What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

You who are crypto experts, may be familiar with the term blockchain explorer, while beginners who are new to cryptocurrency will ask, what is blockchain explorer?

Blockchain explorer or also many who call it “block explorer”. People use Block explorer to track bitcoin transactions, somewhat similar to the function of a web browser but for the crypto explorer.

If the web browser says Mozilla or Chrome is useful for browsing information on the internet. While Blockchain explorer is useful for browsing all data.

Such as transaction data, blocks, and everything stored therein, in the blockchain. Simply blockchain explorer is a search engine, say you will track the transactions that you have done, then you can use blockchain explorer. All cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain, will have its own blockchain explorer.

Then it is impossible for us to look for Litecoin transaction data in a bitcoin block explorer. They have their own block explorer.

blockchain explorer

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What is blockchain explorer? Blockchain explorer explained

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

Blockchain explorer or block explorer is a site with a web browser-like function, as a place to track transactions that done before or transactions that we just did. Stores all transactions with detailed information. Crypto lovers, of course, know that blockchain is like an open ledger in which all people can be seen information.

Everyone can use the blockchain explorer to find transaction data stored on the blockchain, there are no individual or company restrictions for this purpose. You only need to write down the keyword as when you access the internet through your browser.

All transactions in the blockchain are structured in such a way, and make it easy to find information about related queries. All of this information can be seen by the public and blockchain explorer collects that information and visualizes it in such a way that humans easily read it.

A blockchain explorer is like an independent public auditor. With a level of accuracy and validity of data that nobody likes, also in terms of transparency.

The blockchain explorer design was made by making it easier for public users to understand. The bad news is that not everyone understands how to read blockchain explorer.

Some users only want to find information about a transfer transaction only to find out whether it has been processed or not, and/or just get confirmation.

Blockchain explorer can help the crypto community to

  • Tracking transaction blocks/feeds.
  • Tracking transaction history from the address provided.
  • View input and output transactions.
  • Check the Pool status.
  • Monitor the genesis block.

How to read Bitcoin transactions on a blockchain explorer

Some sites that provide information related to blockchain explorer are blockhair, blockexplorer.com, blockchain.com, blockcypher.com and btc.com.

Each site gives a different look, but basically, it all provides information related to tracking bitcoin transactions that occur on the blockchain. So if we want to get more detailed information.

We only click on the link that is automatically available since a transaction has occurred. Block explorer on blockchain.com there is tracking for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. So if you want to track transaction details on Bitcoin then click the Bitcoin link on the left side of the page.

There will be submenus at the top consisting of, height, hash, mines, miners, and sizes. If you click on a link at the same height as the link on the hash, it will be directed to the same page.

That contains information about the hash, confirmation, timestamp, height, miner, a number of transactions and so on related to the transaction hash.

But if we click on the miner, we will be directed to a page that contains information related to the wallet address, format, transaction, total received, totally sent, and final balance.

Size displays transaction information in byte format. If we want to track transactions on Litecoin, this is not available on blockchain.com and we can use blockcypher.com

How to use a blockchain explorer

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

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How to use blockchain explorer is basically the same on each side, the only difference is the appearance and layout of the data search.


On blockchain.com it will be easy to navigate each menu in the left bar of the main page, you can directly click on the information you want to track.

blockchain explorer

The image above is the main block explorer page of blockchain.com. We can see in the left bar there are several menus that we can scroll down.

If we click on one of these menus, the page will change and show detailed information related to that menu. Bitcoin explorer menu, more than Ethereum block explorer.

Which only has a block menu and transactions. And also in the Bitcoin cash explorer block, there are only block and transaction menus.

Even so, you can still track the address by clicking on the miner’s box, after that, the QR code will appear with transaction details, address, total received, fully sent total final balance. Transaction information containing hashes and fees can be seen by scrolling down.


If you are familiar with block explorer blockchain.com then the way to use blockchain explorer on BTC.COM is the same.

Visiting the main page, will find the latest blocks, height, Delivered by, Size, Reward, time and hash block.

.blockchain explorer

If we click on the height box, transaction details will appear that provide more detailed information. If we click on the box in Relayed By, we will get information related to the miner’s pool that becomes the transaction confirmation.

We can use the search box if, for example, you want to track transactions that we have made but have not yet received confirmation. So that we will know how the transaction status.


The main page display of Blockchyper is that we will be dealing with a search box, we can write the wallet address to track transactions that have been carried out.

But if we just want to know about the last block of Bitcoin, we just click the Bitcoin symbol or logo that is below the search box.

