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If you want to choose the best broker promo Forex bonus, you need to know the meaning of bonus Forex first. Although this concept seems simple, it’s actually not that easy. This article is designed to help you find out what Forex broker bonuses are and how you get the best bonuses.Especially for forex broker and not stocks broker.

To introduce you to one of the most interesting topics in financial trading,  we provide useful guidelines and also tip to looking for a forex broker bonus.

What is a Forex Broker Bonus?

Recently, we talked to several beginner traders and found that some of them did not know what a Forex broker bonus was. If you are one of them, you may not know some important features of the broker bonus, and therefore you will benefit by getting more knowledge here.

Even if you are an experienced trader, it never hurts to use more free information here. Forex broker bonuses are similar to bonuses that you may have seen on gambling or sports betting sites, as well as on TV or online shows and games.

However, this bonus also has its own features. Forex broker bonuses can also be referred to as promotions, special offers, and sometimes as gifts.

In all cases, bonuses are given without fees, but that does not mean there are no terms and conditions that apply. We usually recommend that all traders really read these terms and conditions so that they don’t get into trouble when using their chosen bonus offer. In general, every Forex broker bonus is a kind of gift given by the company to its customers.

However, bonuses originating from certain trading platforms only apply to customers of that platform. There is no such thing as a universal bonus that you can use anywhere you want.

In addition, brokers issue as many special offers as they like with whatever type they choose. The main purpose of trading sites in offering bonuses is to attract more customers or to keep existing customers to continue to use their services.

Classification of Forex Broker Bonuses

Before explained kinds of type bonus, we will show the main forex bonus classify. This classify reflects the main objectives of this special offer.

  • Bonuses for beginners – this bonus is the most popular bonus and short of bonus that makes a trader joined broker. This bonus cannot be used twice. This bonus is also called a welcome promotion, special offers for newcomers. To get a bonus trader must follow instruction broker.
  • Bonuses for regular customers – attract more trader very needs for the broker. But maintain existing trader also needs for the broker. Given to loyal customers as the best forex broker bonus.
  • Bonuses from third parties are specific bonuses but are quite famous. There are some promotion but the main feature that distinguishes this bonus is involved of a third party between the main trader and the broker where he registered.

Types of Forex Broker Bonuses

You will definitely find the best Forex broker bonus for you from the following choices. However, which is the right bonus to meet your needs is a decision that you must make yourself.

Although beginners will prefer a welcome bonus, a more experienced trader and experts will take benefit from another promo.

Below the most common bonus offered by forex broker.

  • Bonus no deposit – in the case of the best Forex broker bonus, this bonus is one of the bonuses that most traders might highlight. To get the bonus required to become a new customer of a particular website. You don`t need to deposit an initial deposit.
  • Deposit bonus – needs you to invest before receiving your gift.he standard deposit bonus is usually displayed as a percentage. For example, the minimum deposit requirement for a website may be $ 100 with a 50% bonus. So if deposit 100$ will get 150$ in a trading account.
  • Welcome bonus – this bonus can be in the form of a bonus without a deposit or a regular deposit bonus. Both bonuses are only offered once. Unlike an ordinary deposit bonus, a welcome deposit bonus only refers to the first investment of the trader concerned.
  • Referral program or suggest friends – this is a common third-party Forex broker bonus. In this case, a special promotion is to get a prize of a certain amount of money or a percentage of the amount (usually from your friend’s initial deposit) if you suggest a friend to the same broker.
    Existing customer bonuses vary according to customer experience and previous transactions with brokers.
  • Demo account – this type of account does not require investment and can be called a bonus offer. but you only use for learning how to trade and profit and loss will can`t be withdrawn
  • Forex contests.

How to get the best broker bonus

  • See what your Forex platform is offering now. There may be special promotions for you.
  • Search the internet using the keywords “best Forex bonuses”, “best Forex offers”, etc. Look at the list of brokers who provide this offer and select the bonus that comes from a reputable and trusted trading platform.
  • Read Forex broker reviews. This review contains a special section about bonus offers on each platform. Check the offer and see if something is right for you.
  • Visit a trading forum where real traders discuss Forex broker bonuses and how they work. This is a reliable way to find the best deals without risking fraud.
  • Ask friends for help. This is how popular “referral” promotions work. Of course, we recommend that you only ask experienced traders.

