Coin Advice Conference 2019

The CoinAdvice 2019 edition of the conference will be in Thai Pattaya between 4 and 6 March 2019. CoinAdvice is a high level of activity with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency events. The 2019 CoinAdvice Conference will be the biggest blockchain meeting in the world.

Event Expectations

CoinAdvice Conference 2019 will have 25 influencers, 250 speakers, 10,000 participants, 275 crypto advisors, 50 ICOs, 100 capitalists, and venture investors, 175 media partners, which includes three days of content and network sharing without the match. The speakers are industry leaders and business decision-makers in their respective industrial sectors.

The cryptocurrency advisor will be ready to guide the crypto startup about ICO methods. However, most participants will become cryptocurrency coins holders, and they can expect to learn more about trading, strategies, and gain insight into the crypto market.

The Blockchain Conference runs the longest

The CoinAdvice Conference 2019 will fully focus on the exploration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This will be the crypto conference and the longest blockchain running in the world. This conference will be held at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall, 353, Phra Tamnuk Road, Pattaya, Thailand 20150.

Regular participants will get free with access to the main stage, exhibition area, conference sessions, coin holding booths, free crypto CoinAdvice 12 news, and event merchandise.

However, VIP officers who will pay $ 1000 for special VIP tickets will get priority registration.

From seating, access to all stages, conference sessions, business network rooms, private coin owner lounges, lunch, dinner and more.

What is CoinAdvice Conference?

A leading conference and event organizer specializing in high-level professional business conferences with a special focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Domestic and international partner networks provide fast solutions for any company network needs. Have the power to advocate for safe and responsible integration of blockchain and digital assets into the main life.

The main goal is to help the crypto community develop, to help participants understand the basics, and to share our research with experienced fans.

  • There are 3 eras of commodity-based currencies, based on politics, and now, math-based.” – Chris Dixon, Co-founder of Hunch now owned by eBay, the Co-founder of SAMSUNG is now owned by McAfee.
  • By 2030, some forms of Crypto will become global reserve currencies. first Nobel Prize for Economic will given for Cryptoeconomist.
  • I think the internet will be one of the main forces to reduce the role of the government. One thing that is missing but will soon be developed is a reliable cash. “- Professor Milton Friedman

Blockchain and digital monetization of ideas for technological disorders that cannot be imagined a decade ago. Coinadvice will catalyze decentralization in true quintessence by bringing together people and experts who believe in its potential. We are ready to become one of the most prominent groups of news and events and include digital assets, the blockchain, virtual currencies, and decentralized applications. We maintain the highest quality standards in technology, research, and product development.

Reason Participate In This Conference

There are many reasons why you should attend the CoinAdvice Conference. The main mission is to ensure that there are strong, interesting, and real value prospects for each conference participant. Whether you are a coin owner, an investor, and an individual associated with a blockchain-based company or just a technology enthusiast, you should try to gather a significant collection for you. This is why you should not miss – elite, and product development.

  • This event will be witness by a number of coin owners working on actual projects as speakers.
  • The CoinAdvice event has the privilege of having some of the best speakers in the world on the blockchain and crypto domain. Listen to what the teachers are saying!
  • The event will be attended by industry leaders, policy makers, institutional and private investors, family offices and venture capitalists.
    Participants will be able to reduce themselves to risk. Success in crypto investment requires an in-depth understanding of the underlying nuances, to mitigate risk and maximize profits.
  • This event will see an unprecedented agenda where crypto-friendly governments will showcase their respective blockchain ecosystems and make global announcements.
  • This event will provide the right platform for startups to connect with prospective investors where you must be able to present your project to decision makers based on previous appointments.
  • A number of network opportunities will be available to you. Participants will be able to connect with potential partners and their partners while attending lunch networks and during coffee breaks.


  1. Jowin Tan, Jovian is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert, ICO Strategic Advisor, Host of The Coin Chat and Keynote Speaker.

  2. Dane Elliott, Mr. Elliott has a strong quantitative background and passion for data analysis
    Graduated from Oxford University with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science,
  3. Ali Muhammad,  is a Young and Enthusiastic Businessman, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Crypto Currency
  4. Alexi Lane, More than 15 years of experience in capital markets, financial services, and payments – including a high-risk online billing system, FinTech Entrepreneurs, investors and executives
  5. Steve Good, is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert, ICO Strategic Advisor, Host of The Coin Chat and Keynote Speaker.
  6. Eric Annan, He is a Blockchain/Digital Currency Advocate and Educator. Founder of – a digital currency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana.

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