Learn Forex Trading Through Movies

Buddy trader, the process of learning forex trading can pass anywhere included learn forex trading from the movies. Even now you can learn trading through movies! Well, how to do? For box office movie lovers would be familiar with films with financial investments such as inside job, wall street, margin call, the big short, boiler room, and the pursuit of happiness right? The films have a “moral message” and learning that may be useful for your trading activities. Here’s the full review, see well yes.

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This film tells the financial crisis in the United States suffering from 2008 ago. The gloomy conditions and the deterioration of the global economy and the conspiracy behind the economic crisis are told in this film. Released in 2010, the phenomenal film, starring Matt Damon was won trophies oscar in 2011.

Charles Ferguson’s film shows how chaotic trading transactions. Inside jobs teach traders the relationship between derivatives and CDO (Collateralizes Debt Obligation) through interviews with financial figures, political observers, and also journalists.


The first film was released in 1987 and made the sequel 22 years later. The film starring Michael Douglas is about the stockbrokers who are willing to do anything for the profit target of his company. As a result of his cunning, Gekko (Michael Douglas) in prison and lost all the property including his family. In 2010, the story of Gekko also continue.

This time he met with a young stockbroker, Jacob Moore (Shia La Beouf). More is known to trace the killing of his teacher who contributed to making himself a successful stockbroker. Gekko also helps More, while More helps Gekko improve relationships with his son.

Wall Street teaches many traders of trading psychology such as discipline in trading, do not be emotional, do not be greedy, stay calm, and patient when losses hit. Can not you avoid those things? Do not worry, there is an easy way of discipline in forex trading.


Veteran actors such as Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, and Brad Pitt are talking about the economic crisis caused by property investment. Because the investment is promising for speculators, many investors who invested in the business except Michael Burry (Christian Bale).

He believes this investment will be a crisis and collapse. Because many do not believe, Burry cooperates with bankers making place bets with those who do not believe in Burry. If the crisis really happened, Burry wins but if what happens otherwise Burry lost.

The Big Short teaches us to be careful in choosing a form of investment & do not get eaten up by speculators. Traders often believe in speculators when trading with fundamental data, regardless of the perception of the market situation.


The story is almost the same as wall street. Greed & impatience became the main story of this film. Vin Diesel & Ben Affleck are very good at playing their part until the boiler room movie gets a high rating. Learning for you is to be able to address someone who offers the benefits of a business instrument. If visible, please continue, but if no good talk they ignore.


The film is in the lift from the true story of a successful stockbroker established his own broker after previously falling ba
pioneered his efforts. Sadly again, he had left his wife and children because his family is not strong life difficult. Thanks to his tenacity and persistence in finding a job, he finally received an apprenticeship in a stock company and successfully trekked his career. This movie is suitable for you who are exposed to loss. Believe all will be beautiful in its time.

That’s 5 films of trading and investment that can be your forex trading material.

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