Traders must not miss bonus offers in the Forex trading system. Both beginner and experienced investors, traders can get great benefits from the prizes and benefits offered by various brokers today.

How can distinguish good forex bonuses from fraud?

First of all, never come to a broker that you don’t trust. The most important thing about getting a bonus is to really benefit from it. There are various ways to take advantage of forex bonuses. For some traders it can be by increasing leverage, for others, it can also be compensated by the spread or can even be a major part of their trading strategy.

However, you still have to be with a trusted broker when you want a bonus. Many brokers can offer 50% or even 100% bonus on your deposit. This is not always bad, but make sure you trust the broker so that it can be consistent with your trading strategy.

Bonus as something you get with extra. This is only useful when the bonus is something extra than what you need. If you can’t use the bonus correctly, it’s better to trade without any bonuses.

Some brokers offer bonuses

Here are some brokers who provide bonus offers for forex traders, you can choose which broker you trust the most and draw with the bonus offers offered

XTrade Deposit Bonus

Need additional top-up for your first deposit? This deal is easy and gives you up to 25% extra trading money!

Descriptions of XTrade Deposit Bonuses

The Bonus Deposit is always with an amazing idea. Especially if you can get $ 25 as an additional account balance which does not require extraordinary action from you. This is why the XTrade Bonus Bonus can certainly be used properly.

In order to get this bonus, you have to do only a few things. First, create a live account at XTrade Broker. This is not difficult.

The second step is to make a minimum deposit of $ 100 on XTrade. If you are not ready, check broker XTrade’s reviews and observe why this broker must be trusted.

The final step is to verify your telephone number. You will have to give your telephone number to XTrade and then receive the SMS code. Instantly the XTrade 25 USD bonus is given to your account.

InstaForex Demo Contest

Take part in weekly demo trading contests and be a part of the total winners of 1,500 USD. A fun way to earn money!

Overview of InstaForex Real Scalping Demo Contest

Whether you have become a professional forex scorer or you are just planning to start with this technique, get ready! InstaForex Real Scalping Demo Contest makes it possible to show your skills and get a share of 6,000 USD prizes! What are the advantages, the latest contest starts every month, so you have plenty of time to get to the top of the board? 8 best to get prizes like the following:

  1. $ 2,000
  2. $ 1,500
  3. $ 1,000
  4. $ 500
  5. $400
  6. $300
  7. $200
  8. $100

How can you participate in the InstaForex Real Scalping Demo-Contest?

If you want to measure yourself in this contest – you have to register a new demo account at InstaForex. After that, you have to manually register for InstaForex Real Scalping Demo Contest. Here it is, at the beginning of the following month you will start crawling up the championship standings of 8 scalpers!

The basic rules of this contest are quite simple. You will be credited with a deposit of 20,000 USD. Deposits can only be used for this contest, so they don’t mix with other activities. You will be allowed to trade with volumes from 0.01 lots to just 1 lot. Also, you may not have more than 5 open positions at the same time. Also, remember that you only have one month for this contest, so use your time.

As another rule of the Real InstaForex Scalping Demo Contest and several other InstaForex Demo Contests such as InstaForex Sniper, there are trading conditions. You are required to make at least 5% of your profits on GBP / USD and 5% on GBP / JPY. We don’t know why, but you have to do it.

As usual for InstaForex, you will not be able to withdraw your prize, but all profits are all yours to the last penny.

Also, you must remember that the InstaForex Real Demo Scalping Contest is a monthly contest and so you can participate every month – there are other rules. You cannot receive a prize for two consecutive months. So if you have won the last contest, you will not participate in this contest next month. You will be able to get another prize in one month, so there are many opportunities.

100% HotForex Deposit Bonus

FX Trading Bonus on your Deposit. Start trading twice high margin and 100% bonus after the trading volume is reached!

Explanation of Hot Forex Deposit Bonuses

This is a special bonus for scalpers because it can be withdrawn after the trading volume is reached. To withdraw funds for bonuses you need to trade FX with a certain volume which is half of your bonus. This might sound like an unreasonable amount because the amount of bonuses given is also quite large.

