How safe Bitcoin loophole? is bitcoin loophole scam?

What is Bitcoin Loophole? Is Bitcoin a loophole fraud?

The increasingly widespread cryptocurrency trade makes many people try to enter this big industry.

One of the software platforms that is increasing in search engines is bitcoin loophole.

This is a piece of software that works based on certain algorithms that can carry out automated trading in the crypto market.

One amazing thing is bitcoin loophole offers fantastic daily profits, more than $ 13000, with a minimum deposit of only $ 250.

They also carried the names of famous people such as Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, Peter Jones, and also the names of important officials of the crown prince Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed.

It is truly an extraordinary promise that only low capital can produce huge profits.

We will try to explore the bitcoin loophole whether fraud or legit.

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What is a Bitcoin loophole?

bitcoin loophole

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Maybe you have never heard of bitcoin loophole, basically, this is an automated trading software that is in practice to trade cryptocurrency.

They claim that many people have used this software and most reach financial freedom.

In accordance with the motto, offering financial freedom to individuals throughout the world.

From information obtained from the website

They state that this automated trading software uses advanced algorithms that can provide real-time trading accuracy.

And also in the platform, they offer two choices will use manual trading or automatic trading, traders can choose the options offered.

If you look at the user testimonials listed on their website.

The profits obtained by users are fantastic, there are up to $ 10,000 more, very attractive.

And again, on the website, there is a live trading result display whose name changes every second.

The first name comes out then falls below it and there appears another name that makes a profit.

If you are in Malaysia and access this site using a Malaysian proxy, the names that appear may be common names in Malaysia.

Sophisticated website, of course.

Because if you access using anonymous, with a proxy from the UK, for example, the name that appears is also the common name of a UK person.

At first, a glance is the result of live trading, but if examined carefully, this is only set with a certain interval.

Is Bitcoin loophole fraud or not?

How safe bitcoin loophole?

This question will arise when talking about a trading service, be it automated trading, or the broker’s service itself.

Unlike the forex market which is open 24 hours 5 days a week, crypto trading does not recognize holidays, this market operates 24 hours 7 days a week.

This means that the opportunity will always be there.

But behind that, crypto trading is also a high-risk high gain, actually, there is no guarantee of profit even with automatic software though.

However, from a number of reviews that lift the bitcoin loophole, some say that this is legit and not a fraud.

But whether the review is genuine and there is no affiliation with Bitcoin Loophole.

This is a suspicion because the site that provides the review offers registration through a certain link.

But there is something odd about some of the reviews on different sites they point to landing pages with the same page, but different site addresses.

The One, others bitcoinloophole /.

And the other site is,

The three website addresses display the same logo and a similar landing page.

My conclusion is that the site that reviews about bitcoin loophole is an affiliate.

So whether this is a fraud or not, is still doubtful, because the testimonials listed on the website are also strange, and not a real testimonial.

Indeed, if you look at reviews on the site, they say it’s not a scam.

Using their software is free without charge, but to trade at least you have to deposit a minimum of $ 250, and when registering a broker is available there.

What step to creating account bitcoin loophole?

bitcoin loophole

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The steps to register are very easy, register, then deposit and start using automatic or manual services.

For steps to become a member of the loophole bitcoin community, the steps are as follows in more detail.


On the front page, on the right bar, there is a registration form available, you need an email address and full name.

After this process is completed, it will be directed to the broker that has been marked and ready for the next step.

Demo trading

You can skip this step if you are sure you understand how to trade in the financial markets, but this is one of the features they provide as a start of learning to use the application platform.

Deposit money

Next, you must deposit money to start live trading, the minimum deposit is $ 250, and you can use several options such as bank wire, skrill, Neteller, bitcoin, and credit card.

Start live trading

After funds are available you can make arrangements for automatic trading, or choose manual trading.

Trading with a robot can run for 24 hours, but this volatile crypto market carries risks, maybe you will try to use a robot for only a few hours.

Feature available on Bitcoin loophole

How safe bitcoin loophole?

Based on information from the BTC-loophole site, they offer features that entice users to try it.

Free application

They offer free use of the Bitcoin Loophole application, there are no fees when registering and other hidden fees, users can withdraw money at any time without hassle-free.

No Download or Software Update Required

It does not require downloading and installation, because their platform can be accessed via mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Easy to use application

They offer a user interface that is easy to understand, good for beginners though.

Fast verification

They offer fast verification, without complicated requirements, the verification process is easy and fast by requiring some payment details and personal information.

Demo account

A demo account is useful for test skills before with live trading without the risk of losing money at all.

Minimum deposit $250

This number is relative to one another, some consider this small, but others consider it quite large.

Multiple cryptocurrency and flat

There are many choices of trading instruments there such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, etc.

