Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

Starting in December 2017, the new game has become a trend in the Blockchain world, namely crypto kitties.

Developed by the Zen Axiom, which allows players to buy, collect, breed, and sell various types of virtual cats.

The game in the form of the CryptoKitties collection allows users to buy, owned, trade cats on the Blockchain network. The cat is an adorable, animated cat on the blockchain network.

After it was launched, it wasn’t long then the CryptoKitties game was very successful and crowded, to the point that it could slow down the Ethereum network. Users have even spent more than $ 1 million on cats that can be made into this investment.

Interestingly, CryptoKitties is a demonstration of the ability of the Blockchain network itself. Of course, this game has adorable cat characters, and the “Breeding” game is very exciting.

In addition they also want to show the potential of the Blockchain to secure digital assets and also trade. This reason is the driver behind the creation of CryptoKitties.

Crypto Kitties Founder

Then who are the crypto game founders of this kitties? there are some people who developed this game, Benny Giang, Bryce Bladon, Dieter Shirley, Fabiano Soriani, Guile Gaspar, Mack Flavelle, Mik Naayem, Roham Gharegozlou.

The founders were from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, except Fabiano Soriani located in Santiago, Metropolitana Region, Chile, and Roham Gharegozlou
located in San Francisco, California, United States.

Crypto Kitties Business Model

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

Most of the Blockchain project launches were accompanied by a version of the coin cryptocurrency.

Crypto money is a token, can trade and represents some utility value in a project or even inside a company.
The initial coin offer (ICO) later became a very successful fundraising tool for the new Blockchain startup.

In some cases, a simple project can actually generate hundreds of millions of dollars from investors’ funds, but it is also often revealed that it is a scam.

CryptoKitties business model cannot be compared to Blockchain projects like that, because there is no embodiment of the cryptocurrency traded here.

Instead, CryptoKitties is a digital asset that is not intended to be fungible. That is, Cryptokitties are not like currencies that have a certain exchange rate.

Instead, each CryptoKitty is an ERC-721 token with unique features, coded as CryptoKitty phenotypes and genotypes.

In other words, CryptoKitty genetic information that determines its appearance and other characteristics is written directly into the ERC-721 token code.

The combination of phenotypes and genotypes means that there are four billion possible CryptoKitties to be created, so that every CryptoKitty you have will always be unique, and thus have its own value.

Crypto Kitties Price

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

CryptoKitties, an online game that is starting to play now is a smart contract – the application that runs itself – the most popular in ethereum, contributing 11% of transactions from all networks, according to ETH Gas Station records.

The game actually clogs the ethereum network, causing the transaction to run slower for everyone on the blockchain.

In the game, people buy cartoon kittens and raise them with other cats. More than 22,000 cats have been sold so far which has a value of USD 3 million.

One of the cats sold for USD 117,712 even though the average selling price was in the range of USD 109, from the existing sales records. Every cat has a unique identity recorded on the blockchain ethereum.

Axiom Zen, a San Francisco-based company that helped incubate startups that develop CryptoKitties.

How to Buy CryptoKitties

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

The easiest way to get CryptoKitty is to buy it online. Because digital cats can have unique characteristics, each will be sold at a different price.

You must have an Ethereum digital currency stored in the ERC20 wallet. Then install the Metamask browser add-on. Then buy a pair of cats, then breed.

If you are lucky to produce attractive color patterns from 4 billion genetic variations, the price of kittens will soar.

Built in the Ethereum Network

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

The CryptoKitties game uses the Ethereum network. Smart Contract manages every aspect of CryptoKitty creation and trading.

As a result, no central authority can change, delete, or manipulate CryptoKitty after it has been created.

People who have ERC-721 tokens will have assets in the form of digital cats that can be stored, bred, or traded with other CryptoKitty owners.

Because it was created on Ethereum, CryptoKitties uses ETH as a payment for all transactions.

Although it is currently not possible to buy CryptoKitties with fiat currencies directly, in the future, the development team plans to offer payment options with fiat currencies.

Owning and trading CryptoKitties also requires you to use an integrated browser with your Ethereum Wallet.

MetaMask is the easiest option to do this because you will be able to write code that is directly connected to CryptoKitty Smart Contract.

Therefore, to use the user platform online and view your cat digitally, you need to install MetaMask and save the CryptoKitty token in the Crypto Wallet.

Where do new cryptoKitties come from?

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

Since the first digital cat was born December 2, 2017, every 15 minutes a new cat is born

Zero generation when the new generation CryptoKitties no longer exists. There are only 50,000 genes-0 cats that will be made.

