Forex no deposit bonus 2020

Forex no deposit bonus 2020 is a gift from the broker to their clients.

Usually, this is a means of promotion of the company to get more clients so that it will increase the number of traders who use their services.

Forex no deposit bonus 2020 is a collection of forex brokers that provide no deposit bonus in 2020.

To get a gift from this promotion each broker has certain rules related to the bonus given.

This is a promotional strategy, so there is a possibility that not all brokers will make it easy to profit withdrawals process.

And this is the other side of the forex no deposit bonus 2020, which should be a concern of traders, especially newbies, so they don’t feel trapped in scam brokers.

One advantage of the forex no deposit bonus is that traders can trade risk-free because they do not have to deposit money from their own pockets.

The main target is the newbie, as a welcome bonus when registering for the first time at the broker.

forex no deposit bonus 2020

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What is the forex no deposit bonus and how it works?

forex no deposit bonus 2020

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Forex no deposit bonus is a type of bonus received by a trader without having to make a deposit first.

Unlike deposit bonuses, you must deposit to receive a bonus amount.

The way it works is that you register with a broker that offers a no deposit bonus.

By following the step by step according to the rules set by the broker.

Forex no deposit bonus is also called a welcome bonus.

The purpose of the broker is to get more traders so that in the future there will be more active traders who will use brokerage services.

Different brokers sometimes have different rules related to the process of withdrawing profits.

It is better before joining a broker that gives no deposit bonus, you do a cross-check, about the process of withdrawing profit.

Choose which gives convenience, for example, profit can be withdrawn without additional rules.

Because the broker offers a no deposit bonus but he doesn’t give free money.

So that brokers often refuse withdrawals from traders from the no deposit profit bonus, read carefully the bonus rules.

Forex no deposit bonus without verification 2020

In general, to get this gift bonus, you need your email address and profile details.

You also have to verify your data to get a no deposit bonus.

This requires an identity card, or driver license, or passport, besides that other documents, are needed to prove your address, such as electricity bills, bank statements, etc.

Some brokers may require a photo selfie of your face close up with your handhold an identity card.

By getting this verification prevents problems when withdrawing money.

Usually, the broker requires verification for clients who make withdrawals from bonuses.

Some brokers have no problem with verification if they deposit with their own money, this is indeed the type of dealing desk broker.

Benefit forex no deposit bonus 2020

Forex no deposit bonus offers traders to be able to trade without having to deposit.

The advantage is that traders who have never used the platform of the broker then will have experience after using the forex no deposit bonus to trade.

Thus at least the trader will know how the trading platform works, whether frequent requotes or even spread widens and so on.

Another advantage is having the opportunity to get real money from profits obtained from the bonus, this is usually the broker has strict rules for eligibility to withdraw profit.

To eligible make withdrawals profit bonus, you must read the terms and conditions of the broker

Because the broker is a company that wants to make a profit, then their rules are sometimes difficult for traders to fulfill.

The easiest rule is profit can be withdrawn but on the first withdrawal, the bonus is canceled.

Some must settle a certain number of lots, and some who must deposit after the bonus is received.

The point is using a no deposit bonus is not easy to make real money.

But with a no deposit bonus you can learn, just like a demo account because you don’t use money from your pocket.

Disadvantage forex no deposit bonus

As mentioned earlier, brokers offer no deposit bonuses to get more clients in the hope that in the future there will be more active traders using their platforms.

This is just like bait using small fish to get bigger fish.

So sometimes traders feel disappointed when they get a profit but when they try to make a withdrawal they get rejected because they have not met the required requirements.

This is the drawback, you will feel entering the broker’s trap after trying hard trading but not getting anything.

Especially if it turns out that the broker you chose is a scam broker, traders need to read broker reviews and other trader’s experience related to the broker.

Forex no deposit bonus vs demo account

Trading accounts on the forex no deposit bonus are using a real account, whereas on a demo account it is only using a virtual account, this is a basic difference between the two.

Equally, both do not require a deposit from their pocket to start trading.

On the no deposit bonus account, after you receive a bonus in a trading account, you can immediately trade using the broker’s platform.

Same with a demo account, after you register a demo account you will get an account number and password and you can start trading.

Another difference is in filling identity, in the forex no deposit bonus you have to fill in your identity correctly according to ID.

While on a demo account you can fill out forms without having to use your real identity.

Filling in the form with the correct data on the no deposit bonus account is one of the conditions that are the rules of the broker, it’s just that it might be different.

Some broker has rule must verify data to eligible get a bonus and some broker giving the warning to verify account when trader trying to withdrawn profit bonus.

Real no deposit bonus vs fake no deposit bonus

Many fake websites offer no deposit bonuses, they only have the aim to increase traffic by offering free bonuses.

How to recognize fake websites with real ones.

This tip might be useful for you.

Check whether the website address uses HTTPS or only uses HTTP, the real broker will have SSL to protect its users.

Secure URLs use HTTPS while unsecured URLs only use HTTP.

