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10 Things Trading Psychology

Trading psychology must begin with discipline from the start you learn forex trading. Here there are 10 important things in trading psychology that you need to know from starting to learn forex trading, whether you...


Top 10 Tips For New Traders

>>Start gradually >>>Preserve your capitals >>>>Always set a Stop Loss >>>>>Have a trading plan or systems >>>>>>Let your profit Run, Run and RUN 1. Implement a strategy and stick to it Open a real...


How Much Money Should I Expect Trading Forex?

Numerous individuals have an extremely mutilated idea of exchanging in forex trading, especially the new folks on the scene (who in all decency don’t have the foggiest idea about any better). Be that as...


How To Avoid Slippage In Trading

Slippage forex as well as market execution (as opposed to instant execution) are the integral parts of trading in an ECN/STP environment. Contrary to the dealing desk model, where a broker takes the opposite side of the...


The History of Hedge Funds

Former writer and sociologist of the company Alfred Winslow Jones, A.W. Jones & amp; Co. launched the first hedge fund company in 1949.When writing articles about current investment trends for Fortune in 1948, Jones was inspired to...


Forex Trading Money Management Strategy

It has become a general opinion that how to increase the risk/reward ratio must be willing to lose the opportunity for profit. Increasing the reward level or reducing the stop loss from the value we have...