Blockchain conference 2020 Asia, Great Event Crypto

The year 2020 has come to leaving 2019, this year there are still many blockchain conferences or events that are part of blockchain technology development, include blockchain conference 2020 Asia

Blockchain technology is still one of the models that make many people continue to struggle.

To make this technology increasingly accepted by the general public.

Blockchain conferences are not only held on one continent but on all continents.

There are often conferences or events for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In 2020 we have summarized the event or conference that will be held this year, especially in the Asian region.

For those of you who might be interesting and want to attend the event.

I wish the information from the summary of the conference that we have collected from several sources will be of interest to you.

blockchain conference 2020 asia

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What is the blockchain conference?

blockchain conference 2020 asia

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Blockchain conference is an event where there are many speakers who will give opinions, knowledge, vision, and mission to develop blockchain technology.

According to the Cointelegraph, cryptocurrency is the money of the future.

With a blockchain conference involving many companies that sponsor events, speakers from experts.

The conference will certainly have an impact on public opinion in general.

They will understand blockchain technology, the benefits of this technology and also for banking.

And this event scheduled in many countries in the world from different continents.

Africa, London, Singapore, the US, and many other countries held a blockchain conference.

This need costs money, but many participants are enthusiastic and are willing to spend their time and money to attend this conference.

Because this conference involves many participants.

Both from blockchain experts, the government, and also investors.

Wherewith this conference the speakers will reveal their knowledge in developing blockchain technology.

Why attending the event?

Why is the blockchain event even though it’s not free to attend the conference many exhibitors spend their time at the conference?

  • For the government, this will increase their knowledge about blockchain technology, and then can determine what policies will be taken in relation to this technology.
  • While for startup companies, they will also get new knowledge by way of payment using blockchain technology, and how to develop it.
  • For investors, by attending this conference they will get interesting information related to blockchain technology and later can determine which investments provide good and profitable long-term opportunities.
  • Benefit for enterprises, they can meet with new relationships or partners who may be in mutual interest can build cooperation for the growth of the company, and also with experienced exhibitors who can support the success of the company

Blockchain event 2020 Asia

blockchain conference 2020 asia

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Asia is the largest continent with many countries inside.

One of the fastest-growing countries in the development of blockchain technology in China.

This year it is rumored they will launch a digital bank with blockchain technology.

Many of the crypto enthusiasts await the development of news about the digital yuan.

In Hong Kong, the Blockchain conference also passed on the 15th of January last by Chain2020.

But there are still some events in Asia that are on the list for the 2020 blockchain conference.

We have searched from several sources which are summarized in the list of blockchain 2020 Asia.

Hongkong blockchain week 2020 blockchain conference 2020 asia

Hkblockchain week is the largest blockchain organizer event in Hong Kong.

In 2019 they succeeded in bringing around 3000 participants to the conference.

In 2020 they will hold an event on March 2-6 in Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel.

Ticket price

  • General (Limited) – US $135+$6.32 Fee Ticket Sales end on Mar 4, 2020, Access to Block O2O Summit 3 Mar – 4 Mar, not including Daily Lunch, and Coffe, the ticket is non-refundable, limited availability.
  • General price the US $299+$12.06 Fee, ticket sales end on Mar 4, 2020, Access to Block O2O Summit 3 Mar – 4 Mar, not including Daily Lunch, and Coffee, Ticket is non-refundable. Limited tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • VIP – the US $1999 + $71.56 Fee, ticket sales end on Mar 4, 2020, Access to Block O2O Summit 3 Mar – 4 Mar, including Daily Lunch and Coffee Access to official networking events and VIP Lounge; Ticket is non-refundable.


Featured speaker Dr. David Chung JP, Daniel Schwartzkopff, Tom Trowbridge, Ben Goertzel, Henri Arslanian, Martin Graham, Alicia García-Herrero, David Johnston, Nitin Gaur, Lev Mazur, Dr. Michael Gebert, Susan Oh.

And there are still many other speakers who are also experts in their fields.

Are you interest to attend? buy ticket

World Blockchain Summit – Jakarta 2020

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, the growth of blockchain technology in this country is also rapid, the largest exchanger is Indodax.

In this country, a blockchain conference has been held in Bali the previous year.

Then in the near time, the world blockchain summit will hold an event at the Grand Sheraton Jakarta, this is a five-star hotel.

This event will be held on 18-19 March 2020.

Ticket price

  • $195 limited seat, Conference sessions, Networking/Exhibition area, Luncheons, and Coffee breaks.
  • $295 limited seat, Conference sessions, Networking/Exhibition area, Luncheons, and Coffee breaks
  • Vip delegate pass $250 Full access to conference sessions, full access to speakers and investors lounge, networking luncheons and coffee breaks, party access.


  • Shri Suresh Prabhu from India
  • Muhammad Deivito Dunggio from Indonesia.
  • Pandu Sastro Wardoyo from Indonesia
  • Tony gu, from Singapore.
  • Jocelyn chang Singapore
  • Joshua ho Singapore
  • Mathew joseph martin Indonesia
  • Sunny Jain Singapore
  • Jonathan Dunsmoor united states
  • Anh Lee Vietnam
  • Branson Lee Singapore
  • Kristi L Hong Kong swarts.