Outside the gen-0 kitties, CryptoKitties can be increased by breeding. Every cat can be a sire or dame and is paired with one another.

The dame owner will receive a newborn CryptoKitty, which will have genetic attributes from his parents.

Even so, he will also have random variations in some of his attributes. Random mutations can sometimes be rarer than those of their parents.

There is no theoretical limit on how many new CryptoKitties can be born. As long as you can pay transaction fees to breed these digital cats, you can create Cryptokitty without any restrictions.

Crypto kitties Unique Investment Asset

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

The uniqueness and rarity embedded in each CryptoKitty make them have value. This is what CryptoKitty owners can use to make a profit.

The more CryptoKitty has, the more their asset value will certainly be, given CryptoKitty can be traded with other users who are interested in this digital cat.

For those who can breed CryptoKitties, the benefits can be even greater, because the breeding results allow the creation of new CryptoKitties, with rare attributes that are more valuable than their parents.

Crypto Kitties Breeding Guide

To start playing the CryptoKitties game, you have to do three things: First, install a free cryptocurrency wallet called MetaMask, Both transfer ether into it, and third buy your first cat.

Install MetaMask

CryptoKitties uses MetaMask to process payments. MetaMask is more than a standard crypto wallet. This allows you to run CryptoKitties and other Ethereum-powered Apps directly in your browser.

There is a link to the MetaMask plugin on the CryptoKitties website.

You need to click the link, then follow the instructions to install MetaMask. the installer will give a set of seed words during the setup process

Seed words provide the only way to recover your MetaMask account if you forget your password – so be sure to copy it and save it in a safe place.

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

Buy ether

To buy ether you can use CoinBase services. First, open the MetaMask and click the Deposit button, then select Continue to CoinBase.

There are two ways to buy ether through CoinBase, namely with a credit/debit card and bank account

For bank account options you need to pay less in transfer fees, and you also have to wait longer for the ether you buy to be received in your account.

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

Buy your first CryptoKitty

There are three different types of CryptoKitties: Large Value Cats, Luxury Cats, and New Arrivals.

The New Arrivals section promotes the rare cat gene 0, which costs more. You can get cat gene 0 for 0.2 ether (around $ 50 USD)

Big Value Cats sell for around 0.005 ether (around $ 1.50 USD).

Beautiful cats have special artwork, which makes it more valuable. The price is not as much as cat Gen 0, but the price is still a bit expensive. Fancy Cats start at 0.05 ethers (around $ 14 USD) to 0.1 ether (around $ 27).

One strategy is to buy cheap cats and breed so that they become more valuable.

Many cats have valuable properties that fall asleep in their genetic code.

It has the potential to produce valuable offspring.

Another strategy is to use expensive cats and try to reverse them. However, this strategy usually only works when the CryptoKitties market is hot.

Crypto Kitties, Unique Investment Asset

How do you breed CryptoKitties?

After you buy Cryptokitty, then let it multiply and produce offspring. In this game, you need to understand a few words that you should know, like a cat breeder.

  • Parents – means CryptoKitty’s mother and CryptoKitty’s father
  • Siblings – descendants of one and the same parent
  • Sire / Siring – Become the father of more Cryptokitties
  • Matron – Become a mother for more Crytokitties
  • Cooldown – The period in which Cryptokitty is in the recovery phase after breeding

CryptoKitties breeding:

Rules for CryptoKitties Breeding

  • Two CryptoKitties can breed but not with siblings or their parents
  • CryptoKitties can only be owned by the same user or one that offers Cryptokitty for siring to other users.
  • If a user has two Unrelated crypto kitties, he can use one as a male and the other as a female
  • There is no gender
  • Females become pregnant and under cooldown after breeding, both parents enter the recovery phase.
  • Every Cryptokitty cooldown period increases every time it breeds.
  • Matron can breed immediately after the cooldown is complete.

CryptoKitties Breeding with Owned by Other Users

If you have matron and someone else has a father, two things can happen:

  • The owner of Cryptokitty can allow siring to address another Ethereum
  • Owners from other CryptoKitty can send their Cryptokitty to the hour auction. The highest bidder must then supply their matron.

After the user approves ownership of Cryptokitty, they can claim Cryptokitty.

You can also learn how to buy a cat and about the generation and donations associated with it.


If you like this game, this will be an interesting game, but it can also be a profitable digital asset, depending also on the game strategy you are doing

Especially with the development of this game, the more users who breed and buy new cats, this game will play a large amount of money

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