Forex Trading Robot (EA)

Understanding About Forex Trading Robot (EA)

It is unfortunate that the flood of promotional materials on Forex Trading Robot (EA) in the market actually brings the tendency of the users more confused than more informative. At this time I try to express the mistake of the myth of Automatic Trading which is popular among traders:

1. Automatic Trading Provider is a programming language specialist

If the vendor decides to upgrade their product, additional coding containing the new strategy will be required.

2. Ten Better Trading Strategies Than Five Trading Strategies

When automatic trading was first popular in Europe, the focus at the time was how to provide the best-performing algorithms. Sales over the past two years many providers of automatic trading have shifted their focus from the best performance to the latest variety of strategies. The reason they shift focus is more and more strategies owned by clients, so their clients will have more control over their robot behavior. Actually, this is less logical because relying on strategy alone can not guarantee anything. Quality over quantity is an important factor, so if we expect the client to use some algorithm but the overall performance remains bad is just a lie.

3. Easy Optimization Technique Integrated into Automatic Trading

Maybe a lot of we find optimization techniques on Forex Trading Robot (EA). But basically there are three steps to compile it:
Formulate a problem mathematically to solve a problem.
Have the correct numerical technique (with optimization), and implement it to test the data on the ongoing market price.
Check back to see if the answer is really optimal.
The assumptions made in the above objectives are one way to find a solution. Unfortunately, bid / ask spreads or liquidity in real conditions can vary or change daily. An objective-based optimization trading strategy that does not adapt to intraday behavior tends to be inefficient.

4. Automatic Trading Direction Next Is News News Machine

The concept of a newsreader machine is a software that will scan news feeds and react if the software thinks an event news will affect the market. Confusion has arisen due to the fact that execution strategy refers to the detection of new trading opportunities, such as searching for a combination of keywords in a news feed and then determining a buy or sell of a stock before the other can react, this way is actually a transaction detection tool instead of a tool- transaction execution.

Forex Trading Robot (EA)

5. Automatic Trading System Specific only For Forex

While the difference between each instrument is mostly only on the regulations such as market hours, tick sizes, pricing, regulations, etc. So the implementation of other types of robot market is actually not as complicated as imagined before.

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