How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money

How to manage your money? Everyone certainly has a way and tips on how he is able to manage and save his money properly. However, not all people can do that, either because of habits, lifestyle, character and so on. Are you among those who easily save money or vice versa?

The more you save money, the more your life will feel happy, because the main and important asset is how people can save and manage money wisely.

Here are some examples of how people are called unable to save money properly and correctly:

Delay Type`s

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


An example of one attitude that often makes people reluctant to save is delaying. Maybe some people think to delay saving money in the form of savings or investment, they think later and later save it. There is still tomorrow to save, this habit is detrimental to his future.

He did not realize that time passed quickly, he did not think about how he would finance the lives of his children in the future, tax fees, household expenses, and old age that would greet everyone. So if you can save now why should you wait tomorrow or later? Determine the amount or set aside money from shopping or other additions to save little by little.

Denial type

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


The denial type is almost the same as the delay type, even worse. They continue to deny that their finances are fine, even though the amount of debt piles up and is almost bankrupt. For the denial type, it is rather difficult to be given input so that they want to learn to save, in their minds they think there is still tomorrow or there will be a miracle that comes

So that their financial problems can be resolved later. They do not know that miracles do not come by themselves if they do not want to save how they will be happy and how they can afford to pay debts and so on. The denial type will deter and think twice to be able to save if his life turns into a disaster, such as being laid off, being sick or going bankrupt.

Suction Type (Land Leech)


How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money

This type one is indeed very cunning and has the nature of pursuing profit alone. This type does not think about how people around him feel aggrieved by his actions. The sucker looks for targets that his money can use to borrow or use, after which he forgets to return the loan to the borrower feeling tired and giving up. People with this character should be shunned, and never give space to try to undermine your finances, you might fall into poverty and go bankrupt because of the amount of debt that is not paid.

Shower Type

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


One example of a person who has a hard time saving is a type of person who likes to show off. Whatever it is, what he exhibits is usually related to lifestyle, branded and expensive goods and the habit of the spree. This type does look rather tacky or excessive, while they have a lot of money in their minds how “I can show off, fancy and expensive new items”.

However, most types of showers do not realize that what they receive is more than the purchase of the goods they have. So he forgets himself and usually justifies various ways to meet his needs. He could have wasted salary money, spent credit card funds or owed everywhere for his show-off lifestyle. It is impossible for a person with a show type to save money even if there is a small amount unless he experiences poverty or goes bankrupt.

Reliable Helper Type

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


Having friends and relatives of this type is very profitable and beneficial, this type is very kind and generous. He will give whatever he has to help other people who are in trouble, especially financial funds. If this person is not immediately aware of what he is doing, of course, he will experience bankruptcy and fall into poverty.

Indeed helping someone is a good deed, but it must be seen, checked and adjusted to your abilities and level of trust in people. Not all people who provide assistance either loans or loyalty are rewarded with kindness too. It is precisely what happens that is exploited or manipulated for certain purposes.

Loser Type

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


Not everyone in the world has abundant luck, even many people blame themselves for the defeat they have. People with this type have very little enthusiasm and motivation, he thinks he does not have a good chance in any case. For example, in a job opportunity, he is not sure that winning can be promoted, rising salary, and so on.

So that the spirit to try to get up and be better he throws away. The thing to do if you have an attitude like this is to look at every pleasure you have is a gift. Think positively about the steps and events faced, don’t give up on the situation, because opportunities don’t come twice. So stay optimistic and believe you have the abilities that other people have.

Type Lack of information

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


This type is often referred to as information failure, lack of association or lazy to learn. He considered himself to have more knowledge for anything, but in reality, they did not know at all. They do not know how to invest in a good way, arrange finances properly so that fraud, embezzlement and even theft of money often occur.

Without realizing it, the carelessness that he did could result in permanent bankruptcy. To help these types of things, they really need a struggle, because it is not easy to convey input to people who have a saccharine attitude. With enthusiasm and the right reasons, these types of people are gradually able to accept and realize things that they have not been able to do.

Type of treasure hoarder

How to Manage Money, Avoid Types That Will Fail to Manage Money


One of the types of people who find it difficult to have a fixed deposit is the type of hoarder. Especially objects or goods, he has a lot of money that is only used to buy goods and favourite objects that are only used once in a while or stored in a warehouse for a long time. Each object certainly has a shrinkage period, if it is resold, the price will fall. People like this find it difficult to see the opportunity to invest their funds for business or other benefits.

He only thinks my money is still large and cannot be managed in any form except goods or objects. At least he has funds, but the funds do not develop which at times can be consumed by his life needs. So for this type of thing, it needs a subtle approach so that the wrong attitude can be changed to be better and wiser


Managing money should be done carefully.
In the holy book of the Qur’an mentioned in surat al Isro verse 27 that in fact these spenders are brothers of Satan, and Satan is very disbelieving to his Lord
And in verse 29 of the letter Al Isro mentions that, and do not make your hand bound to your neck and do not stretch it out too, therefore you will be reprehensible and regret.
Its mean is that managing our money should not be too wasteful, nor can it be too stingy, so spending money is only limited to needs and saving if there is leftover money that can be saved.
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