Bitcoin exchanges in Malaysia

Cryptocurrency trading in Malaysia is currently growing slowly, the new community from information seeker around digital currency increasingly growth here.

How to start trading cryptocurrencies, this is only by registering with trusted & regulated exchanges.

Since then, it has become much easier for local residents to get Bitcoin using local currency because Malaysia has a small but growing Blockchain fan community. Up to 9 main policies known as “Anti-Money Laundering and Counter- Financing Terrorism (AML / CFT) – digital currency”.

Policy aimed tightly controlling digital currencies, BNM wants local Cryptocurrency Examination to report on their activities.

With a goal to enable market operations to facilitate trade between Malaysian Ringgit & Digital Currencies.

With growing political tensions,  slowing economic growth, and the establishment of constructive regulations on digital currencies. Bitcoin has historically been rather difficult to obtain in Malaysia.

Since 2014, there has been a demand for the Bitcoin Exchange, which has been referred to as the National Bank of Malaysia. they have an obligation to report to the regulator.

Malaysia is a power plant in Southeast Asia because this country has a position as a “player” in the world digital economy that has the infrastructure needed to support the mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Exchanges Malaysia

For information seekers about cryptocurrency trading, definitely need an exchanger for buying and selling digital currencies, there are several Exchanges for Malaysia that can be chosen by one of them are information seekers of bitcoin trading.

Here the following exchanges in Malaysia that most used among bitcoin trader In Malaysia:


Working with the government Luno is one exchange to ensure that he can remain in the Exchange business by officially announcing that the company will comply with local laws & policies.

With the planned opening of an official branch in Malaysia, Luno will immediately report to higher authorities with a view to developing better relations with the Government.

Luno exchange is one of the few exchanges that allow Malaysians to directly buy Ethereum using the local currency, hence Luno has become the people’s choice when it comes to competitive rates as there is a high number of buyers & sellers trading on this Exchange.


Actually, these central exchanges are in Singapore, which is funded by Silicon Valley but is allowed to be used by Malaysian people, by offering bank transfers for Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollars, Coinhako served two countries, Singapore and Malaysia, but reportedly CEO Yosho Liu said he would develop Coinhako services in Asian countries after several years.

With a total of 3 markets for BTC, LTC, and ETH against MYR, Coinhako also has a unique wallet service that makes storing digital cryptocurrency comfortable and hassle-free. Over the years, Coinhako has proven itself to be a reliable steward in Malaysia by providing a liquid market for MYR / BTC trading partners and an easy-to-use interface and facilitates Bitcoin trading through the Malaysian Ringgit is a Cryptocurrency Exchange where the company is based in the Philippines and is one of the few complete blockchain platforms in Malaysia, which allows users to trade with independent National Exchange.

In addition to Trade services, also manages personal wallet transfers, bill payments, cellular top-ups, online shopping, and money transfers. Exchange Coins allow Malaysia to directly top-up their Mobile numbers by providing intermediate services with telecommunications providers such as Umobile, Maxis, Digi & Celcom. Positive feedback provides evidence that, with a good mobile application as one of the best Bitcoin services in Southeast Asia since establishing independent markets in the Philippines, Thailand & Malaysia


The company has been operating since 2016, founded by Yuwarajan. K and Mac Sivanesan, a local digital entrepreneur who spent a lot of time educating Malaysians about blockchain technology, then decided to set up a special Bitcoin Exchange that allows citizens of Malaysia to buy BTC with the preferred domestic currency only to offer trading partners to BTC / MYR

XbitAsia is a number of exchanges that are part of the Malaysia-based Cryptocurrency Exchanges according to Bank Negara Malaysia, not that these exchanges prove to be viable in competing in industries that are interested in providing long-term Bitcoin Trading solutions


The purpose of NuMoney is to become a game changer exchanger in the Southeast Asia region. Initially established in Singapore, which was originally an OTC Cryptocurrency Seller, they have received substantial growth in recent months, but liquidity problems come from here. So, they decided to launch their own Exchange with an original token (NMX) which had a utility to reduce trade costs by 66.6%, in addition to their OTC Services.

NuMoney subsequently expanded their operations to Malaysia and Indonesia. They are now starting with the launch of trading instruments SGD-ETH, MYR-ETH, and IDR-ETH.

Moreover, in Malaysia, they have been registered with Bank Negara Malaysia as a reporting institution to comply with AML / TF laws.


Localbitcoin is the most popular Bitcoin Peer-to-peer market in the world that gives users an alternative to getting and trading digital currencies in local countries. This P2P market has been around for a long time and was originally based in Finland since 2012, the goal is to connect Bitcoin buyers and sellers through the open, peer-to-peer market and has since become a popular service in Malaysia.

Malaysian can buy/sell Bitcoin immediately starts trading requests with trusted users based on the default ranking system. Basically, Localbitcoins provides an Escrow service that acts as a third party to ensure that trade is carried out fairly.


Remitano is owned by a company based in Seychelles, Babylon Solutions Limited, Remitano was founded in 2016 that connects Bitcoin buyers and sellers on the open, peer-to-peer market. Activities on this platform have evolved as a result of the Malaysian government’s recent actions on local Cryptocurrency currency bank accounts, leaving many residents to have to rely on Remitano to directly find Cryptocurrency buyers/sellers.

Remitano only requires you to verify your e-mail address, and anyone can trade for bitcoin through sellers on the platform without requiring additional verification.


There are already many exchangers serving the buying and selling of cryptocurrency with the Malaysian Ringgit. as the crypto trader will not confuse how to start buy and sell cryptocurrencies, because there are some option exchanges to start with them.

Another alternative to trading bitcoin is to register with a forex broker that provides a type of crypto account, now there are many forex brokers who also penetrate cryptocurrencies as trading instruments that can be traded.

The advantage of cryptocurrency trading is that the crypto market is open 24 hours 7 days a week because the crypto market has no specific regulations.

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