ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of years

ICO crypto 2020, is a public coin offering when a new startup will launch.

ICO is short for Initial Coin Offering, why new token issuers offer ICO to the public is intending to get support from the wider community related to fundraising.

It has aim to accelerate the development of the company by using funds from ICO.

For ICO investors, they will get tokens that can later be worth the investment.

Since the public accepts these token, it will increase the token’s value, so that it will giving profit for investors.

But the risk is that if the company issuing an ICO does not grow and the token has no value.

In this case, the investor could suffer losses.

Here The following is a list of upcoming ICO 2020 that might be of interest to you for ICO investment from various sources.

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of years

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Benefit and risk of ICO crypto

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of years

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The growth of digital currency which gave rise to new startups allowed investors to invest in crypto coins.

On the other hand, there is also a risk that goes along with buying ICO from the startup.

Because most ICOs do not have clear regulations, this will increase the level of risk because they may only offer ICO scams.

As an investor especially, must clearly understand these risk factors, in addition to the potential benefits.

Learn more about the ICO concept being offered, who is behind the team.

And whether there is a possibility that the startup will develop and be accepted by the community.

ICO usually offers low prices, hoping that the future will be worth more, but you should cross-check again.

Looking at the startup’s white paper, if possible get an ICO that has clear regulations.

For example, in America, it has been regulated through the Securities Exchange Commission.

Paying attention to this will minimize the risk of getting an ICO scam.

Because thousands of new startups offer ICO and not all of them have good performance, even deliberately deceiving people.

Upcoming ICO crypto 2020

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of years

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To find the upcoming ICO crypto 2020 information, you can use platforms from ICO rating providers such as

The platform offers upcoming ICO schedules that you can follow.

However, it still needs further research, because the ratings on some platforms are suspected not to reflect the actual rating.

This means that to be ranked first, ICO startups must pay a certain amount of money to the platform, so this needs to become attention

And this is prone to good ICO conditions at the bottom and poor ICOs are at the top because they have paid some money to the platform owner.

It’s a good idea to also look for reviews from the ICO platform so that you will get more accurate information on the level of trust on the platform.

Because maybe the ICO rating of the top-ranking is an ICO scam, so aside from the rating, it’s also important to find information about the startup.


ICO crypto 2020Ok Chain is a financial start up that offers digital asset management in one ecosystem.

Exchange flat money with cryptocurrency through the Okschain platform.

Invest in a startup venture and technology, and security of digital assets in a secure wallet

Upcoming ICO starts February 12, 2020, and will end February 20, 2020.

This is a startup from Estonia, priced at 1 OKS = 0.001 USD.

Use Own Platform and Stellar platform,Token Type: Utility, Stellar Fork Available for sale:12,090,000,000 OKS (69.6%) with Total supply:17,360,000,000 OKS


  • Gapporov Behkzod CEO & Founder
  • Ahror Mahmudov COO & Co-Founder
  • Mutikov Farkhad Analyst researcher
  • Karimov Mirfazil Head of the legal department
  • Nuriddin Rashidov Main Team Lead.


ICO crypto 2020This startup aims at the financial sector, especially for kids by offering a program they call Wolo, which allows children to save, learn, spend and play.

It also offers a wallet for apps and children’s games to manage Wolo.

And Wolo card which is a family payment card to spend Wolo with various currencies.

Upcoming ICO Starts 4th of July, 12 midday GMT and ends ICO 11th of July, 12 midday GMT.

The enterprise startup country is Switzerland, using the Ethereum platform with ERC20 tokens.

ICO price 0.1200 USD and available for sale 175,000,000 WLO (25.9%).

  • Visit website
  • Thread forum
  • We tried to access the whitepaper, but it turned out that it was no longer available, or had been moved.
  • At first, the country information was Switzerland but we found it on a site map in London.


  • Filippo Yacob, Founder & Chief Executive Officer.
  • Adam Amos, Founder & Chief Operating Officer.
  • Jon Marshall, Founder & Chief Experience Office.r
  • Cat Le-Huy, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Hugo Shelley, Founder & Head of Hardware Engineering.
  • John Galpin, Founder & Head of Marketing.
  • Richard Williams, Founder and Head Commercial Strategy.
  • Ian McGregor, Head of Software Development.
  • Matt Irvine Brown, Interaction Design Lead.
  • Daniel Diggle, Digital Product Design Lead.
  • Rhea Conway, Head of Media & Communications.
  • Monica Martinez, Social Media & Community Manager.
  • Yannick Naud, Founder & Economics Advisor.

Multichain Ventures

ICO crypto 2020Multichain Ventures is an integrated software product ecosystem with TKS tokens integrated at every step.

They offer Platform Tokes, Cubed and EDEN products.

Which Tokes platform provides cryptocurrency payment processing services.

The target is the legal cannabis industry including cryptocurrency sales points, e-commerce integration, cellphone wallets, and Smart ATM integration for the acquisition of tokens in stores.

Cubed is a white-label division for similar technology solutions.

But in a general merchant package with the option to change the image and licensing software for certain customer segments or the retail sector.

While EDEN manufactures supply chain visibility tools using blockchain for origin data storage and verification.

The Tokes Platform functions as an EDEN sales unit that can be used specifically for legal cannabis verticals.

But EDEN is an industrial agnostic device that can increase supply chain visibility for many industries.

