FBS broker review 2020, Is it as good broker and safe?

FBS broker is one of the brokers that are popular among traders, on this occasion we will do an FBS broker review 2020.

In 2020 FBS claims to have had 14 million traders and 370 thousand clients spread across 190 countries around the world.

If we look at various media, FBS broker promotion is very intense by giving no deposit bonuses and also other bonuses that attract many clients.

Brokers found in 2009 are very popular, especially in the Asian region, including in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, China.

FBS brokerage supports 17 languages ​​so that traders will easily navigate pages in a language that is easy to understand.

But is this FBS broker a safe broker, and provides support to clients?

We will begin our search on the FBS broker review 2020, from various information sources summarized in one package.

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Company overview

fbs broker review 2020

How to improve money management skills

The FBS brokerage began operations in 2009, which originally came from Russia and was regulated by IFSC Belize.

Historically, this broker has received several awards since starting operations.

A year later received an award as the Best mini Forex-broker in 2010 and 2011.

FBS brokerage continues to grow and they have claimed to be a trusted broker in 2012.

And received the fastest growing broker award in Asia and the best MetaTrader 4 platform.

In 2013 they stated that they received awards from four different categories, “Best Broker in Asia”, “Best Broker in South-East Asia”, “Best Partnership program”, “Best trading platform”.

From year to year, this broker claims to always get awards and the last in 2018 they get several kinds of awards.

  • Most Transparent Forex Broker – 2018
  • Best Forex Trading Account 2018
  • The Best Copy Global Trading Application – 2018
  • Best Forex Broker Asia-2018
  • The Best Investor Education – 2017
  • Best FX IB Program – China 2017

Of all the FBS company claims that have more than 14 million traders in 190 countries.

In reality, they don’t have traders from US citizens, and they are reportedly banned from promoting in Europe because of their lack of regulation on the Eurozone rules.

But despite all that, this broker gets positive reviews from many traders even though some also criticize this broker.

FBS trading account

What becomes a high-risk offer even though the potential for gain is also high is.

That this broker offers leverage up to 1: 3000, this is truly extraordinary and for traders to think this is high risk.

FBS offers 5 types of accounts with different rules.

  • Cent account, with a minimum deposit of $ 1 and a maximum leverage of 1: 1000 and a floating spread of 1pip.
  • A micro account with a minimum deposit of $ 5 and maximum leverage of 1: 3000 and fixed spread from 3 pips.
  • Standard account with a minimum deposit of $ 100, maximum leverage of 1: 3000 and floating spreads of 0.5pip.
  • Zero spread account with a minimum deposit of $ 500 and maximum leverage of 1: 3000 and zero spread, but subject to a commission of $ 20 per lot.
  • ECN account with a minimum deposit of $ 1000 and maximum leverage of 1: 500 and a floating spread of 1 pip and is subject to a commission of $ 6.

With the five choices of trading accounts.

Many newbie traders try the FBS platform because the minimum deposit is only $ 1.

Of course, this will be very light for retailers and beginner traders.

Plus this broker is one of the most generous brokers by giving bonuses, from no deposit bonus and deposit bonus.

Perhaps the only competitor in terms of bonuses is Instaforex which also claims to be the number 1 broker in Asia.

FBS Trading platform

At the moment 2020 trading platforms FBS using a MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as well as Webtrader.

If you don’t want to install MetaTrader on your device, using Webtrader you can make transactions with your browser, just visit the address page Webtrader.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms from FBS can be downloaded for desktop platforms.

Android and iOS mobile platforms, and are also available for MAC OS.

With some options of platforms, it makes it easy for traders to choose the best and in accordance with their specs.

Although MetaTrader 5 offers the latest development, there are still many who are loyal to use Metatrader 4.

Android and iOS platform is suitable for those who like mobile, they can make transactions anywhere with supporting gadgets.

FBS instrument trading

Offers 5 types of trading accounts FBS broker offers forex, CFD, and commodity metal trading instruments.

There are 35 pairs in forex trading and metal and CFD trading.

Although they offer several types of trading accounts.

They do not offer crypto accounts, which are currently rife in some forex brokers.

Each instrument has varying contract specification rules, so traders can adjust to choose whichever is most profitable.

Spread and commission

Spreads are one of the reasons why a trader chooses a broker.

Especially for scalping traders, choosing a broker with a low spread would be preferred.

The spreads offered by FBS vary depending on the pair chosen but generally start with 1 pip to 11 pips.

On exotic pairs, the spread amount is higher than the major pair.

And transaction commissions are only taken on ECN trading accounts and zero spread accounts, with a size of $ 20 per lot and $ 6 on an ECN account.

Bonus and promotion

FBS broker is one of the most aggressive brokers promoting in various media.

If you use Facebook or Instagram maybe you also have met this broker’s advertisement.

They are among the brokers that offer various types of bonuses.

Both deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses and also from some of the contests they hold.

