Short Trader Or Long Trader?

Choose to be a short trader or a long trader?

As it is written in our title this time, Choose a short trader or long trader?

The answer is to ourselves…

For some reason we each.
To find a suitable type is to recognize yourself first. After you know who it is then you can determine it. Does it fit my short trade? Or am I compatible with long trades?

This is a must have to read so that trading can not jump, sometimes shot is long and it is not good to apply. Because it will disturb your mind/character patterns later on.

If you keep trading with long trades then it will be a rewarding feature so you will be able to analyze charts much easier. If mixed plus it will be difficult and will change our own character .. So before stepping on the next step, determine first you want a short trade or long trade?

Why choose a short trade or long trade?
This is certainly very important. What’s the importance? This affects the selection of technical analysis later. Analyze is the heart of forex trading so if wrong to choose a short or long mode then it can also be wrong. Just imagine if you want to trade long trade while you are using a technique that can be a short trade? What happened? Dangerous? Yes very dangerous.

Well with that reason we should be as a trader to determine the type we want to go first. The following is a factor that can influence in making decisions to become a short trader or long trader

– Who am I?

The thing you need to think twice is who you are today. I am an employee, boss, businessman, agency, government agency etc. Do not make forex business a nuisance to your main job. And forex is also not a business of origin, the origin of origin, the origin of open, origin of profit etc. This is dangerous because it affects the long-term forex trading results.

Determine if you are a corporate employee, government agency, government agencies, and others. This will determine if you choose a short or long trader. If you are an employee of a company that works early in the morning until late then it is great if you use long trade. This obviously will not interrupt work but additional income from forex can still be. With a long trade, you simply open positions once or twice only for a week to two weeks.

Well if you know your current position like that then focus on learning forex trading in the long term only. So you do not have to learn all the techniques. Just use the proven technique then you believe it.

– Freedom

If you want freedom or freedom in life, without having to work hard and spend a lot of time by choosing forex as a livelihood. There are 2 optional you can choose which is short term and long term.

The meaning of everyone’s freedom is different. First; Some say that is free if not in order like work in the office/company. Second; There is also a free say that if not doing anything and can spend time with loved ones without hindrance.

If you choose the first free then you can choose the type short term. You do not do a heavy job, simply observe and analyze the movement of prices in the forex chart only. Open the position, and take enough profit. Many businesses that can be taken into the short trade are the momentum that is not in a long trade. Sometimes the price moves against the current in the short term (or Correction) conditions like this can be utilized to take advantage of the short trader.

But if you choose the second freer then it is suitable for you to type long term. With this type, you are absolutely free and you will have plenty of free time with your big family. Being a long trade is not easy and it is not difficult, it is influenced by the way you think, the technique you use and your own soul character. You can read the characters that affect the soul of a trader here.

– Techniques

In the world of forex trading, the technique is very much. Even you can also create your own techniques with your own rules. But if you still learn how well you learn the techniques of others that have already been tested to have an overview and basic analysis. Well, therefore, the selection of this technique will affect your type of trading

Before choosing the technique we should choose first to run a type of trader which, short trade or long trade? If you want a short trade you should choose a technique that can be run short only. Similarly, if you want a long trade. Use techniques that can be a long trade.

– The stability of the analysis

In addition to having a good technique, you should also be able to be steady or mature in analyzing price movements in the chart. But you do not need to be afraid, as time passes, your ability will become indeterminate so that it will get the name of the feeling. This feeling that will help you trading becomes very easy.

The stability of this analysis will affect your confidence. If you are very confident with your analysis so far you can determine your type of trading. “Yes I am very sure soon or slowly the price will come here because there is here bla bla bla .. area bla bla bla ..” well if you can analyze it then you can choose a short trade or long trade.

But if I’m still a beginner how?

Keep calm, as the most important beginner is to keep using the techniques you love to gain stability. The stability of the analysis comes from the technique itself as it often uses it. Not a lot of time to change the technique. Believe the stability of the analysis will come naturally to you

Here are some short descriptions of the types of selection you need to know. By reading this you should already have a description of which type you should choose. But if you want to use both types of long trade and short trade it is also okay. You can study in forums or learn through forex books as well as free forex ebooks.
Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this short article can be useful to you …

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