Best forex expert advisor 2020

Best forex expert advisor 2020

Choosing Best forex expert advisor 2020 that can be relied on forex trading is not easy. Like as to looking for fleas on the head, it’s quite difficult to find the best profitable expert advisor.

There are so many kinds of ea, artificial intelligence forex expert advisors. 5 pips a day forex expert advisor,diamond forex expert advisor,eafxtrade expert advisor forex,forex arbitrage expert advisor, and so on

From so many types of EA Forex that are sold out there. So you can get confused and sometimes finally choose EA that doesn’t generate much profit or even gets a scam.

Many people choose to trade forex manually and that’s fine if you have enough time to trade. But if your permanent job needs a lot of overtime. Or if you want to have more free time for your family, then forex trading using Expert Advisor is a very helpful choice for you.

Looking and finding the best forex robot might not be easy, and it could be needing a long time to test profitable Forex Expert Advisors.

Here are some ea which according to the source have been tested for several years and are still considered to be the best forex expert advisor.

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Real Forex Profit EA

Forex Real Profit EA specializes using scalping techniques which means trading in the short term, and breakouts on the most popular pairs. This sophisticated-looking EA provides a track record of real account trading results at IC Markets brokers since June 2013. Where the forex robot is claimed to successfully gain + 72.95%, and at broker Pepperstone with a gain of + 41.57%.

The most interesting feature of Forex Real Profit EA is its sophisticated settings. This EA uses a combination of five strategies to capture profits on the market in all conditions.

In addition, Forex Real Profit EA also has two rare features, namely “invisible mode” that can prevent brokers from interrupting your trading position, and “high-impact news filters” that allow this EA to avoid the time of fundamental news releases having a major impact.

EA Real Profit Robot Specifications

  • Platform: Metatrader 4/5.
  • Strategy: Scalping and Breakout.
  • Broker: It is recommended to use an ECN broker with tight spreads. You can choose the TenkoFX
  • License: Paid, $ 199 / year. Renew or additional account plus $ 99.
  • Website: EA Real Profit  


  • You don`t need to bother to determine the ratio of a lot size adjusted to capital, the robot will determine for itself how much each trading should open. So when the capital has increased, the robot also automatically follows by increasing the number of lots of sizes. So Money Management is very good.
  • Has the protection from Slippage and Spread which suddenly enlarges.
  • Has a dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit algorithm, and most positions are closed at a lower level than the specified Stop Loss level
  • An invisible mode that prevents non-ECN brokers from affecting your forex trading transactions. If the Invisible mode is activated, the non-ECN broker will not be able to see where TP and SL are set. It is common knowledge if there are some “rather fraudulent” brokers who prefer to execute SL, making us lose quickly. This is where the invisible mode feature is used, which makes the broker system unable to see the SL or TP-robot position.
  • High Impact News Filter (a big impact news filter), which will prevent robots from operating when high volatility and market risk increase within an hour before and after the fundamental news release schedule has a major impact.
  • Money-back guarantees: Valid for first EA installations within 30 days after payment.

Real Profit Trading Robot Performance

The results of Trading robots that have been tested by the manufacturer themselves can be seen in the portfolio through the Myfxbook below:

EA Real Profit Robot gets a 41% profit in a span of 1 year, with Leverage 1: 100 and an initial deposit of $ 2,000.

best forex expert advisor 2020

After GBP volatility at the end of 2014 due to the Scottish referendum and the extreme movement of EUR/CHF on Black Thursday on January 15, 2015. A lot of robots were falling apart, even experiencing a total failure which ended in a big loss.

In this situation, the Real Profit robot is still showing excellent performance. The graph of growth continues to increase. It could be that the “High Impact News Filter” feature that it has makes this robot more resilient than others.
best forex expert advisor 2020  June 2017, the performance remains excellent, the robot runs smoothly, even though in certain months the gain has been a minus, but overall the profit gain still exceeds the loss. Win Ratio is quite consistent above 70% of all trades.

Drawdown is maintained below 20%. The High Impact feature also works well, as evidenced by several important events that can be passed such as, Brexit, US elections, Scottish memorandums, etc. best forex expert advisor 2020


In April 2018, the robot’s performance remains good. Although in certain months the gain experiences a minus, overall the profit gain still exceeds the loss. Win Ratio is quite consistent over 65% of all trades. Drawdown is maintained below 20%.

