Online Business In Malaysia, my

Online business in Malaysia is increasingly growing rapidly.

There are many opportunities can be take, to start an online business in Malaysia.

The development of internet technology today has a tremendous impact on the development of the business sector.

Whether it’s an offline business by selling certain products,

Many of which have used the internet as a means of promotion to reach out to their customers.

This, of course, provides online business opportunities in Malaysia, can provide encouraging results

The free business opportunity for free without capital 2019 in Malaysia is a business that many experts predict will be related to the use of sophisticated digital technology that is super great.

And more, Malaysian business experts also predict that the service sector, transportation (motorbikes and cars), culinary (food and beverage), hand-made products, property, tour and travel, and fashion will be very likely to be business the most successful in Malaysia’s free business repertoire in 2019.

Online business ideas Malaysia, my

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Online business is a business that is work using the internet as the media, an online business can be a great way to generate some extra income for you.

Even if you really succeed, earning an online business can even replace your full-time job.

But maybe among you still think about how to start an online business. You might not know how. In fact, one of the biggest obstacles to starting an online business is:

“ I want to start an online business, but I have no idea to start it “

How to get an idea, there is actually a lot of information for online business opportunities in Malaysia, but we will also share information here for online business ideas in Malaysia, so we start with the following online business ideas Malaysia opportunity list

  • Sell products via Facebook Live video
  • Online MLM Referal programme
  • Start an e-Commerce store
  • Sell Products on Malaysia Online Marketplaces
  • Online Dropshipping Business
  • Selling eBooks Online
  • Publish and Sell Online Courses
  • Be a Website/Social content writer
  • Provide Graphic Design Services
  • Sell Stock Photos Online on Microstock Websites
  • Blogging + Google Adsense Association
  • Build an Online News site
  • Make an Online Forum and Community
  • Build an Online Job Portal
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Credit Card Comparison site
  • Online Cashback site
  • Online Coupon site
  • Domain Flipping
  • Become an Instagram Influencer
  • Become a YouTuber

How to start an online business in Malaysia, my

Online Business In Malaysia, my

How to start an online business in Malaysia.

After getting some business ideas, then maybe you ask, how to start?

All right, we will discuss thoroughly from the several online business opportunities in Malaysia from the lists mentioned above, so let’s continue for the next stage.

Sell products via Facebook Live video

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Facebook live video, is a feature available on social networking Facebook, you can take advantage of this feature for your product promotion means by promoting with Facebook live video.

For this you need to prepare everything from the beginning, for example, if you sell fashion products, then you have to give examples of the clothes you sell.

If you make live broadcast videos with interesting language and content, this is a great tool for promoting your product.

Facebook’s Live video feature provides a great opportunity for sellers to interact with their customers.

However, this is a very effective way to gain the trust of your customers.

By looking at your face directly, this can increase customer confidence in buying your product

Pro: Customers can now communicate directly with you if they have questions,

Cons: You need to schedule your live videos correctly so that many audiences watch your videos.

Online MLM Referal programme

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Maybe you have heard of the Multi-Level Marketing system, this is a marketing method that is also popular among online businesses, with commissions in the form of pyramids, where each level will get a different commission.

In this case, your task is to find referrals who join through your referral link, many products are sold with a multi-level marketing system, you can choose the one that is trusted

If you can get more new clients through your referral link, then your commission will increase, plus the commission level, if you have a downline, and he can get new clients again, you still get commissions from the downline.

Pro: MLM is a prospect business model when integrated with online marketing tools. You can reach many potential “downlines” and collect money easily from a commission based system.

Cons: Some MLM companies do not have quality products. You may have to pay an agent/reference fee (every year).

Start an e-Commerce store

Online Business In Malaysia, my

If you have a product with certain specifications, then you should build your own e-commerce store so that it will make it easier for you to check items, so you can update items displayed on your e-commerce store.

Starting an eCommerce store in Malaysia is not difficult and is much cheaper than renting or owning a physical store. All you need to do is get a domain name and hosting package, find a web design company to help you set up an online store, complete it with a trusted payment gateway.

Having a payment gateway on the spot will increase buyer confidence. In addition, some Credit Cards offer gift points or cash rebates from their banks, so some people prefer to use Credit Cards to pay online. This can encourage them to spend more with their credit cards.

Pro: You have your own unique Brand and online shop. Everything will be under your control.

Cons: Need an additional budget to manage your online store and for advertising.

Sell Products on Malaysia Online Marketplaces

Online Business In Malaysia, my

For those of you that have products to sell, maybe there are some of you can’t build to buy an online store, but you can still use the website e-commerce to sell your product

You can sell your product by leading online shopping websites like Lazada or eBay.

Shopee and Carousell which basically have the same function.

However, there are several markets that require you to pay a small registration fee before starting to register your product, for example,

Some will collect a percentage of transaction fees for each sale you make, so make sure you read their policies before you start selling your products on the website.