Example of a 100% Hot Forex Deposit Bonus
With a deposit of $ 1,000, you will get a bonus of $ 1,000 and the amount of your trading capital will be equal to $ 2,000. To withdraw the bonus you must complete a number of 500 FX lots (1000/2) within 90 calendar days.

Most of you are unlikely to be achieved, but for active scalpers, it should be quite beneficial.

It is important to understand that this bonus cannot be used to cover your trading losses. Pay attention to margin requirements, because you will be charged a stop-out when the amount of your own capital has reached 0.

Note: This offer applies to Micro, Premium, Muslim, FIX accounts and Currenex Trading Accounts.

InstaForex Lucky Trader Contest

Earn additional new demo contests with InstaForex. Become a Lucky Trader and get additional trading bonuses in your account!

Explanation of InstaForex Lucky Trader Contest

You just opened an account and are ready to make a deposit. One benefit – with InstaForex Lucky Trader Demo Contest hence you can start trading without any deposit. As with most other demo contests

The contest has a prize of 1,500 USD and is available to everyone, so whether you are a new client or already trading with an InstaForex broker – you have the opportunity to be someone else’s challenger in InstaForex Lucky Trader Contest on a demo account.

Prize distribution looks like this:

  1. $1000
  2. $750
  3. $500
  4. $250
  5. $200
  6. $150
  7. $100
  8. $50

In order to participate in this contest, you must register manually on InstaForex demo accounts. After that, your account will be credited with an initial deposit of 30,000 USD which can be used in InstaForex Lucky Trader Contest. It must be remembered that this contest lasts only for two weeks, so you have to prepare for great trading to win.

And, as always – the top 8 traders of traders get their share of the total prize. As a Lucky InstaForex Trader Contest and other contests from InstaForex suggest – prizes can be used for trading only. So, you will benefit, but you will never be able to withdraw your prize.

FXCM Active Trader Account

Tired of offering forex bonuses? Really with the FXCM ActiveTrader. Enjoy free VPS, and a $ 600 AppStore credit voucher.

Explanation of FXCM Active Trader Account

Starting with the Active Trader Account FXCM will provide the best trading conditions with the largest trading platform. FXCM Active Trader Registration also provides free VPS, Personal Manager Account specifically helps you. You will be given a free transfer fee and receive a $ 600 application voucher. This money prize can be used for EA and Custom Indicators at the FXCM AppStore.

FXCM does not offer deposit bonuses. The advantage of FXCM’s Active Trader Account is extraordinary trading. Very simple. By registering an FXCM Active Trader Account and entering the world of professional trading. It starts at $ 25,000, but it’s worth every dollar.

30 USD XM Non-Deposit Bonus

Verify your mobile and start trading with XM. You will get 30 USD in your account without a deposit. Good forex bonus!

Explanation of 30 USD XM Non-Deposit Bonus

To get a 30 USD Non-Deposit Bonus from XM you only need to register and confirm your telephone number via SMS. It can take up to 24 hours to get money in your account, but usually no more than half an hour.

Platform Available on Free 30 USD XM

XM forex broker offers you access to MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS, this is the reason why we highly recommend this broker for traders using Mac. Also, because you can access the MT4 Web platform with XM, you don’t even need to download software for Windows Computers.

Benefit withdrawal of 30 USD XM free bonus

You cannot withdraw the initial balance from the account, but all the profits are yours. To withdraw profits from XM you need to trade 0.5 lots, which is quite easy to do. No number of days needed. You can trade relevantly from 0.01 lot. This way you can make big money in bonuses without XM deposits.

Note: You can only withdraw amounts greater than 60 USD with a Free Bonus of 30 USD XM!

Why doesn’t the best forex broker offer a deposit bonus?

You may have noticed that it is difficult to find in almost all high-end brokers that offer bonus promos. Brokers like FXCM, FxPro, Alpari or XTB do not give bonuses at all or very rarely give bonuses. This happens because there are brokers who actually operate often under a Regulated Agency, so they get a little money from the competition. The best FX bonus promo is usually offered by Market Maker. Don’t worry, there’s nothing bad about Market Maker unless the broker can’t be trusted.

With top-class forex brokers, you usually get great trading conditions, superior platforms, transparent and safe. With a market maker, you can get a large additional deposit and forex bonus without a deposit.

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