The High Impact News Filter feature also works well, as evidenced by several important events that can be passed such as the US Presidential Election in 2016, the Early British Election, and the US Tax Revolution in 2017.

On June 8, 2017, British Prime Minister Theresa May held a snap election with the final result of the Conservative party losing the majority vote. This causes high volatility in the Pound Sterling and US Dollar.

In fact, the EA Real Profit robot is able to overcome price fluctuations and is able to maintain capital development in the range of 390% ~ 395%. EA recorded a high increase of 6.08% to 434%. Months before EA posted a profit of around 421%.

The high rate of increase is caused by one trading position on June 14, 2018. With a profit of up to 105 pips, this Sell position contributes up to 2.79% of total profits from this month.

The high account growth this month was achieved by the decline in the EUR / USD currency pair after the FOMC meeting that occurred on that day. Best forex expert advisor 2020 July 2018 recorded a decline of up to 6.2%, with the sharpest decline occurring on July 19, 2018. With a total of up to 5.7% on that day, the biggest losses were recorded after the release of Australian employment data.

The strengthening of the Australian dollar after the release of the data suddenly reversed direction. Other losses on that day were also caused by the release of US employment data at night.Best forex expert advisor 2020 Real Profit trading robots began to increase and recover slowly after the decline last month. Until August 28, the trading robot managed to collect a Return profit of 4.61% of the total capital used. This recovery was achieved in line with the weakening US dollar a month later after reports of US retail sales weakening at that time and various other crises.

Best forex expert advisor 2020

The forex market appears to show Sideways conditions during September. The results obtained by the Real Profit trading robot also experienced a slight decline. In total this month, only a decrease in profits amounted to 0.43% of the total capital used.

Best forex expert advisor 2020For The first time, the robot suffered a loss in a row. in October. Although this month’s losses only range from 1.69% of total capital. October’s losses were mostly contributed by the GBP/USD and EUR/AUD currency pairs.
Even though at the end of this month there was a slight decline, the Real Profit trading robot has now gained a total profit of 448.16% of the capital used in the past 5 years .

Best forex expert advisor 2020

After successfully maintaining the level of profits and losses alternately, for the first time robots suffered losses for 3 consecutive months.

With total losses continuing to increase from month to month, November is the biggest loss point ever recorded in the past year. Total losses this month reached 7.47% of total capital. October’s losses were mostly contributed by the GBP/USD and EUR/AUD currency pairs.


Best forex expert advisor 2020

In 2020 this robot still shows a constantly increasing graph, the gain of 455.73% Gain gives hope that this robot is still among the best this year.

Check on Myfxbook.


  • Use only brokers with small spreads, bro, which support ECN accounts.
  • Discipline to be patient and not intervene at all, whether it’s the number of LOT, SL, TP, etc.
  • Don’t mix with other trading robots. If forced, install another robot in another MetaTrader, but the VPS is the same. So you can save on VPS costs.
  • Use VPS where the server is the same as the Metatrader / Broker server.
  • From the calculation of profit and operating costs, new profits can be felt for deposits above $ 2000. Below that is still tight with VPS fees and the robot license.


Forex EA Diamond

Diamond Forex EA maybe will make you happy. Equipped with various complementary devices such as spread protection, slippage protection, help-desk, and News Filter, EA trading performance Forex Diamond is calculated to be high.

Specifications of the Diamond Forex Robot

  • Broker: Free, you can choose TenkoFX
  • Leverage: 1: 500
  • Minimum Capital: 500 $
  • Pair: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Website:
  • Price: 177 USD One Time License


Robots are designed with three strategies:

  1. Take advantage of the trend, which is tracking the signal from the strategy to systematically conduct profitable trade.
  2. Using strategy a counter-trend that has the potential for trend reversals. After the opportunity is detected, the Forex Diamond robot adjusts the trading parameters to maximize profit potential.
  3. Scalping strategy counter-trend; by utilizing a small spread this robot executes a trade with precision and speed.
  4. But customers can use all three or just one strategy.
  5. There is optimal money management.
  6. Protection from slippage and high spread that often occurs when the market is very volatile.
  7. Relatively less need for optimization than other EAs. Customers only need to adjust trading parameters based on the market situation, then EA will adjust itself.
  8. The latest EA Forex Diamond v5.0 update has provided a News Filter, so it can avoid trading when there are fundamental high-impact events. By default, it is not installed, but can be applied by installing AvoidNews = true.
  9. If you are disappointed with the results, there is a guarantee that money can be returned 100%, within 60 days.

