London Blockchain conference 2019

8-14 February 2019
5th Annual Blockchain Conference

In June 2015 the event manager launched the Blockchain London Conference. Then in 2017, it was changed to London Blockchain Week. In 2019, the 3rd Annual London Blockchain Week (but the 5th year of the London Blockchain Conference).

The company is one of the early pioneers in Blockchain events and always maintains community elements. This year they tried to maintain their vision while introducing more community content.

TheBlockchain Conference Festival With Many Events

The target of the hopes to be achieved is, the company expects around 3000 participants to take part throughout the week. On the GrangeTower Bridge in the heart of London. The main blockchain conference will be held. By giving services to hold evening receptions, workshops and Blockchain Hackathon. Earlybird tickets for conferences / 2-day exhibitions are available. Tickets for other events are coming soon

Learn.Play. Connect

There is something very interesting that will be shown to everyone. For 2019 they will start with the Blockchain Hackathon followed by a 2-day expo/conference. Then they will run workshops and evening events with sponsors and partners who join them

Newfor 2019: Split Stage at Afternoon

For the morning event, the main stage will use the entire conference area at the Level at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.
Then for the afternoon event, the stage will be divided into two stages where separate content streams will run simultaneously.
There is something that will be shown to everyone at the London Blockchain Festival, London Blockchain Week 2019.

At a Glance Event

The team will be formed at the event on Friday, February 8 at Cocoon Networks at Moorgate. Where each team needs at least one developer. Coding is not the only skill needed to win.

Then on Saturday morning, the team will later gather and they start working on the project. Visitors have up to 11 nights on site (This is not an overnight event).
Then the program on Sunday morning the team members regrouped and added concepts, prototypes and began preparing for the presentation. At 2 pm, the team was present for the judges, and the winner was announced as soon as all the teams presented.

A Competition

Winners will be given an official scorecard beforehand to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The winning team will receive a cash prize of at least £ 1000 and present their concept to a full audience on the London Blockchain Week. Previous teams have continued their projects with sponsors.
The winning team will be judged based on the concept of the originality, feasibility, level of development and use of the right blockchain technology. It is expected that there will be 400-700 participants.

Blockchain workshop

London Blockchain conference 2019

FEB. 13, 13:00-17:30Learning about how Money and Macroeconomics played a role in tokens, stable coin, and other token business models from people who actually wrote books about one of them were David Siegel. David also successfully launched Project Pilar and 20/30. He is a visionary, a pioneer and an expert with a lot of experience. If you are interested in navigating the nuances of the token and the underlying business model, this is an event that will be very meaningful by attending the workshop.
1pm – 5:30 a.m. RISE LONDON: 41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP
Limited to 50

London Blockchain conference 2019

One of the biggest blockchain companies in the world consisting of Venture Capital Fund, 40+ incubators, Accelerator, Capital Arm, and 500 Advisors, Technology Implementation, and a Corporate Venturing team is ConsenSys. Learn about the Blockchain application and how they will revolutionize the company. This workshop is intended for company professionals, innovators and senior team members in large companies.
9 am – 12:30 p.m. RISE LONDON: 41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP
Limited to 50


There are many speakers who will provide knowledge in the world of financial technology, especially blockchain technology, the speakers have different backgrounds

  • Peter Smith

Peter has nearly 50 years of experience in the Senior Manager & Main Board level in UK Financial Services, working with asset managers, insurance companies & advisors.

At present, the main focus is working with industry, ministers, and regulators on the UK Digital Strategy Plan to help integrate new technology and digital distribution with laws and regulations both in the UK & around the world.

This includes helping to understand the approach & implementation of regulations, including automatic surveillance and next-generation technology.

He also sits in a number of UK Regulatory Steering Groups. He deals with regulators and ministers about allnew developments in financial services, technology & regulation
Regular contributors to industry publications and public speaking at industryevents & commenting on various industry issues.

