Puteri Balqis and forex

puteri balqis forex

For most people, forex is a risky profession and business speculation, but what if a famous young artist she is Puteri Balqis wants to trade forex?

A month ago Malaysia was shocked by a short video of a young artist named Puteri Balqis. She answered a question if getting prize money of RM100,000, what would the money be used for?

She then answer is, the money will be partly for saving, partly for alms and partly for forex trading because it likes graphs.

From this answer, many followers gave comments related to his desire to trade forex.

How is the story?

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Who is Puteri Balqis? Biography

Puteri balqis and forex

Puteri Balqis is a popular teenage actress in Malaysia who started her career at the age of two after winning a talent test session. The first appeared on television in 2011. Following the television series Gemilang, which was admired by Tiz Zaqyah, Kamal Adli, and Shahz Jaszle.

The original name is Puteri Balqis Binti Azizi. But using a commercial name, Puteri Balqis. And she like to call with Aqish. Now Puteri Balqis is 13 years old and was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 12, 2007. She was born to her parents, Azizi Aziz and Norashikin Mohd Aziz.

She began acting as a commercial artist and model since 2011. Some of the films he starred like as Gemilang, Cinta Itu Milikku, Astana Cinta Aleesa, Akulah Balqis, Andainya Takdir and Sweet Dreams. Also starred the film tittle Di Sebalik Tirai Kasih, Anak Lorong, Aku Tahu, Saloma, Kulit, Ana Anak Ibu and more.

She was also involving in the film Strawberry Cinta, Upin Ipin: Jeng Jeng Jeng, Makrifat Cinta, and KL Special Force.

She has received the achievement as the holder of the Harapan Pantene Artist Award trophy at the 16th Screen Award. The Best Female Actor in the 18th Screening and the Best Female Actor in the 19th Asian Television Award.

Puteri Balqis has heart disease

In 2018, it was reportedly by the local Malaysian daily that Puteri Balqis had heart disease. At that time Balqis was 11 years old. This condition discovering after his mother gave a statement that her child had a heart problem.

Norashikin Mohd Aziz informed that the case announces by the doctor after Balqis or affectionately called Aqish, through a series of health examinations.

His mother gave an account of Balqis’ health, which was quickly exhausted and had repeated fevers in a long period of time. Aqish might be attacked by blood but blood tests do not show that.

A worse condition is when he has blood pressure and vomits almost every day. His mother once uploaded a photo of Aqish and Norashikin accused him of nearly losing his child.

But in the foto, the mother did not tell her daughter’s disease, but only gave advice to anyone who has a child with heart disease or cancer practice taking basil tea and basil leaves. Norashikim said, even in the face of health problems, Aqish remained strong and did not give up easily.

But as time passed, the public finally learned that in fact, Puteri Balqis had cancer rather than heart disease as previously thought. It became lively to talk about after his mother uploaded a photo using the #fightcancer tag. And after being confirmed to his mother, it was true that Aqish had cancer.

Aqish missing offer of drama and movie acting

The life of Puteri Balqis and her mother changed dramatically after Aqish had to deal with an illness that forced him to go back and forth to the hospital. It also costs a lot for Aqish health care.

Since then there has been no offer to act in drama or film, thus making the lives of the two children and the mother squeezed by life problems.

To continue their living, Puteri Balqis sells a book entitled 38 Poems Of Puteri Balqis which she wrote.

Every day, Aqish, accompanied by her mother, came out of the house in Kemuning City, Shah Alam, to several locations such as Bukit Bintang, to sell the 27-page book.

The sad condition of the child actor deserves to attract the attention of netizens, including friends of artists who have worked with him.

There are those who sympathize with Aqish’s condition, there are those who talk about the fate of Puteri Balqis who was once successful as a talented actress. But now her condition has changed in a short time.

Even the story of his mother is no less sadness because he is considered to be spreading drugs. But the assumption has been denied by Puteri Balqis which he said his mother never sold drugs.

And her mother was thin because, during Aqish’s illness for years, her mother rarely rested because she tried to save Aqish with all her efforts. This certainly made the mind influential as a parent who wanted her child to be healthy again.

Puteri Balqis and forex

The keyword search for Puteri Balqis forex suddenly increased sharply, after the fact of the controversy issued by the young actress Puteri Balqis.

The video was uploaded on the Youtube page of a well-known cosmetic merchant expert. When asked about the question, what would be made if get the donation was worth RM100 thousand?

Between Puteri Balqis’s answer is to invest in Forex besides giving alms. Footage of the video was viral and caused many netizens to dislike such answers.

The fact that Puteri Balqis’s statement has shocked many people because at the age of 13 he had thought about the world of investment in Forex.