Also check with contact support, how their response to clients.

Fake forex no deposit bonuses usually use complicated names, and rules are complicated and not easy to understand.

They will not last long.

Reading a trader’s review is very important to know the reputation of the broker, but it is also necessary to make a comparison with other sources because it is possible that the review is not an original review.

Brokers offer no deposit bonuses vs. no bonus offers

Which broker is better to offer a bonus or who does not offer a bonus?

If we examine further, most brokers who offer bonuses are dealing desk brokers, and rarely do we see large brokers such as, or Dukascopy who offer large bonuses.

So the conclusion is that most traders that use dealing desk brokers are retail traders.

While large brokers who do not offer their bonuses mostly get profit from commissions or spreads.

But it does not close the possibility of the company also has other sources of investment.

So is TenkoFX a bad broker because he rarely gives bonuses to clients?

So far, seeing TenkoFX reviews from traders, the value is still above 90, saying that the broker is giving satisfactory.

Forex no deposit welcome bonus 2020

forex no deposit bonus 2020

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Broker Name Bonus Size Expiry Date
The Liquidity No Deposit Bonus $1000 March 1, 2020
RoboForex Welcome Bonus 30 USD On-Going
FxOpen Welcome Bonus $10 On-Going
FreshForex $2020 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
AGEA $5 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
InstaForex $1500 no deposit bonus On-Going
FortFS $35 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
FBS $100 No Deposit Bonus On-Going New Welcome Bonus $15 for STP account On-Going
Grand Capital $500 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
FxReino $30 Trading Bonus On-Going
IUX Market $30 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
Tradeland $50 Welcome Bonus On-Going
Kaje Forex $50 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
Bulls Eye Markets $30 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
WForex $10 Welcome Bonus On-Going
Fideliscm $100 no deposit bonus On-Going
TTS Markets $30 welcome account On-Going
TeleTrade $100 Welcome Account On-Going
AmegaFX $133 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
AmegaFX Boom Up To $1000 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
Tickmill $30 Welcome Account On-Going
SuperForex $50 No Deposit Bonus On-Going
Windsor Brokers $30 Free Account No Deposit Required On-Going
CWG $50 hi bonus On-Going
Orangefx $7 welcome bonus On-Going
Li Captial market $30 welcome bonus February 29, 2020

FAQ about no deposit bonus

1. What is forex no deposit bonus?

Forex no deposit bonus is a free way to start trading without using money from your own pocket, forex brokers provide free bonuses for newbies to try trading platforms on real trading, bonus values ​​vary between 1 $ to 1000 $ or more depending on the broker.

2. Which is the broker gives a free bonus?

Many brokers give free bonuses, the brokers listed above are brokers who provide no deposit bonuses for 2020, Roboforex, Instaforex, FXOpen, and others.

3. Can you start forex with no money?

Forex trading is not a business that requires a lot of money, even with 1 $ you can start, but can just start without money by taking forex no deposit bonuses, demo accounts, and demo trading contests.

4. What is a lot in forex?

Forex trading uses a specific size called a lot, one lot represents the contract value of one transaction unit, the standard size of one lot is $ 100,000, but then there are also mini, micro and nano, with smaller contract values.

5. Can I trade forex with $100?

Many brokers offer a minimum deposit of less than $ 100, so we can start trading forex with only $ 100, you can choose mini or micro to start at $ 100.

6. What is the minimum deposit for forex?

Depending on the type of account and broker policy, some brokers offer a minimum deposit of only 1 $, and the average is 100 $, so to start trading forex, you don’t need a large capital.

7. What is the best forex no deposit bonus?

You can do research from traders’ reviews, some suggest to FXOpen, Instaforex, XM, and Agea.

8. Can I make living trading forex?

Yes you can live from forex trading, but this is not easy, many traders fail and a greater percentage than successful, so learn first before you want to trade for a living.

9. Can I actually make money with no deposit bonus?

Yes, but you must be able to fulfill all the requirements of the regulations regarding no deposit bonus, this refers to the broker you choose.

10. Can you get rich from forex trading?

You can become rich from forex, if you have mastered profitable trading techniques, and start with large funds, from $ 500 to $1000 or more.

11. Why I am not eligible for no deposit bonus?

There are several reasons why you are not eligible to get a no deposit bonus, maybe your country is an exception, or someone else has used the same IP address as you.

12. How difficult is forex?

Forex is not an easy way to get rich quick, yes forex is difficult if your goal is only to make money fast, then just save that desire and continue learning first.

13. Is there any no deposit bonus without verification?

Yes, one broker that gives no deposit bonuses without verification is Instaforex.


forex no deposit bonus 2020

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Forex no deposit bonus is one way to start trading without having to use your own money.

Many brokers offer no deposit bonuses, and you must read the rules about bonuses before deciding to take them.

Even if you lose in trading, it is not a real loss because it is only a bonus from the broker.

But to make a withdrawal you need to verify your account, even if you are a famous person, you must obey with broker’s policy.

Open an account or try Demo account.

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