Previous experience including working as a Digital Ambassador for TISA who leads in digital & FinTechhelps shape policy & realize UK digital innovation projects and is associated with FCA, ICO, Treasury and UK fintech ecosystems as well as UK& European regulators. He is a regular speaker and commentator at industry conferences & events.

Cooperate with Government teams& projects led by ABI. Serve on steering committee for FCA Industry Sandbox consultation and become founding member of Pension Dashboard industry project.

He also leads the Industrial Data Portal project at GDPR with the Office of Information Commissioner for Financial Services UK and FinTech. He is a member of the All Party Political Group at FinTech.

Also a member of CSFI & ISMM and a FinTech Advisory Board Member at Global FinTech Research, as well as a member of the Future Finance Committee and a member of the Payment Strategy Forum.

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  • Julia Zanghieri 

Experienced managers from international industry/university partnerships and research funding from private sponsors, with an academic background in international affairs and innovation management. Specialization: Liaison officers with senior industry partners, policymakers, and internal stakeholder

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  • Adi Ben-Ari

Adi Ben-Ari is the Founder and CEO of the Applied Blockchain – a group of technologists who are eager to build blockchain solutions for new companies and companies (including Shell, SITA, Vodafone, Toyota, APPII and Cygnetise
, and create products to support the blockchain-diagnostic development platform.

 20 years more experience with blue-chip companies as solution architects, and the delivery of major leading blockchain solutions widely recognized in the industry.

 Adi continues to be invited as a keynote speaker at major industry conferences, at C-level presentations for companies and acts as an advisor for a number of initial blockchain startups.

His work was also recorded by the British government, where he was invited to represent the industry in the Parliamentary Group of All Parties at the roundtable of the Blockchain and the House of Lords. In addition, Adi has helped create and design a number of patents in the blockchain and cellular payment rooms. Adi holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

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  • Sergio Pereira

Sergio has been an Entrepreneur and CTO for the past 6 years, in several industries such as Fintech and AdTech. Asa Blockchain Independent Consultant, Sergio has worked with attractive companies, ranging from 2-person startups to global companies of $ 100B, through Europe, Asia and ,North America.

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  • Daniel Doll-Steinberg

After a career in investment banking in global derivative technology in London and New York, Daniel founded several companies in the entertainment and marketing technology platform space. Since2016 he has dedicated his business to the Blockchain which is focused on bringing real-world companies to the Blockchain. He has been advised by the British Government and the European Commission for policies on innovation, growth, and education.
He also co-founded Atari Tokens & Network Platform and Blockchainsmokers, 

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  • Richard Levin

Chair of Polyninelli
Financial Technology (FinTech) and Practice Arrangement.

He specializes in representation of early companies and public companies in the financial services industry, including broker-traders, alternative trading systems (ATS), exchanges, peer lenders, and digital currency platforms, a former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

FreCo-author of Regulations on Real Virtual Currencies – Currency Handbook Digital Books
Likes to talk and write about UU JOBS, crowdfund investing, general solicitation under Rule 506 (c), regulation of digital currencies, and Blockchain technology specialization: Securities law (market structure and alternative trading system problems), intellectual property, company law, and strategy.

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  • Ajit Tripathi

Global Financial Services Business Development, Venturing and Corporate Strategy.

A strategist and income driver who is very confident in what Goldman Sachs calls “The Culture of Producers”. Great business is built by creative strategists who are inspired by an interesting vision that is able to sell and provide strategies in real life, world-class skills, relentless focus,
and persistent zeal.

Has more than 18 years of experience in providing capital market consulting technology and regulatory changes at leading banks. Growing into business development executives and global influencers who consistently deliver their revenue goals in the Fintech sector. Developing into global financial technology management, turning to strategy and innovation consultants. Starting in the field of software engineering

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  • H.E.Khurram Shroff

Power100 | # TopMuslim100 | #Banking and #Finance Recipient 2018 Award | #Social #Entrepreneur | #Art #Collector | #Healthcare | #Blockchain #Investor | Real Estate Developer | Asset Manager | #Ambillion

At-Large for UNAUAE.
His Excellency Khurram Shroff is being awarded the award of banking and financial excellence and has the honor of being in the Top100 Most Influential and Influential Muslim in the UK and the World by Power100.

