Zcash – 25th Top Rank Cryptocurrency

Good night friends of traders everywhere, for this time I will try to discuss one of the names of cryptocurrency may still be a bit strange in our ears, the name is zcash, which for now this one cryptocurrency occupies the 25th position in coinmarketcap

What is zcash?

Zcash is the Newest Virtual Currency created on October 28, 2016.

Zcash was founded by Zooko Wilcox Owner of Zerocoin Electric Technology Company from the United States who has been experienced for 20 Years.

Zcash - 25th Top Rank Cryptocurrency

He was assisted by Mathematical Scientists and Computer Programs of the United States and Israel Joint Experts.

Derived from a graduate of Tel Aviv University of Israel, Technion Israel, Massachusettes Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University of the United States.

Zcash is the World’s First Digital Money with a Strong Awakening Privacy Rate.

Not Like Bitcoin that uses Pseudo-anonymity.

However, in fact, Others or any Government Organization or Agency may still track the Amount of Transactions in the Blockchain Bitcoin.

So it can still be tracked who wrote the parties involved in the Transaction and How many Amount in transacted

Zcash - 25th Top Rank Cryptocurrency

Zcash goes a step further by encrypting Transactions with Defense 3 Defense Core Defense Technology and Amount in transacted in blur.

The Zcash Users can be ANONYMO. Amount of ANONYMIS Transaction, Origin of ANONYMER Payment. So it is impossible for others to track it. Except for the Key Owner. The Recipient and the Zcash Moneymaker.

The term above uses the basic Cryptographic Algorithm called ZERO KNOWLEDGE PROOF or zk-SNARK.

So the System can indicate a person paying, receiving and owning Zcash without needing to show the Original Identity and Amount of Payment.

PRIVACY PROPERTY PROCESSED This trace is not owned by “BITCOIN”.

Indeed Zcash is not the First. There’s Another Altcoin Like DASH and MONERO. It also applies secrecy using a term called Cryptonote.

But I think Zcash is more sophisticated for blurring every Public Data Details of unique Alphanumeric Strings that usually identify Buyers and Sellers.

So Zcash is the First in the World in Things of Confidentiality.


Zcash The rest is almost like BITCOIN.

Total Supply in the Mine is the same as Bitcoin. A total of 21,000,000 Million Units.

50 ZEC will be created every 10 Minutes. Every 4 Years Will Happen HALVING. (Similar As Bitcoin). Mining Work (Mining) will be awarded 100% to Miners.


It is very difficult for the Government, Law Enforcement Officers, Police or Financial Institutions to be able to break through and peek at people who use Zcash for Crime.

But what can make, If Not Doing It. Zcash will not be able to advance.

Zcash now comes with Ability more difficult or impossible traced.

Wilcox says “All Technology can be misused”.

At this time the market capital for zcash reached $ 1,062,573,250 based on information obtained in coinmarketcap with a value of $ 279.74 USD,

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