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

On the Bitcoin explorer page we get information with recent block details, Height Age Transactions Total Sent Total Fees Block Size (in bytes). We can do a further search by clicking on the link available from the transaction in question, this is done if you want more in-depth transaction details.


The main page on Blockchair, almost the same as Blockchyper, where on the front page we find the box search query.

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

We can copy the address in the search box to get transaction information related to that address. We can also do a search by writing a coin that will be tracked, for example, we will track Litecoin transactions, then we only need to fill in the form in the box with Litecoin then click search. A new page will appear that contains transaction information from the related address.

Blockchair supports 13 types of searches, consisting of, Eth explorer, Bitcoin Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Monero, Dash explorer, Dogecoin, Groestlcoin, Telegram Open Network.

Find transactions, addresses, blocks, and even embedded text data. Besides that, it also has several useful features, namely professional API, Chart and market and portfolio.

Bitcoin core block explorer

Bitcoin core block explorer is also one of the blockchain explorer sites that displays the latest transactions and information related to bitcoin transactions.

On the main page, we are dealing with a search menu, then if we scroll down there will get the latest block and latest transaction information. Going down again there is a daily transaction graph on the last 90 days and a price chart on the last 90 days.

blockchain explorer

If we look at the latest transaction, it displays realtime data hashes. Where every second is always changing, and we can see in detail.

By clicking view detail, it will display hash information, stamp time, input, and output. This block explorer only supports searching for BTC and BCH. So if you want to find transaction data on another crypto this site is not available.


On the front page of block search engine search site users only face the search box, but there are many crypto coin options there.

If you see a total crypto coin support in search, this site supports more. But when we try to use this search engine, it only redirects to the blockchain.com site if we look for bitcoin account data.

The point is that this block explorer search engine only forwards searches to the block explorer provider sites involved in the query. When we tried using Bitcoin, more did not find the information needed.

So even though there are many choices, the user interface is inadequate because a lot of data cannot be found. The advantage of this engine search engine is that it develops for Android with minimum system requirements of Android 4.03 and above.

What is the best Blockchain explorer?

What is the best actually is relative, because it depends on user needs.

For example, Bitcoin is the most popular crypto because it is the parent of cryptocurrencies, then we can use all block explorer platforms.

However, due to the growth of other cryptos which is increasingly diverse, the best option is to provide more crypto in search.

In this case, Blockchair.com is considered better by some users because it provides more crypto coin searches.

Blockchain explorer app

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

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The growth of cryptocurrency that more and more users take advantage of crypto business opportunities. Both for traders, or also among developers, then later also developed the app explorer blockchain.

The search engine on this blockchain network can be installed on Android smartphones that meet the system requirements criteria.

One of which can be tried is the application of the Blockchain Search Engine – Blockchain Explorer which you can also find in the google play store.

If you want to use Blocksearchengine.com on your desktop. Then you only need to write the address of the site and then look for information related to the blockchain traffic data.

You can search for currency addresses, history/details, transaction hashes, data, block, etc. While the blockchain explorer app, it is also the web directory of all cryptocurrency-related groups, news channels, and communities. Because the crypto community really needs it.

This application was made because it is very difficult to remember and search for each blockchain explorer of several cryptocurrencies.


1. What is a Blockchain Explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a kind of browser for blockchain, if we use Google Chrome or Mozilla browser, it functions to find web pages on the internet.

Meanwhile, to explore Bitcoin and altcoin are very dependent block explorer blockchain to track transactions.

2. What is the Blockchain app used for?

Blockchain.com formerly Blockchain.info is a Bitcoin block explorer service, and also a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Other available information is Bitcoin data charts, statistics, and market information.

3. How do I view a transaction on Blockchain?

To search for bitcoin transactions, visit https://www.blockchain.com/explorer.

And use the search box on the top right to find more information about a specific bitcoin address, a hash of the transaction, or block the number by entering it in the search field.

4. How do I check my Blockchain wallet address?

You can find the blockchain wallet address by navigating to the ‘General’ section in the Settings menu.

Even though it looks similar to the address, the Wallet ID cannot send or request funds.

Final Thought

What is Blockchain Explorer? How it Works?

Nowadays the use of blockchain technology is increasingly high in the development stage. Blockchain technology naturally has led to new markets that have a large market capitalization.

And what’s more interesting is that the crypto market never closes, it operates for 7 days a week. Some forex brokers have accepted Bitcoin as a method of payment, TenkoFX being one of them.

So if you want to try crypto trading, you can use the TenkoFX platform by opening a crypto account.

And Block explorer can be used to search Bitcoin transaction data, so if you deposit with Bitcoin, this can use the block explorer site to find transaction status.

Thank you for reading, and please share this article.

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