Pros: Most of Malaysia’s Online Markets do their own advertising and promotions, giving you free traffic.

Cons: There are many competitors because this is an online market, there will be many traders and sellers who might sell the same item.

In Malaysia, buyers tend to look for goods at the cheapest prices, so this price war can cause a small profit

Online Dropshipping Business

Online Business In Malaysia, my

You don’t need to store your own product in your home warehouse, with the dropshipping method you can sell other people’s products using the online store that you built

When a buyer places an order from your online store, then you contact the product provider and order your client’s order to be sent according to the buyer’s address, so you never see the item you are selling.

For this purpose, you must deal with a product provider that offers a Dropshipping method

Pro: You don’t need to store product stock. and this is one business model with as little capital as possible.

Cons: You need to be careful Make sure the product provider does not include a price tag

Selling eBooks Online

Online Business In Malaysia, my

If you have a hobby of writing, you can open an ebook for the purpose of being sold

Ebook is a book that can be sent or downloaded online. You can write almost any subject you want – as much as possible

You can write about travel guides, manuals, mysteries, romance, science fiction, self-help, technology, religion and so on

One of the best ways to check is to scan the bestseller list on Amazon

Pro: You don’t have to depend on the publisher when the book will be published. You also don’t have to depend on a bookstore to sell your books

Cons: Not everyone likes to write, and this causes reluctance to make books

Publish and Sell Online Courses

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Learning does not have to be in school, nowadays, many people are willing to register for online courses for reasons of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience

There are several online platforms that you can use to organize your online courses.

For example, Udemy dot com is completely free to use, but you have to pay a 50% commission to Udemy for each student

Pros: if you have a course that is well published and attracts students over the years, this can be your passive income

Cons: You need to create good content for your online course because feedback from students will determine your success.

Be a Website/Social content writer

Online Business In Malaysia, my

The growth of content marketing provides opportunities for writers, some big sites need updates every day, and site owners may not have time to care for an update every day, this provides an opportunity for content writers to earn money from what they do

Content on the web takes various forms: blog posts, social media posts, video and audio recordings, web pages, and more.

Some top online players such as AirAsia and Domino’s Pizza always have updated content on their Facebook page

Because of frequently posted content, their customers will stay updated with the latest promotions and information (at least they can feel the business presence and thus gain more trust than that).

Pro: Authors can try various content writing styles to meet certain marketing goals. Having people who share your artwork (content) is very satisfying.

Cons: Must have good grammar, and be able to innovate content to keep up to date

Provide Graphic Design Services

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Online services for graphic design include web design, logo design, and business card design. Maybe there are hundreds of businesses in Malaysia trying to emerge and be online and grow in the future if you have graphic design talent, you can take advantage of this opportunity to get income

Many of these companies will start looking for freelance or professional designers to give their product brands and companies.

Pros: It’s relatively easy if you have design expertise and some basic software.

Cons: Your client might ask for more revisions than you expected, so you have to work harder.

Sell Stock Photos Online on Microstock Websites

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Microstock sites, such as or, make it easier for amateur photographers to start selling their photos online.

You can register and get approval, if there is a sale from your photo, maybe the site will charge a few percents of the sale, but you register for free

Pro: There is no expiration date for stock photos, this can be a passive income from selling your photos even though you have uploaded many years

Cons: Most sites start pricing their images for only $ 1 for the smallest size, with costs increasing with the size of the image. poor photo quality may not sell well

Blogging + Google Adsense Association

Online Business In Malaysia, my

You can create a blog to get extra income.

“Blog” is a contraction of the “weblog”. This is a website that is updated regularly and is usually written by one person or a small group of writers.

Blogging has developed into more than a place for individuals to share their thoughts with the world.

In short, blogs can be defined as websites that you regularly update with new content. Some free blogging platforms include WordPress, Blogger, and Wix.

When you get to the point where you get traffic from the internet, you can make your blog a money-making machine. Set up a Google Adsense account, enter the Google Ad code in the header or sidebar of your blog and also in your blog article, and you’re ready to earn passive income.

Pro: You can do blogging anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a long article, some images or videos can also be blogs. When your blog gets traffic from the internet regularly this will increase the chances of your income

Cons: Getting internet traffic is not easy, requires good SEO optimization knowledge

Build an Online News site

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Many people visit news sites every day to get the latest information, by building this news site they will get high traffic every day

This is an opportunity to utilize traffic generated from Google Adsense and other advertising agencies.

An example of a news site is, they began a mission to make Malaysian youth read the news again. Today, SAYS is the fastest growing Malaysian news site with 6.5 million page views every month.

Pro: Writing updated news can be very useful and fun, all you need to do is lead, get to know the latest authentic information and write it down.

Cons: Getting the most up-to-date information from all the news sites in Malaysia is not easy, you might need an active reporter team and “spies” to achieve that.

