How To Secure Investment In Blockhain Technology

The popularity of Blockchain technology has sped up throughout the year 2017. It is also followed by a skyrocketing Bitcoin movement. But unfortunately, many investors are still hesitant to get involved directly, for fear of breaking the bubble of Bitcoin prices in the future.

Investment Risk In Crypto Market Buying Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to invest in Blockchain technology.

If we ever join the market Bitcoin and Altcoin, then the risk that we can receive is 100%. This risk arises because of the absence of a limit order (Stop Loss) on the investment platform. Moreover, if there is still a negative order (loss), then what can be done by investors is to wait and pray prices to rise, or cut loss by selling the crypto. The year 2017 was then mentioned as a period of crypto triumph and Blockchain technology. Bitcoin scored a 2,000% increase in the year but was followed by a nearly 70% decline in early 2018.

Price volatility with high fluctuations has made many investors take risks to get rich quick, without taking into account possible loss or congestion due to investment is negative. For example, if you buy Bitcoin (BTC) at a price of $ 19,000, the last few months your investment will be negative. One way to earn a profit is to wait while expecting prices to rise above $ 19,000. You can also add buy orders with new funds at lower prices (averaging), then wait for the price to rebound at least half of the order. Then, what if prices continue to decline and only consolidate over the next few years? This will certainly be inconvenient for investors with a mediocre budget. Investor groups from previous generations have high concerns about Blockchain technology carried by cryptocurrency. Concerns arise because Blockchain will decentralize liquidity from central banks and provide banking access to the masses (public). The technology can destroy the monopoly they have mastered so far.

Take advantage of the advantages of Blockchain Technology Many people assume that Bitcoin and Blockchain are a whole.

But in reality, they are obviously very different. Bitcoin does adopt block system technology and is the first crypto of the Blockchain, but they are not identical. Blockchain technology is a digital record system that underlies the use of Bitcoin and other Altcoins. Some Blockchains have transparency, while others allow individuals to transact anonymously. Benefits Blockchain itself is not just for financial transactions only. There are various other benefits such as supply chain management, information management, and so on. It allows the adoption of Blockchain in many sectors. With a myriad of benefits that can be derived from Blockchain technology, there are certainly many ways to invest in these technologies, especially if you are concerned about risks in crypto markets that have sharp fluctuations.

One of the right ways is to invest in shares in companies that adopt Blockchain, like Overstock

Overstock is an online retail company that started its business by selling furniture, property, and family equipment. Most people do not even know that Overstock has begun to adopt Blockchain technology for their platforms. Overstock has created the tZero platform. This SEC-regulated alternative trading system platform has become a Blockchain-based global platform. In addition to being used for the sale and purchase of property, the platform is also used as a place of receipt of installments for the lender.

By investing or buying Overstock shares, investors are given solid exposure to the Blockchain sector without having to have cryptocurrency. Moreover, not many companies currently have SEC regulated alternative trading system. So with the privilege it has, companies like Overstock who have entered the Blockchain arena can offer promising opportunities. Some projections from global financial analysts even say if the results to be received from stock investments in Overstock can reach more than 400%, if tZero successfully implemented and adopted mainstream.


The various news and issues we have seen recently, reporting that major credit card vendors in the US such as Visa and MasterCard, no longer support crypto purchase transactions on credit. This happens because of the concern of the bank if at any time wild fluctuations in the crypto market occur, and consumers cannot pay their credit card bills. It’s true that MasterCard has banned crypto purchases on credit, but the company is still trying to develop Blockchain technology on their internal systems. This can be seen from the patent application for the Blockchain platform, which they just created in October 2017.

How To Secure Investment In Blockhain Technology

If the Blockchain payment system they have created can be patented and implemented officially, then MasterCard can offer Blockchain-based credit and debit cards to consumers. The development of MasterCard can also be seen from rising stocks that continue to skyrocket. Even from October 2017 until February 2018 yesterday, MasterCard shares have increased almost 100% and have not seen any corrections at all.

High Same Opportunity, Safer Risk In addition to the two companies described above, there are still many companies that have begun to adopt Blockchain technology and experience high stock increases. Some examples are:
*IBM with an increase of more than 50% since October 2017.
*Kodak has risen more than 300% since December 2017, although it is now back steady at a 120% rise.
*Nvidia with an increase of more than 400% and still continues to be bullish. With the massive adoption of world-renowned companies, safe way of investing in Blockchain technology is a sweet choice to take.

Rather than taking a high-risk investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market, there have been many individual stocks that we can use as investment grounds. Moreover, this safe way of investing is not accompanied by the same level of volatility as in crypto assets. If analyzed on a risk basis, the highest return and risk investment is in the crypto market. While the high rate of return without extreme risk is in stock investment in Blockchain company.

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