Contract for difference Malaysia

contract for difference malaysia

The contract for difference Malaysia, is this legal or prohibited in this country? Before we examine this problem, maybe there are still those who do not understand what CFD meaning. I will give a little explanation.

Contracts For Difference (CFD) is a derivative product in the financial market that allows you to trade in finance such as crypto, shares, ETFs, and other futures products.

A trader can buy and sell asset reference or obtain rights or obligations. In connection with such reference assets without having to own the assets itself.

The advantage is that rising or decline prices for an asset give traders potential profit.

Simply put, CFDs are derivative products that allow you to buy and sell in the price movement of an underlying stock/index. Without owning company stock.

CFD provides an opportunity for profit when the market is bearish or bullish because it allows for Sell or Buys. CFDs are traded on Over The Counter and the price obtained from the underlying stock price.

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Online CFD trading Malaysia

Malaysia is a federation that has thirteen states and three alliance territories in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has an area of ​​329,847 square km.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, but Putrajaya is the center of the alliance government. With a population exceeding 27 million.

Malaysia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which borders Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. The climate in this country is tropical because it is near the equator.

With a population of more than 27 million people, this is a business opportunity for several brokerage firms to expand into this country.

In Malaysia, it also has a CFD Exchange, called the Bursa Malaysia Stock exchange.

In Malaysia, there are already many people who dive into the forex business because CFD trading in Malaysia is legal. Although only with registered and approved financial institutions. This means you can trade CFDs legally in Malaysia by choosing a licensed broker or institution registered in Malaysia. Which some companies offer Islamic accounts.

There is even a teenage girl who is a famous artist in Malaysia who wants to trade forex, she is Puteri Balqis. There have been several successful forex traders in Malaysia, such as Khalid Hamid and Ezone Constantine. And there are also traders who also have a YouTube channel by creating content about forex trading.

Securities Commission of Malaysia

In developing the capital market in Malaysia, it requires regulations that will regulate and be accountable to the government by determining rules related to futures and derivative products.

The legal entity is the Malaysian Securities Commission (SC; Malay: Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia).

Established on March 1, 1993, the Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) was established under the Securities Commission Act 1993 (SCA). SC is a self-financing legal entity with responsibility for regulating and developing the Malaysian capital market.

SC makes regulations, enforces regulations related to capital markets. Making market growth and development for the future. oversees capital market activities and market institutions including exchanges, clearing institutions, and registered market operators, and regulates all entities and persons licensed under the 2007 Capital Market and Services Act.

Under the SCA, the SC makes a report to the Minister of Finance.

SC Malaysia responsibility

  • Developing the capital market as a whole including its market segments. These market segments are equity, bond and Sukuk markets, Islamic capital markets, fund management, derivatives, and online trading platforms.
  • Providing facilities for innovation and digital services through the capital market.
  • Creating ways for a sustainable financing ecosystem.
  • Monitoring all market participants to ensure the correct behavior of all market participants.
  • Planning good corporate governance, and Facilitating greater cross-border regulatory and thought leadership cooperation.

Fungsi Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia

  • Registering authority for company prospectuses other than unregistered leisure clubs.
  • Approve authorities related to corporate bonds.
  • Make the necessary rules on all matters relating to securities and futures contracts.
  • Managing company takeovers or mergers.
  • Manage all matters related to the trust unit scheme.
  • Licensing and monitoring all licensed companies.
  • Overseeing exchanges, clearinghouses, and central storage areas.
  • Encourage self-regulation, and Ensure proper behavior of market institutions and licensed people.

Genting Malaysia Berhad, Company profile history

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CFD company in Malaysia

There are many CFD companies operating in Malaysia, more than hundreds of companies, but not all of them provide good service to customers.

But there are a number of CFD brokers based on user reviews including being the top broker in Malaysia. These companies include XTB, City Index, eToro, IG, XM, TenkoFX. Plus500,etc.

But not all these companies registered on the list on SC Malaysia. you can check the list on the official website Securities Commission Malaysia.

The company is my version of the top broker taking into account user reviews. However, trading CFDs is a high risk. It’s not even strange anymore with the phrase, more than 80% of traders lose money on the forex or CFD markets.

You can still explore more in-depth information related to the company you will choose to invest in. Maybe the company was not established in Malaysia, but the government also did not prohibit its citizens from investing abroad. It’s just that if you use a problematic broker, the government might intervene to advance local companies.

Is forex trading taxable in Malaysia?

Based on one of the sources stated that for income tax purposes, only the profit and loss of foreign exchange differences from realized income transactions can be taxed. Gain or loss on foreign exchange differences that are capital, cannot be taxed/deducted.

To apply tax on contract for difference trading, maybe if a trader uses a foreign broker, it will be difficult to track trading platform information so that in practice there are still obstacles to forex tax.

Further technological development still requires an increase in the rate of calculating income tax from forex, given the high-risk CFD trading. If you experience a margin call you certainly cannot pay taxes.

Is CFD trading legal in Malaysia?

