How many stocks are there in the world?

How many stocks are there? One of the big differences between the stock market and the forex market is the number of instruments.

Around the world, there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of large companies that are publicly through stock exchanges.

From several sources have different opinions from each other, so it is quite difficult to determine how many stocks are there?

Companies issuing shares also have a purpose for raising funds from the public.

The opportunity for investors is to get dividends from purchasing shares and also rising stock prices.

But as investors, they will also choose and sort out which stocks are feasible to buy because the investor’s goal is to get a return on their investment.

how much stocks are there

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Stock exchange around the world

how many stock are there

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From one Investopedia source estimates that there are more than 630,000 companies worldwide, they have been traded publicly through stock exchanges.

While quora gave an answer that there were 10,203 listed companies in 10 exchanges in the US, 25,401 listed companies in 19 exchanges in the Asia Pacific and 10,136 listed in 27 exchanges in Europe, Middle East, and  Africa.

Many of these companies have gone public and are listed on the stock exchange.

And usually, to be listed on the stock exchange, there are certain criteria.

If any company does not meet these criteria, it will be delisted from the stock exchange.

Therefore, the stock exchange needs to do indices rebalance.

The largest stock exchanges

The largest exchanges are still in the US, such as the NYSE.

Which reportedly has also become exchanges in Europe.

While in Asia there have also been growing stock exchanges that continue to grow, the biggest in Asia is the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Then also the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which is also still part of the largest top ten exchangers.

With a capitalization of more than $ 2 trillion, there are thousands of registered shares.

There is also the Shanghai stock exchange which is the youngest exchange.

Established in 1990 and has grown rapidly, and also thousands of shares listed there.

In Europe is the largest London stock exchange, and is located in London with a capitalization of more than $ 4.59 trillion.

This is among the oldest exchanges in the world which was founded in 1581.

But not yet known how the development of post-Brexit, because Great Britain decided to divorce with the European Union.

The exchanges mentioned above are only a small part of all exchanges in all countries, and each country mostly has its own stock exchange.

Even in one country sometimes there are several exchanges.

NASDAQ, also a part of exchanges in the US, Malaysia stock exchange or Bursa Malaysia, and many more.

How many stocks listed on NYSE?

how many stocks are there

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The NYSE is short for the New York Stock Exchange, which is the world’s largest exchange with a market capitalization of more than the US $ 30.1 trillion, with daily trading reaching the US $ 169 billion.

This exchange is on Wall Street, Manhattan, New York City.

Being the world’s largest stock exchange, it is not surprising that there are thousands of shares listed there.

Referring to the directory listing there are around 6450 stocks listed on the NYSE.

While for ETFs, it was the list on the NYSE as many as 2394, and indices as many as 1836

But some believe there are more than 2800 companies listed on this exchange.

The company is a publisher of blue-chip shares, which means the company has a product that is in good sales, or in other words, accepted by the public.

How many stocks listed on the Tokyo stock exchange?

how many stocks are there

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Tokyo stock exchange is the largest exchange in Asia and is the third-largest in the world, located in Tokyo, Japan.

It has a market capitalization of more than US $ 5.67 trillion, with around 3700 companies listed on this exchange.

Tokyo stock exchange was established on 15 May 1878 and began trading on 1 June 1878, this is an old stock exchange.

There are tens of thousands of shares on the Tokyo stock exchange, some traded on the TSE JASDAQ and some on the TSE 1st section.

This exchange also conducts new listings and delisting.

Companies that are not included in the criteria will be delisted and will be replaced by new companies that meet the criteria standards.

Unlike the forex market, the stock market opens based on business hours from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM – Day Session, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Lunch, 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Day Session.

How many stocks in the Hongkong Stock exchange?

How many stocks are there in the world?

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Hong Kong stock exchange is the third-largest exchange in Asia, after Tokyo stock exchange and Shanghai Stock exchange.

Located in Hong Kong, the exchange was discovered since 1886 but has been formally operating since 1891.

Being one of the large exchanges, it has 2,315 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of HK $ 29.9 trillion.

The HKEX also established a corporate base in London as an effort to connect China to the world trade.

Most of the companies listed on this exchange are from China, as a result of China’s rapid economic growth, with the emergence of newly listed companies.

HKSE London work based on metal industry called the London Metal Exchange.

With 185 million Annual lots traded, 4.1 billion Annual tonnes traded, 34 Global delivery locations on December 31, 2018.

How many stocks in Shanghai Stock Exchange?

How many stocks are there in the world?

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The Shanghai stock exchange has become the 4th largest stock exchange in the world.

With a market capitalization of US $ 5.5 trillion as of April 2018.

This new exchange is fully open to foreign investors and the government still has a lot of influence on the exchange rules.

Operating since 1990, the exchange has entered into the administration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

This exchange is located in Shanghai China and there are other exchanges that work independently in the Republic of China.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange located in Shenzhen.

There are also many stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

But in their rules, they are still very tight so that most of the biggest companies in China are the most.

Based on the Shanghai stock exchange official website, there are around 1630 companies listed on the exchange.

Of the many companies, from the manufacturing sector is the largest industry with a total of 780 companies.

How many stocks in the London stock exchange?

How many stocks are there in the world?

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London Stock Exchange is one of the oldest exchanges which was discovered in 1571.

2007 formed The London stock exchange group

When the London stock exchange merged with the Milan stock exchange, Borsa Italiana.

This exchange is in the city of London, wherein 2018 has a market capitalization of $ 4.59 trillion.

Many large companies in the US trade shares on this exchange.

A total of 939 US companies and 219 international companies are listed on the stock exchange.

With a total of 1,158 shares in 2019 and may still grow.

Not only American companies, even about 60 countries.

But some of their companies are also listed on the London Stock Exchange, around 2600 companies throughout the country.

Even many American traders have traded on this exchange by choosing brokers and payment methods American depositary receipts (ADRs).

How many stock exchanges in the world?

How many stocks are there in the world?

Because each country has its own exchanges.

There are still many companies that are not in the list of leading exchanges.

There are still more than 60 exchanges in the world with a market capitalization of more than $ 69 trillion spread across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and America.

Even though the largest exchanges are not in Asia.

But the accumulation of all exchanges in Asia gives the largest contribution to world stock trading with a percentage of 33%, while Europe is only 19.5% of total world trade.

Final thought

To calculate how many companies and shares exist throughout the world, it requires all data on each exchange to then calculate the total listed companies.

And this is not an easy job because it must get all the data accurately if only individuals do.

So that what we get is only an estimate of the amount, and has not stated the actual conditions.

Not all companies are in the list on the exchange, this also requires special requirements that have become regulations, so that there will be more companies that exist but are not in the list.

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