Promotional bonus to Barcelona home game

FBS claims that they are one of Barcelona’s sponsors, and with this promotion, the traders have the opportunity to win prizes to be able to go to Barcelona’s home game.

To get this ticket there are terms and conditions that apply.

Get a car from FBS

This promotion is for FBS traders who participate in the contest during the promotion.

From the official FBS website source, previously had won several winners from several countries, most of whom were Indonesian traders.

There are also from Malaysia, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam

But at this time there has been no new announcement with this promotion after the previous period ended.

100% deposit bonus

A 100% deposit bonus is a bonus that is credited when the trader makes a deposit.

For example, you deposit $ 100 then with a 100% deposit bonus you will get $ 200 where the $ 100 is a bonus as an additional margin.

Cashback bonus $15 per lot

This bonus is for traders who participate in promotions, for this they must activate via the trading cabinet.

Traders will receive up to $ 15 from 1 lot of trading positions, this promo has an unlimited period of time.

Leverage until 1:3000

The very high leverage that is vulnerable to risk, with $ 10 equal to a transaction with a contract value of $ 30,000.

This promotion is only available on Standard and Zero Spread accounts.

Loyalty program reward

A loyalty program is a gift given to traders and partners loyal to the company, traders who make transactions will get points that can be exchanged for prizes from gadgets to Mercedes Bens.

The loyalty program is divided into several levels, green, silver, gold, platinum which reflect the status point.

Trade $100 bonus, work out for more

The $ 100 trade bonus is for beginners and experienced traders, this bonus is available on the mt5 platform, with the requirement for 30 days to be able to complete 5 lots.

With a position size of 0.01 lot, the maximum order at the same time is 5.

If a trader can complete 5 lots in 30 days then $ 100 can be withdrawn and profit added.

Contest bonus

FBS also often holds trading contests with a total prize of $ 1000 divided into five winners with $ 450 each for the first rank, $ 250 rankings two, $ 150 ranking three, $ 100 ranking four and $ 50 ranking fifth.

The contest period is two weeks and the winner is the one who collects the most trading profits.

Contest update you can follow FBS pro

Payment method

fbs broker review 2020

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FBS broker review 2020, FBS broker supports several payment methods, with Skrill, Perfectmoney, Sticpay, Visa, and Neteller.

In this section, the method of paying FBS broker is still inferior compared to InstaForex and FXOpen which supports more ways of the payment system.

Because not all traders have the payment method as used, it may be difficult for what payment method to use.

Also in the traders’ cabinet, no withdrawal method was found through a local bank, even though the broker claimed to have clients in 190 countries.

Customer support

As a trader, in choosing a broker will also be a concern for customer support, if the customer support service is too slow to respond, then less like traders.

FBS broker offers several ways to contact the customer support broker.

Email, you can contact email, [email protected], or also via chat with the telegram platform, webchat, Facebook messenger, and Viber.

it can also contact the telephone number + 357 2531 3540.

FBS broker review by trader

FBS broker review 2020, FBS broker has more than 14 million traders, according to the company’s claim, but also an important part of the experience of traders who have used this broker.

Because that is the statement of the original trader who is having problems with the broker.

Forex-rating review 2020 FBS

In forex-rating trader reviews, many traders complain about the conditions of their experience while using an FBS broker.

On this site, there are many bad experiences using the FBS platform.

Someone complained of trading with a bonus of $ 50 and was able to profit to $ 500, but he could not make withdrawals for various reasons from the broker.

There are also traders who claim to have deposited with their own $ 100 and made a profit, but when making a withdrawal, it is not paid.

There is also a funny experience, he made a withdrawal of money of $ 155 but only a small $ 10.55 was approved.

From all the reviews on this site, most traders say that FBS is a scam.

Trustpilot FBS review

Traders’ reviews on the Trustpilot site are 38% excellent, Great 31% and the remaining bad 26% give poor and average votes.

On this site, we can conclude that there are still many FBS who like it, and they give positive reviews to brokers.

But many also provide negative feedback by the traders.

The good side of this site is there FBS support, which answers several client questions related to the problems.

Forexpeacearmy FBS review

On this site, FBS gets a three-star rating, which is a bad value, although there is the customer support that helps answer client problems, from the total review there is negative feedback.

But there are also some traders who are experienced with FBS brokets, are still fine.

The level of investor confidence in the broker is very small.


fbs broker review 2020

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FBS broker review 2020 may still be the choice of traders, with a variety of bonuses provided that can provide experience, in addition to available forex education.

For retail investors, using this broker may not be too vulnerable to risk, but for large investors, using this broker is vulnerable to risk.

From a number of reviews of traders who gave a bad experience with trading conditions and withdrawing money, this caused anxiety in the security of capital.

Other alternative brokers are TenkoFX who gets positive feedback, Instaforex which also gives a lot of bonuses, FXOpen which is regulated by ASIC and FCA.

Whatever your choice, the golden rule is just spent money that is afforded to lose, because forex trading itself is risky.

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