Diamond Forex Robot Performance

2013-2016 Period Real Alpari Account (MyFxBook Non-Active).

Best forex expert advisor 2020 If We browse the myfxbook
link it turns out it’s dead, deliberately disabled by the author. It could be that the robot’s performance is not feasible so that the maker is not sufficiently confident to publish.

Luckily there are still screenshots, links, and analyzes as of June 2016. The account won + 60% gain, but the worst record drawdown is 55%. High profitability, at 70%. More closely watched after September 2015, performance continued to fall, and June 2016 profits only remained 10%, almost returning to their initial position again. Of course, this gives the impression of being less stable, and poor graphics performance.

2015-2016 Period Alpari Pair Demo Account GBP / USD (MyFxBook Non-Active)

Best forex expert advisor 2020 On GBPUSD pairs, the performance of Forex Diamond EA is not as good as USDJPY. However, it can be seen that the equity chart just started to weaken in March 2016, coinciding with the period in which the Pound began to fluctuate erratically due to the planned Brexit referendum held June 23.

From this, it can be concluded that although there is already a News Filter, robots are still robots, it is difficult to adjust to geopolitical changes in the market even though it is protected from large impact news that has been scheduled on the calendar.

2013-2017 Period Alpari All Pair- Demo Account

Best forex expert advisor 2020Finally, the gain reached 578%, the record drawdown was the worst at 42% (Apr 2015). Since December 2016 the performance is still up / down (sideways). The average profit is 10 pips per trade, on the contrary, the average loss is 22 pips per trades


  • You can find the backtest results on the official website, it looks good performance, the graphics always go up. However, the results are still less convincing for the output that appears from the backtest results.
  • Currently, the creator can only display reports with a demo account only, this reduces the credibility of the robot.
  • In 2016 record drawdown has touched the level of 40%, this is very risky. While the value that can still be received is below 20%.
  • Starting December 2016, the robot’s performance actually starts to decline or sideways. See the graph of the 2013-2017 All Pair performance above.
  • If seen from the average profit pips per trade (10 pips), this robot is not too sensitive to spreads. So there is no obligation to use an ECN broker.

GPS Forex Robot

One of the best Forex EAs on the market was developed by a group of programmers led by Mark Larsen. In general, GPS Forex Robot operates based on relatively simple metrics, but its track record is able to display high profitability very consistently.

GPS Forex Robot specialties include running a Trend Trading strategy, Martingale, and Stop and Reverse on EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, and USD/CHF pairs. His impressive performance has been recorded in the track record on Myfxbook since May 2012 with a gain reaching hundreds of percent.

Specifications of the GPS Forex Robot

  • Type: MT4 Expert Advisor With Automatic Execution
  • Specialization: Trading Trend, Martingale, and Stop and Reverse on EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, and USD/CHF
  • Broker specifications: Free, any broker as long as the platform is MT4, you can choose TenkoFX
  • Minimum capital: recommended no less than $ 100
  • Consumer contacts and services: Website
  • Price: 149 USD
  • Money-back guarantee: available, money-back guarantee in 60 days

EA GPS Forex Robot Performance

Real account (USD) at FX Choice brokers with 1: 200 leverage.

Best forex expert advisor 2020 The impressive performance of GPS Forex Robot is undoubted once we see the recording of Myfxbook. The gain reached + 356.33%, while the drawdown was very low at 9.79% only.

Overall, profitability reaches 92% of all trades that have been made. Since EA has been running from May 2012 to June 2016, the monthly gain is almost always positive, only occasionally negative.

However, it should be noted that in the summary it appears that EA only deals on EUR/USD pairs only.
You can look live report myfxbook here.


If it goes according to its track record, this EA GPS Forex Robot is definitely one of the best expert advisors. However, it should be remember that the second proof myfxbook given shows trading only on the EUR/USD pair.

In addition, both of them recorded a very high initial deposit; one is 100,000 USD and the other 50,000 USD. Although the creator recommends that the initial deposit is relatively low at only 100 USD, judging from the evidence it can be concluded that this EA will work better if you are ready to put higher capital.


Of the three expert advisors described above, of course, it has provided an overview for choosing the best expert advisor, which one with drawdown below 20% is a profitable expert advisor.

Of course, besides choosing the best ea, it also adjusts to the amount of capital that used.

After all, forex is a risky business, it is still wise to spend money that affords to loss is the golden rules in high-risk investment.

Are you ready to start trading?

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