The official answer is that it is legal for CFD trading in Malaysia, but according to the rules only through registered and approved financial institutions. The Malaysian government allows to trade currencies legally using the services of several licensed institutions.

But there are some who say that this rule only applies to physical currencies and does not include online trading. Because online trading only trades the underlying currency. It trades theoretical currencies.

So the question is quite difficult to answer yes or no because through CFD Online trading can trade using a trading platform. If according to the rules the easiest way to trade in Forex in Malaysia is to legally use one of the approved institutions, and maintain an Islamic account.

But there are also many Malaysians who use foreign brokerage which also no one considers that this is not allowed. Because basically Malaysians are allowed to make investments abroad.

The government actually wants to control their currencies through this method by legalizing through licensed institutions. However, most forex traders in Malaysia do not involve their own currencies, they tend to try other ways and trade other foreign currencies.

Top trader Malaysia, successful forex trader in Malaysia

If you want to be successful, then learn from people who are successful in their fields. This is an old jargon that is very supportive when applied by CFD traders.

Why? Because those who have been successful in the industry have collected various knowledge and experiences of the ins and outs of forex or CFD trading.

In Malaysia, there are many top traders who achieve success in the forex business. Some of them provide tutoring and you may need to spend some learning costs.

In the following, I summarize some of Malaysia’s top traders who might be able to add to your motivation in learning to achieve successful trading in this industry.

Khalid Hamid

For Malaysian traders, this name may already be familiar. He is a very famous CFD trader and has experienced in this field for more than 12 years. He was the first to give forex teaching in the Malay language with a trading technique called the True Forex Technique back in 2011.

Khalid has an educational background graduating with a Bachelor of Accounting from Malaya University. It was recently discovered that he had created an educational site called TFS Price Action Trading. According to his website, he has taught thousands of merchants.

And he has the ambition to be able to take the course to a higher level internationally.

Sukhairi Bin Napiah

This man who was born July 22, 1969, became one of the mentors included in the 2020 award nomination held by He recently launched a book on market analysis entitled PAM (Price action manipulation)

Experienced in providing seminars on forex trading, especially in Malaysia and also in Indonesia. As a forex trainer, he already has a good reputation in his field, so it’s only natural that he will be nominated for the 2020 trading awards. Maybe you want to vote for him?

Head of Business Development (Malaysia) of a broker founded from CyprusHobby.

Gero Azrul

Gero Azrul is one of the experienced forex mentors since 2007. Claiming to have educated more than 30 thousand traders in Asia. He is currently also a nominee in the best trading guru in Malaysia.

Having an intraday trading style and swing trading, anyone who wants to try to learn forex from a mentor, maybe you are quite interested in this full-time trader. You can visit the Gero Azrul website to get more information.

In his introduction, he stated by combining trading system knowledge from Warren Buffet, George Soros, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor, and Van K. Tharp.

Oma Ally

If you are an experienced trader, joining and discussing in the forex trading Malaysia forum. Maybe you have heard about the BBMA Oma Ally trading system.

On his Facebook page, more than 19 thousand people like the page, and many forums discuss the trading system. BBMA is a good strategy, and if well studied and able to discipline, it is proven that the trader Oma Ally has become a full-time trader.

This means that if the trading system is studied and practiced with full discipline, it will enable it to become a full-time expert trader. Even a young actor who likes the graph Puteri Balqis, she also learned about this BBMA Oma Ally trading system.

Moshed Mohamad

Moshed Mohamad is an experienced entrepreneur and forex trader. He likes to share his trading experience through pages on Facebook and also his personal blog.

He has also written a book that he sells on Goodreads, entitled “Analisis Fundamental Untuk Forex Trader”, in Malaysian. His Facebook page has also been liked by more than 45 thousand people. Not surprisingly, he was included as one of Malaysia’s top traders.

Mansor Sapari

Another successful trader from Malaysia, he is Mansor Sapari. This trader likes trading strategy Supply and Demand or better known by the abbreviation SnD. This strategy refers to an economic theory where if supply increases, prices will go down, but if demand increases, prices will go up.

On his Facebook account, more than 35 thousand people have become followers. He too likes to share posts related to forex charts. You can also learn with him, people. There is a king master class 4.

Mohd Rohaizad Hassan

Maybe the name Mohd Rohaizad Hassan is not as popular as Oma Ally or Khalid Hamid, but he is one of Malaysia’s best Top traders. On his Facebook page, he also likes to share experiences in forex trading.

So if you are interested in free trading signals, you can regularly review his Facebook page, sometimes he likes to share free trading signals. But if you want to request a friend to him, maybe not approved because it has reached the friendship limit.

Final Thought

The contract for difference Malaysia has grown rapidly, so access to financial markets also provides an opportunity to make a profit by trading from home. There are indeed rules that foreign brokerage firms should expand to expand their business in this country.

However, access to online CFD trading in Malaysia is very easy to try overseas companies. As long as the process of registering and withdrawing funds is smooth and paid without problems. Usually, traders will try new services that are considered better.

Maybe because of the bonus offered by the broker, or a low commission fee, traders like to consider the issue.

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