The fiat currencies available for trading include; USD (US dollars), EUR (euro), CHF (Swiss franc), and many more.

Impressive Accuracy Rate

They consider having a win rate of 99.4%, this is certainly an extraordinary thing in high-risk trading.

Quick and Easy Withdrawals

They offer a withdrawal rate of fewer than 24 hours, using a debit or credit card payment method (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery) or e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

Customer Support

Although there is no online chat service, they claim to provide full support 24/7, a week.

Comparison Bitcoin loophole with another bot

bitcoin loophole

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How safe bitcoin loophole

Some of the advantages of bitcoin loophole with other trading bots, according to Learnbonds, are as below

  • Bitcoin loophole has a demo account but not another trading bot.
  • Claims of success with an 80% percentage and other trading bots are considered a scam.
  • The minimum deposit is only $ 250 while other trading bots require larger funds up to thousands of dollars.
  • Registration is easy and the platform is user-friendly, but other trading bots are a very complicated registration process and complicated user interface.

Advantage Bitcoin loophole

  • They claim that the benefits of using the Bitcoin loophole trading bot are not only for professionals but also the beginner is suitable for their platform which is claimed to be easy to use.
  • They also claim consistent profits with an 80% ratio with a minimum capital of only $ 250.
  • Besides that, they also state customer service 24 hours 7 days, but unfortunately, I did not find online chatting on their site, so if you want to get an instant answer it would be impossible.
  • They also offer educational tutorials to users to learn about crypto trading.

Should I invest in a Bitcoin loophole?

For those of you who might still be in doubt whether to invest through Bitcoin Loophole or not.

Maybe the following information will provide an overview of whether investing through their platforms is safe or too risky.

Facebook remove bitcoin scam ads

How safe bitcoin loophole

From a Cointelegraph source has reported, about the removal of crypto scam ads by Facebook on behalf of the Bitcoin Loophole.

In the report, fraudulent advertisements on Facebook with the nickname “Bitcoin Loophole” claim that

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, and Deputy Commander in the Armed Forces.

Personally supported a scheme that guarantees wealth within a week through bitcoin trading.

Facebook deleted the fraudulent posts after thousands of investors submitted personal information and money to fraudsters based in Ukraine and Argentina.

The chronology of the fraud they asked investors to make an advance contribution of 1,000 UAE dirhams ($ 272).

And they claimed the prince would be rewarded by “giving back to the people.” Bitcoin Loophole said it would give investors a net profit of $ 13,000 per day.

While the Abu Dhabi Media Office has given a statement warning the public to be vigilant about the possibility of fraudulent investment schemes.

They say that government figures will only make announcements via official channels.

False statements on social media from well-known figures often to promote fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes.

Fraudsters have also used the name of the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk to promote bitcoin fraud.

Fraud hacked a verified Twitter account and then changed the name to Elon Musk.

So that negligent users would think that the technology maestro was promoting a cryptocurrency investment scheme.

Singapore Regulators Warn of Bitcoin Investment Fraud Schemes

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has warned about an online Bitcoin investment fraud scheme (BTC) that offers Bitcoin investments using the false claims of the former prime minister.

As reported by MAS, the name of the former Singapore prime minister was used to make people believe and deposit at least 250 US dollars in a trading platform called Bitcoin Loophole.

The platform is claimed to carry out automated trading on behalf of the user.

The platform also asks for a credit card or bank account details.

Regulators add a warning to the public to be very careful and avoid giving any information to the owner of this website.


1. Can you lose money on Bitcoin loophole?

Even though they claim to achieve 90% success, but still the risk is there, maybe you can lose some, or all of your money through their platform.

2. Should I invest in a Bitcoin loophole?

It all depends on you if you are an investor who dares to take risks, it’s okay to invest there, but if you are afraid of fraud and risk, you should leave bitcoin loophole.

3. Is the Bitcoin loophole genuine?

Bitcoin loophole is an automated trading platform on cryptocurrency that promises winning trades of more than 90%.

Final thought

How safe Bitcoin loophole? is bitcoin loophole scam?

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How safe bitcoin loophole?

There are many automated trading platforms out there besides the Bitcoin loophole.

However, trading in the crypto market might be risky.

The first thing you do when you are interested in this automated trading platform is that you should use free money.

it’s means that it does not interfere with your overall finances.

Money management is the key to investing to protect yourself from bankruptcy.

Even if you research, on the Bitcoin Loophole site there is also a risk warning.

Meaning that even in promotions they claim with consistent profits of more than 80%, but still, the risk of losing money is there.

Another alternative for crypto trading is to use a broker that provides crypto accounts, for example, TenkoFX which is regulated by IFSC, this is a legal company.

Finally, thank you for reading, if you like this article please share it through your social media.

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