Pre-sale ICO price 1 TKS = 0.05 USD and will start 31 Jan 2020 – 17 February 2020.

This startup is from the USA with the name of the token TKS use Platform: Waves, Available for sale: amount 100,000,000 TKS (10%) with Total supply: 1,000,000,000 TKS


  • Michael Wagner, CEO/Founder.
  • Gabriel Allred, CCO/Founder.
  • Thomas Diab, Head of Business Development.
  • Deb Lucas, COO.
  • Jacob Floyd, CTO.
  • Michal Mikolajczyk, CIO.
  • Danny Floyd, CXO.
  • Rafael Aguirre Jimenez, Development Lead.
  • Eugene Lopin, PM.


ico crypto 2020Telegram is a messaging application that has had rapid user development.

The telegram co-founder is Dr. Nikolai Durov who later discovered the Telegram Open Network (TON).

Telegram application itself can operate on Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac.

Telegram will use its expertise in encrypted distributed data storage to create TON, a fast and scalable multi-blockchain architecture.

TON can be considered as a decentralized supercomputer and value transfer system.

By combining minimum transaction time with maximum security, so TON can become a VISA / Mastercard alternative for a new decentralized economy.

The telegram team will offer the use of a user-friendly platform, that connects with the blockchain, and creates lightweight wallets and exchanges, so its good work for the team

  • Read whitepaper
  • Visit website 
  • Telegram Platforms: TONS, with Available for sale: 2,200,000,000 GRAM and total supply: 5,000,000,000 GRAM.


  • Pavel Durov, Co-founder, CEO, Product Manager at Telegram.
  • Dr. Nikolai Durov, Architect, Lead C/C++ Engineer at Telegram. Co-founder, CTO
  • Kolar, Backend/Frontend Engineer at Telegram.
  • Igor, Lead Backend Engineer at Telegram.
  • John, Client C++ Engineer at Telegram.
  • Aliaksei Levin, C/C++ Engineer at Telegram.
  • Arseny Smirnov, C/C++ Engineer at Telegram.
  • Vitalik Valtman, C/C++ Engineer at Telegram.
  • Ilya, iOS/Swift Engineer at Telegram.
  • Peter, iOS/Swift Engineer at Telegram.
  • DrKlo, Android Engineer at Telegram.
  • Grisha, Cross-Platform Developer at Telegram.

MintMine ICO crypto 2020

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of yearsMintmine is a blockchain mining company that offers facilities that are easily accessible and globally provides a low-cost way through ultra-low industrial rate hydropower, so its offer looks good.

This startup started in Canada in the infrastructure business category.

Using the Antminer S17 which has a Hash rate of 53 TH / s, 2200 W. so mining becomes more efficient for the coming year.

ICO will begin Feb. 01 2020 – Apr 30 2020 with the price of 1 MTMN = 0.006 ETH

  • Read whitepaper
  • Visit website.
  • Using Platform: Ethereum Token Type ERC-20 Available ICO for sale: 34,000,000 MTMN (75%) with total supply: 45,000,000 MTMN.


  • Frederick Westmoreland, CEO & co-founder.
  • Omar Rahmat, COO & co-founder.
  • Vadim Kirichenko, Mining Developer.
  • Jeremy Sanders, CFO.
  • Maxim Prischepo, CTO.
  • Mayank Talwar, Business Analyst.
  • Hristo Piyankov, Cryptocurrency Analyst.
  • Maks Kremer, Project Manager.
  • Vitaliy Marinchenko, Solidity Developer.
  • Yazan Alimam, Business Developer.
  • Vadym Vasylenko, Front-end Developer.
  • Darya Hniadzko, Design UI/UX.
  • Alejandro Miguel, Content manager.

Little Phil ICO crypto 2020

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of yearsThis is an enterprise that is included in the charity category.

They have contributed to charities in various countries, including Nepal, Thailand.

Little Phil platform is a new way for charities to use blockchain technology.

Using general ledgers, smart contracts and unique digital identity (UDID).

To provide diversity with the Evidence of Needs and Impact Evidence needed to rebuild the trust in giving to charity, so it makes a difference with other charity

Offering at 1 LPC = 0.1 USD, it uses the Ethereum platform with an ERC20 token.

This Australia-based charity offers 400,000,000 LPC (40%)


  • Josh Murchie, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Nathan Archer, Chief Operating Officer.
  • John Robertson, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Greg Ellis, Marketing & Product.
  • Benjamin Harvey, Community Manager.
  • Craig Gillam, Brand & UX.
  • Mathew Sayed, Blockchain Development.
  • Cameron Slabosz, Product Manager.
  • Nate Sanchez-Goodwin, Software Engineer.
  • Matthew Shipman, Software Engineer.
  • Ashleigh Lawrence, Social Media Manager.
  • Laura Luck, Copywriter.
  • Selvakumar Esra, Advisor.

Final thought

ICO Crypto 2020, upcoming ICO Cryptocurrency of years

#What is wallet cryptocurrency and how crypto wallet work?

The ICO list above is only a small part of the ICO crypto 2020 to upcoming ICO 2020, and there will be many more ICO offerings that number in the hundreds or even thousands.

Besides you can browse with the example platform that was mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can also browse from Cryptotems and Icomarks.

While the list above is only part of the upcoming ICO released through Icomarks.

However ICO investments are vulnerable to risk, this is not an investment recommendation, but only information as an investment lesson.

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