-founder and chief operations officer at The Sandbox, also has the same choices as Marc P. Bernegger, he will follow the news update about Libra, and the development of Defi and Dai and the growth of the blockchain in China.
  4. Paul Brody, Blockchain lead at Ernst & Young chose ether and hopes that this crypto coin will become a better technology for the future.
  5. David Chaum, Founder of Elixxir, He stated that he would focus on developing XX networks and XX coins this year.
  6. Team Draper’s, Venture capitalist, he is more inclined to choose Tezoz behind bitcoin.

Apart from the crypto experts above, there are still many other experts who have varied opinions. But among them, they will see the development of digital currencies in China, they call as digital Yuan.

China is the most enthusiastic country in developing blockchain technology to enter the banking system.

Most promising cryptocurrencies in 2020

If we are looking for the best altcoins 2020 to buy this year. There may be many choices that can be quite confusing, which is the best at the moment.

By complying with several requirements in determining the choice of coin crypto should buy. This will provide a filter in making choices. It requires separate research, of course, to ensure that it is the best choice.

Here we only try to summarize from several sources that have good credibility in the crypto market.

And this is not an investment suggestion, but only the author’s opinion, summarized from several sources.

But the hope is to provide a reference, which crypto coins will be chosen.

crypto coin 2020

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is an advertising-based blockchain token that allows users, publishers, and advertisers to use tokens without going through a middleman.

Working on the Ethereum blockchain network, BAT has a capitalization growth of $ 303,805,932 since it was first launched in 2015 by the inventor of the American programmer Brendan Eich.

Currently ranked 31st in Coinmarketcap and is recommended by Changelly and Capitalcoin.

Price $0,211478 USD 

Website BAT

crypto coinVeChain

Maybe not many people know about VeChain, I am still rather confused about why this is an option on several review sites.

VeChain is a blockchain ecosystem to improve supply chain management by connecting blockchain technology with the real world.

VeChain it allows producers to designate products with unique identifiers on the platform, thus allowing participants to track the movements and origins of products in the supply chain.

The current ranking is 30th, on Coinmarketcap.

Price $0.005821

Website VeChain

Best crypto coin 2020, which altcoin should to buy?Ravencoin

First launched since 2018, Ravencoin (RVN) is an open-source blockchain project specializing in the creation and transfer of peer-to-peer assets.

Ravencoin is an option on several sites because it gets significant growth.

Coinmarketcap is currently ranked 42, becoming one of the best crypto coin choices.

Price of $0.025489

Website Ravencoin

crypto coinEthereum

Crypto coin fans must know Ethereum, whose popularity is increasing, some believe that it can take over the bitcoin rankings, currently ranked 2nd in Coinmarketcap.

Since its launch in 2015, the growth of crypto-coins has changed a lot, so it is feasible if this is still the best choice in 2020 as a substitute for bitcoin.

Price $163,13 USD

Website Ethereum

crypto coinChainlink

Chainlink (LINK) is a decentralized oracle service that connects smart contracts with data from the real world.

Oracle is required as a data feed in a smart contract.

Oracle provides external data (eg temperature, weather) that triggers smart contract execution after the fulfillment of predetermined conditions.

Ranked 17th in Coinmarketcap, providing early opportunities at low prices.

Price $2,58 USD

Website Chainlink

crypto coinNexo (NEXO)

This token supporting crypto-backed loans.

NEXO provides regular passive income to token holders at 30% of the company’s profit.

Dividend payments on August 15, 2019 amounted to $ 2,409,574.87.

This is the first instant crypto loan in the world supported by Credissimo – the leading European FinTech group that has a track record of 10 years.

Nexo loans will come out when you guarantee your cryptocurrency.

Ranked 74th in Coinmarketcap, a crypto coin that is still cheap but has promising potential profit in future time.

Price $0,105223 USD

Website Nexo

crypto coinCentrality (CENNZ)

Centrality is a token that works on the Ethereum network and connects various applications.

This application allows consumers to manage tasks by transmitting peer-to-peer transactions.

The current rating on Coinmarketcap ranks 61 and is one of the cheapest token choices that have good prospects.

Price $0,070179 USD 

Website Centrality

crypto coinOmiseGO (OMG)

OmiseGo is a blockchain platform that makes it easy to manage digital assets with the marketplace.

Through this platform, every user can exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Buyers pay in ways that are easy for them, and sellers accept the currency they like as payment for goods.

OmiseGo is currently ranked 46th in Coinmarketcap, and this may still be shifting with change.

Price $0,778052 USD

Website OmiseGo

crypto coinSynthetix Network Token (SNX)

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) resides on the Ehereum network, allowing you to create online assets that track the value of real assets.

Users can participate to support this platform which ultimately synthetic assets allow everyone to benefit from ownership of the asset without actually owning it.

At this time Synthetix is ​​ranked 38th on Coinmarketcap, and it may still change in the future along with the growth of market capitalization.

Price $0,983850 USD 

Website Synthetix

Final Thought

Best crypto coin 2020, which altcoin should to buy?

Crypto coin grows rapidly, many coins and new tokens that appear to provide attractive offers.

Maybe it’s like finding a small needle in a pile of sand, finding the best coin crypto is not as easy as eating guava fruit.

Of course to start all that requires money, ready with your capital? How much will be spent?

By finding cheap crypto coins but good growth potential for the long term, this might cause you to become rich if the coins you have to get high prices.

Another option is crypto trading, this is riskier but the possibility of total profit is much greater, you can try the trading platform from our sponsor to use MetaTrader 4 TenkoFX broker.

You will find several crypto pairs of BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc.

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