Other speakers may follow.

If you are interested in attending a conference in Jakarta, it seems that only VIP tickets are available.

Although the event is still in the countdown of about 50 days.

Due to limited seats, it has been sold and only leaves VIP tickets.

Book tiket

Apart from the Jakarta World blockchain summit (WBS) also holds events in other countries such as Malaysia 23-24 March 2020, Singapore 23-24 July 2020, and in several other countries, you can visit the WBS site for more information.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is a country with a crossing area between Asia and Europe.

With 95% of the region being in Asia and 5% in Europe.

Since, under Erdogan’s government, this country has become a worldwide concern because of its courage against the United States.

In the city of Istanbul, there will be a Blockchain conference 2020 asia event by Blockchain Economy on 20-21 February 2020 at Wow Istanbul Hotel.

Ticket price

There are several types of tickets sold, but if you buy using BTC or ETH you will get a 50% discount.

Regular ticket, 199 euros with facilities

  • Access to all halls and experience areas of the event.
  • Get a 10% discount for the VIP networking and award dinner or the closing party.
  • It does not cover activities after 19:00.
  • The attendee is responsible for his/her own food and accommodation.
  • Networking opportunities with companies are available.
  •  Tickets are not refundable.

Exo pass, 9 euros with facilities

  • Allow visiting all companies, event stands
  • All citizenship offering companies, government entities can be visited.
  • Networking opportunities with companies are available.
  • This ticket does not include attending the conference itself.
  • Tickets are not refundable.
  • The attendee is responsible for his / her own food and accommodation.

BITCOIN BUS – Istanbul Tour, 899 euros

It will be a pleasant journey as an enthusiastic crypto visit to more information facilities

VIP networking and award dinner, 129 euros

Dinner with the speakers is a moment that will provide a lot of knowledge from them.

Closing party 149 euros

VIP Ticket 437 euros

Buy ticket

Teamz Blockchain summit Japan blockchain conference 2020 asia

Everyone knows Japan, has sophisticated technology and is one of the countries in Asia which is a country with good economics.

Maybe if you remember this country you will also remember when America dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

But forget that history, this time an event will be held in the Tokyo blockchain summit in Japan.

The growth of crypto traders in this country is among the biggest in the world, although it is still inferior to China.

This big event will be on 22-23 April 2020

Ticket price

  • General admission $199
  • Red carpet Gala $499
  • VIP $1000

Sale Tickets are on April 22 and April 23.


It was stated that there were 60 speakers in this conference, including the Team Draper, Bobby Christopher Lee, Roger Ver,Dovey Wan, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Max Kordek, Bobby Cho, Jonathan C. Dunsmoor.

Buy ticket

Korea Blockchain Week 2020 blockchain conference 2020 asia

South Korea, this country indeed bans bitcoin trading, but it seems there are still many crypto enthusiasts who are still passionate about developing blockchain technology.

On June 15-21 there will be a conference in Seoul which will reportedly be attended by more than 4000 participants.

Last year many speakers took part in this conference, from the world’s crypto experts who are also the founders of a classy startup.

No ticket price information is displayed, you must register first or try contacting support [email protected]

Blockshow Singapore 2020

Blockshow has held several events since 2016, Cointelegraph has sponsored them, and with support from Forbes with speakers from experts in the blockchain world, some from Binance, Litecoin foundation, and many more.

There is no update for the event at the moment, but for the price, you will also be notified by email when you have purchased a ticket.

This event will be held in November 2020, but it’s not yet known when the date is, still have to wait until the next update.

Future Blockchain Summit 2020

One blockchain conference 2020 Asia will held in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the cities in the Arab emirates Union, which enter in the West Asia region, becoming a city that is very rapidly advancing its city, skyscrapers have a lot to grow in this city.

And in this city, a blockchain conference will also be on 7-8 April 2020, besides participating in the conference you can also enjoy the beautiful city of Dubai today.

There are many speakers including Alex Grech, Anthony Woolley, Arash Aazami, Ben Tregena and many more.

Visit website

Final thought

blockchain conference 2020 asia

The blockchain conference 2020 Asia are just a few events held in the Asian region.

While there are still many other events on the continent of Europe, America, and Africa.

The growth of fintech today as if nothing could stem it, many new startups appear in the world of fintech as well as the development of blockchain technology.

And it could be that, in the next few tens or hundred years future, no more flat money will use it, or it has decreased, more people will use digital currency payments for payments.

Moreover, smartphones are easier to buy because the price is getting cheaper, this will provide access to fintech to more easily use a smartphone for online payment.

Because it’s not as complicated as carrying flat money in a leather wallet, if come, pickpocket to you, it will be easy to lose the money.

But digital currency, if your private key does not go to someone else, even if your cellphone is stolen, you still have a crypto wallet that you can access with other devices.

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