He is also respected and appointed as a Civil Sponsor for the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces and the Pakistan Armed Forces by the Canadian Armed Forces Academy, Department of Defense, Canadian Government. H.E is also the Chair of the Imperial Group, a substantial Real Estate Group.

Previously he was Managing Partner in a private equity company that invests in land banking globally with funding from the Private Family Office.

Passion technology led him to lead a GoBabu daily deal website similar to Groupon which was sold to BuyTopia.
Involved since 2011 in person and his group is highly respected in cryptographic currencies and blockchain space

He started Blockchain and Crypto Investment Company in 2014. He is an Adviser to the Shroff Personal Family Office with the roots of Commerce from the Indian Sub Continent. His specialties are: #Real Estate #Mortgages, #Gold trading, #Blockchain, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum #Stellar #Ripple #EOS #private equity, #Fintech #philanthrophy, #capital #strategy #Markets, #Investment Banking, #information technology, #Art and #agriculture.

He is also a Director at the United Nations Association of Canada and UAE and a former IT security consultant at the United Nations.

He is also a founding member of the first Islamic art museum in Toronto. Canada (Aga Khan Museum).

The Shroff family is considered the oldest art collection group in Asia.
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  • Andrea Bonaceto

Founding partner CEO Eterna Capital. 
Eterna Capital is an investment fund focused on blockchain technology.

Co-founder-CEO HiredGrad.

HiredGrad is a graduate recruiting start-up part of Imperial College Incubator. 

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  • Dr Jane Thomason

An experienced CEO, Advisor and thought the leader in blockchain technology applications for social impact.
Dr. Thomason is a member of the Council of Ambassadors and Global Advisers of the British Blockchain Association.

He is often a commentator and blogger on blockchain and social influences and conference speakers globally.

He is the Special Chief Editor of Blockchain for Good, in Frontiers onBlockchain and editor for the Journal of the British Blockchain Association.

Currently working with collaborators to jointly develop POC blockchain in developing countries, he is an advisor for several blockchain startups with applications that solve global problems.

He is a judge and hackathon mentor on London Blockchain Week, London FintechWeek, Consensys Blockchain for the Social Impact Coalition Hackathon and EOSGlobal Hackathon.

He is an advocate for women’s education and empowerment and #WomeninBlockchain.He often advises international institutions and companies about the implications of Blockchain for their future.

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  • Yakeen Prabdial

Managing partners for our boutique-consulting practices are responsible for driving innovation and inspiring disruption in the telecommunications, IT, aerospace and fintech sectors.

A decade of Consultation Strategy in technology from the next Telco gene to IoTto blockchain.Speaker on Thinking of Leadership and Business Innovation.

Having multiple inventions, patents, and co-creation to get credit and has helped customers move from thinking to ideas to income; case study as the creator of technology & the main strategist of the ITT 1 global ranking platform.

Helping clients build $ 100m to $ 1b business units.Consult List including:-Network Providers: Vodafone Group, AT & T, NTT DoCoMo, STC, TeliaSonera,UAE DU, Zain Group, Telus, Maxis .

OEM Consumer Electronics: Panasonic,TomTom, Amazon, Sony- Automotive & Utilities: BMW, Audi, Centrica, Enexis-Consultation: Booz Allen, Accenture, MSi, EricssonMain Skills:- LeadershipThinking Technology- IoT Strategy Expert- Blockchain innovator- Intruders inthe value chain from Sales & Marketing to Customer Service Obsession-External advisor and operator representative of ITU-T, ETSI & GSMA policymakers

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  • Anthony Woolley

Leading SG’s innovation function in the UK, including responsibility for developing the FinTech partnership withstartup companies and high-potential growth. C-Suite access at SG Group canopen the door and accelerate the on-boarding process for innovativeorganizations that can add real value to the business.

