How to Arbitrage crypto trading

Arbitrage crypto trader. Bitcoin in its trade resembles the trading of physical precious metal gold. Why is it said to be similar to buying and selling gold? because when you transact buy bitcoin with a Bitcoin exchanger actually the Bitcoin you have is yours and can be stored wherever you want: safety boxes, laptops, cellphones. Same with gold, after you buy in the store, you can save the gold in any place you like.

As with gold, the benefits of bitcoin trading can be utilized by using arbitration/price differences. For the gold trade, even if the world gold price has a price guide, it is not uncommon to find a very significant price difference from the X gold shop and gold shop in country Y. Either because of tax or because of the different supply-demand in that country.

Gold arbitration traders generally transact in very large amounts to buy gold from a country, put it in a suitcase and sell it in a different country. The difference in a few cents for each gram is a very large profit when trading billions of dollars. But arbitrating gold is not something that is easy to do because of several limitations: the country’s law, the weight of gold, the cost of travel to the destination country and taxes.

What about the arbitrage of Bitcoin?

arbitrage crypto

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Bitcoin trading is one of the extraordinary trade revolutions. Utilizing the internet network one can buy thousands of dollars of bitcoin up to hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bitcoin exchange in any country just by sitting quietly in front of a computer.

How to Arbitrage

  1. Choose Two Bitcoin Exchange. Choose two exchangers where you want to take advantage of the price difference. It is recommended to choose one from the international market, one from the local market. Both exchangers must have 2 conditions: trade on Bitcoin and can be withdrawn in fiat money (USD or Ringgit or Euro). Local markets have arbitration because they tend to be slower in adjusting prices.
  2. Deposit of money. Deposit the same amount of money on both exchanges, you can also put less capital in accordance with your abilities.
  3. Observe prices. Observe the price of bitcoin on both exchanges, if there is a price difference at the same time. You can buy bitcoin at exchanges at a low price and then sell it at an exchanger that displays a higher price, a small difference in price can provide a big profit
  4. After buying Bitcoin in an exchange that displays a low price, then the next step you must immediately send the coin that you bought to exchanges 2. If done then you need to sell directly to local currency.
  5. Furthermore, after selling coins to local currency, immediately withdraw your funds to the Local Bank. Then reload the same large deposit to the 2 Market exchanges, and repeat the Steps of Arbitration trading when you see the momentum of a significant price difference.

Factors that need consideration

arbitrage crypto

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  1. Trading Fee for each exchanger.The lowest trading fee (0.3%) so that it doesn’t matter much but foreign trade fees sometimes apply a slightly higher trading fee so that these factors are taken into account in carrying out arbitration.
  2. Withdraw Fee for each exchanger. Each exchanger applies a withdrawal fee in his bitcoin trading. This can make your arbitrage profits lost. Try to withdraw as little as possible. Make a withdrawal after the trading number of arbitrage. If necessary, only the profit is withdrawn.
  3. Market Exchange that will be used for arbitration. This certainly becomes very important in conducting this arbitration technique, because if no difference prices in both exchanges. Hence no opportunity to arbitrage.
  4. Coin Crypto type (Bitcoin / Altcoin) Which will be used as asset arbitrage. Of course, not all coins have the same market capitalization, so that it will affect changes in the volume of demand and supply that cause the price difference in the exchanger to occur with each other

You must be very careful to take the momentum of arbitration. From the four points above you must be able to do calculations so that the difference in the price of coins in the Market will really get a Net profit. Rich Quick from arbitrage crypto is not impossible, because in 1 day you can do Arbitration several times between Market one with Other Market.

Are you ready to succeed and ready to become Rich through arbitrage crypto? Remember the greater your investment capital, the greater the benefits you can get. Here we have summarized some of the Guidelines for Trading Bitcoin and Altcoin Arbitration in Local Markets and Outside Markets.


Such is a brief guide to Bitcoin Arbitration Trading Techniques. You can do this technique repeatedly every day, the more often you arbitrate plus the greater your trading capital, the more profit you will get.
Indeed, to conduct arbitrage crypto requires extraordinary concentration, because to get the opportunity for price difference on two exchangers requires good concentration, so that every time a price difference occurs, it can immediately take the necessary steps.
And what is important is high patience, in every effort, if accompanied by patience and precision, the results will be much better. Hopefully useful and successful


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