Make an Online Forum and Community

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Building online forums also have the potential to get income from crowded traffic, if there ao so many active members every day it will increase traffic to increase

The easiest income for online forums is to put up advertisements because forums usually have a high level of traffic

For example, Malaysian forums like generate a lot of traffic from the community.

Pro: After your online forum is famous, the community will take over the forum itself (they will ask or answer each other), you just have to accept the results from advertising

Cons: Getting your forum famous in the first place is not an easy task

Build an Online Job Portal

Online Business In Malaysia, my

You can make money by providing job advertisements, premium job listings, or even continuing or looking for a talent search function for employers. For example, the package “1 Job Adverts + 1 Prominent List + 5 Talent Search Credits” at JobStreet costs around RM400.

Pro: People look for work every day. On the other hand, companies that are looking for urgent employees are willing to pay to reach the required candidates

Cons: Data security is the main part and you must prevent hackers

Affiliate Marketing

Online Business In Malaysia, my

One of the affiliate marketing platforms that we highly recommend is the Involve Asia affiliate program. This is an affiliate platform that connects advertisers with publishers and provides a unique tracking system for each transaction.

Many large eCommerce players have registered with this platform such as Malindo Air, Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, etc. You can almost market any product or service online with the large collection of affiliate partners offered by the platform.

Pro: You don’t need to have your own product or service.

Cons: You do not have full control over the product and price, you can only recommend what is offered.

Credit Card Comparison site

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Credit card comparison sites have been quite popular over the past five years.

Websites in Malaysia such as RinggitPlus, iMoney, and CompareHero may have been found.

This website allows you to easily compare different credit cards and make the decision to register online.

Sometimes, they also offer special gifts when you sign up for a credit card through their website.

This comparison site is related to participating banks to get commissions every time someone decides to register a credit card through them.

Pros: Almost everyone (age eligible) in Malaysia has a credit card because you only need it for your expenses such as filling up gas and applying for a loan.

Cons: Competing with existing credit card comparison sites is not an easy task because they were established and famous for some time.

Online Cashback site

Online Business In Malaysia, my

An example of a good cashback site is More than 500 local, regional and global stores have become partners of ShopBack

This partner shop pays commission to ShopBack for every transaction directed through ShopBack.

ShopBack then shares part of this commission as a cashback given to you.

Pro: You don’t need to sell any physical products online

Cons: You will need to do marketing for brand awareness at the beginning. Distribution of commissions can be small.

Online Coupon site

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Running a coupon website involves a list of coupons and sales every day. You can make money from commissions earned when people click on a coupon. Coupon websites are a great way to earn extra income, especially if your hobby is shopping and finding online offers.

Pros: Just like cashback sites, you don’t need to sell your own products. You are actually selling coupons and offers for other people. This is a little simpler than the cashback business model.

Cons: The division of commissions can be very small not to reward.

Domain Flipping

Online Business In Malaysia, my

Even buying this domain is quite interesting. Buying and selling domains can make a lot of money if done correctly.

In Malaysia, thousands of people want to have their own business, they need a website. Unfortunately for others, the domain name they want has been taken.

Take advantage of this by buying a domain that has great potential to become a big brand and sell it.

You can sell it at Godaddy or other domain registrars that allow the purchase and sale of domains.

Pro: You can get rich quickly if you succeed.

Cons: You will never make a penny if no one wants to buy a domain from you.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Online Business In Malaysia, my


Influencers are individuals who have the power to influence other people’s purchasing decisions because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience.

Some beautiful women try to be influencers, who have less than 2,000 followers may charge a fee of around RM400 per Instagram post.

The price might increase to RM1,000 per Instagram post for influencers with 75,000 to 100,000 followers. And if influencers have more than one million followers, they may charge more than RM5,000 for an Instagram post.

Pro: You can definitely make money by promoting products and companies with your Instagram account, especially when you have many followers.

Cons: Being a famous Instagram influencer isn’t easy, it takes a lot of hard work for sure.

Become a YouTuber

Online Business In Malaysia, my

You can actually make money from Youtube. In fact, this is one of the biggest online business opportunities. All you have to do is choose the topic you want to focus on and a good video camera for interesting video content.

You can get money from it by monetizing your videos provided you don’t violate copyright rules.

Pro: This can be a passive income from videos that you monetize

Cons: Getting a viewer and subscriber is not easy

Best online business in Malaysia

Online Business In Malaysia, my

There are many online business opportunities in Malaysia, determining which one is suitable and which is the best to start, this will be your next question because choosing an online business will see the ability to start


To determine which online business to try, it’s good to look for a popular type of business, so you can learn from experienced business people

Indeed there are many ways to start an online business, but based on popularity, there are five of the most popular in Malaysia:

  • Physical product
  • Information products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Software
  • Advertisement

With the above classification, you can determine which one you like the most and start it.

Starting a business must have serious intentions, dare to try and diligently run it, and no success without hardworking

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