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  • Danielle Khayat Saikal

Senior Lecturer
ESCP European Business School

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  • Lee Rowley

He was elected as a member of parliament for Northeast Derbyshire in the 2017 general election. He is a Conservative Party politician and a former management consultant.

  • Fabio La Franca

PWC is a registered accountant (ACA)in London UK, starts an audit and moves to M & A, company development, finance director and investment management.

Has worked with global companies, companies, and small and medium businesses.

Having developed relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, high net worth, family offices, Limited Partners, opened new doors for commercial opportunities.
Encouraged by metrics, encouraging results and wanting strong financial and environmental reporting.

Over the past few years, applied skills and suggested SMEs, technology accelerators and VC funds. Enjoy being a temporary CFO, giving value directlyto the CEO, and being on the other side of the investment table. Occasionally,guide entrepreneurs in various technology accelerators, accredited GrowthCoaches, and London Tech Advocates.

@BritishVentureCapitalAssociation member, @ICAEW.
H2020 Expert in ad hoc European Union Commission (EIC SME Instrument 2018)
I tweeted insightful articles about @afafancafabio and LinkedIn.

Interested in the blockchain, fintech
, media and entertainment sectors, consumers.

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  • Charles Storry

SVK Crypto is a London-based community-based investment company that focuses on Blockchain Technology and digital Assets globally.

SVK Crypto actively recommends a multi-strategy portfolio that invests in the most promising early-stage projects and liquid digital assets with a long-term view. SVK Crypto brings risk management portfolios and principles to a growing digital asset class while recognizing the strength of the community.

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  • Julien Bouteloup

Expertise in new technology.
– AI / Machine Learning
– Cryptographic algorithm
– Everything around the application is decentralized. Blockchain, HyperLedger, Lighting Network, Ethereum
– Web and Cellular Development.
– Internet of things. (IoT)
– Embedded system.
– Projects throughout the world
– Startup project

Projects in London, Paris, NYC, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinee.

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  • Paul Veradittakit

Paul Veradittakit is a Partner at Pantera Capital and focuses on the company’s venture capital and
hedge fund investment. Pantera Capital is the earliest and largest institutional investor in Indonesia
digital currency and blockchain technology, previously managed more than $ 1B.Since joining
2014, Paul has helped launch a venture fund and the company’s second currency-fund, executing
more than 60 investments. Paulus also sits on the OpenToken, Black folio, andBitOasis boards, is a

Counsel for Orchid, Origin, and Icon. Mentor in the House Fund, Increase VC, and Alchemist,

Before joining Pantera, Paul worked at Strive Capital as an Associate focused on
investment in cellular space, including initial investment in Annie’s App. Previous,
Paul is at Hatch Consulting and LECG and is implementing partnerships and growth for Urban Spoils, an initial startup in the daily transaction room. Paul graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Pantera Capital is the first investment company that focuses exclusively on Bitcoin, other digital currencies, and companies in the blockchain technology ecosystem. In 2013, Pantera launched 

First crypto-currency fund in the United States – when bitcoin is at $ 65 /BTC. Company
then launched the first blockchain exclusive venture fund and now increases it third venture fund.

Pantera is also the first company to offer pre-auction ICO funds. Pantera
Bitcoin funds have returned more than 12,000% in five years and have returned billions to investors.
Pantera currently manages a $ 550mm capital in seven funds in three product groups –
passive, hedge, and effort.

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  • Gabrielle Patrick

Founder & CEO at Knabu Distributed Systems Ltd., Advisor to

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This event includes a big event in the blockchain world, the speakers come from people who have high knowledge and experience in each field, but to be able to attend the big event of the 2019 blockchain conference requires a fee

Those of you who are interested in attending this big event can register through their website

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