The average person does not agree with the actions to be carried out by these mothers and children, they think it is appropriate to prioritize health and education to Puteri Balqis.

Balqis Instagram account is closed

It has recently been known that the Puteri Balqis Instagram account is not available. Some fans guessing that the account was intentionally deactivated. Due to criticism from netizens relating to a short video stating he likes forex trading.

About the case, the mother clarified that it was true that Aqish closed her Instagram account. Furthermore, his mother said that Aqish was disappointed and sad. Because too many get messages to enter on Instagram related to what actually happened.

He also denied accepting a donation of RM100,000 from the Malaysian National Film Development Foundation (Finas) as alleged by a handful of people.

According to his mother Aqish for a while, Aqish did not want to use Instagram. He wants to focus on himself and sell books.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Finas, Ahmad Idham Nadzri said. His party had never contributed a total of RM100 thousand as people said. It is true that Finas made a donation, but the amount is not as people say, but how much Finas also did not say for sure.

Puteri Balqis Like graphs

From a short video presented by Dato Aliff Syukri Aqish got a question from Aliff.

“What does Puteri want to do If you get RM100,000, ?”

Balqis answered, “Some money will Puteri to save, some to give to alms and some for Forex. We like graphs, ”

Because that is the answer to being bullied netizens who might cause Aqish to choose to temporarily disable Instagram because it might disturb his mind.

The story of the suffering of Balqis has received the attention of many parties. Criticism of netizens became the pinnacle of Balqis inactivating her Instagram account which now has more than 500,000 followers.

Puteri Balqis is pro trader

Regarding Puteri Balqis and forex, not all of them gave criticism of what Balqis said about forex charts. There is also a source of information that states that Balqis is actually a pro trader, in a video the child performer provides an explanation of the Bollinger band and moving average.

Apparently Puteri Balqis has long studied forex trading. This was revealed through video footage by a netizen in the comments room. Video clips regarding found from the Balqis Instagram page are now deactivated.

Based on the video, Puteri Balqis is explaining the indicators of the Bollinger band and the moving average. We can see if she gave an explanation of charts on smartphones, it was possible at that time he was just learning about forex.

Before this many people made speculations that his mother was trading forex. However, the video regarding clearly shows that Puteri Balqis herself already has the principle of forex trading.

Opinion from one of Malaysia’s financial websites

Intraday.my provides a defense-related to Balqis likes forex.

When friends of his age were having fun playing applications on smartphones like TikTok and so on. But Balqis instead took the initiative to choose to start learning about forex trading.

This is a good thing to learn about forex trading at a very young age. By studying early in his teens he has a longer period for learning before reaching a more skilled stage earlier than other traders.

However, before starting the real step of the world of forex trading, every individual needs to have a financial system that is strong and stable. In addition, psychology and emotions need to be at the best stage.

Therefore, those who better understand this trading field should be proud of the actions of Puteri Balqis because she saw forex trading as a way to earn income.

Even though it is still crowded people see this field as bad business.


Although Intraday.my mentally supported Balqis to learn forex, he gave a suggestion to be more careful when he was young, he was vulnerable to emotions.

And do not recommend to plunge forex when economic conditions are not stable, because forex is not an easy way to get rich quick.

Forex trading not only requires capital but also established psychology, money management, and other aspects.

Furthermore, Intraday.my advice to Balqis is to use his money for his life stability, financial stability, and the forex market is always open 24/5 days a week. She can plunge forex whenever he likes.

The opinion of a Malaysian trader

One Malaysian experienced trader in forex trading who also has a channel on YouTube with the name Hanzo Shadowcodes has made a video about Puteri Balqis.

In its YouTube channel that has reached 63 thousand subscribers. The trader said that Puteri Balqis had a good trading strategy called BBMA.

BBMA is a Bollinger Band Moving Average that Balqis might learn forex from the famous trader BBMA Oma Ally.

He further said that the sad living conditions of Balqis at this time for not directly judging forex were the cause. Because maybe the disease so far requires intensive care that requires large funds so as to make the financial more exhausted.

In the video, he also said he had lost big money because of a scam, but after getting to know forex, he was finally able to return the total money he had lost before.

One good piece of advice from a Malaysian trader is, if we can’t build someone’s smile, don’t make that cause someone’s crying.

Final Thought

The life story of Puteri Balqis is actually very heartbreaking. Starting with success since his teens, but because she has to face the chronic disease. His living conditions are now poor, so he was forced to sell books to maintain his life.

Because before she was a famous artist, one interview opportunity which was then viral, said Balqis likes forex charts.

The controversy with this statement also gives a psychological burden to this little artist. This makes it close to the Instagram account because it is flooded with messages that make it more stressful.

Forex is indeed a high risk, but there have been some successful names from forex.

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