What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

Currently, we will talk about what is EOS in cryptocurrency.

EOS is a software platform with the basic architecture of the creation of the Blockchain.

Designed to enable scaling vertically and horizontally at once.

Developers can adopted software on the decentralized EOS platform

EOS provides accounts, authentication, databases, and asynchronous communication, and scheduling applications on several Core or Cluster CPUs.

The Blockchain architecture on EOS can allow large scaling, so millions of transactions can be processed every second.

EOS is a special Blockchain-based decentralized system to support all commercial-scale decentralization applications by providing all necessary core functions.

In addition, it also reduces transaction costs to micro numbers, or close to zero, so that efficiency in Blockchain usage can be achieved.

Enabling EOS to be adopted on Web and Mobile based applications.

What Does EOS Cryptocurrency Stand For?

What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

EOS asynchronous communication and parallel processing provide stable scalability, while the EOS Ownership Model will eliminate transaction costs.

This feature makes EOS a serious competitor to Ethereum (ETH), although the EOS ICO takes the basis of Ethereum.

EOS uses Delegated-Proof-of-Stake, where the ability to fix bug changes and rollback was first introduced with the majority super consensus.

Block.one is created EOS.

They design in such a way as to support the overall need for decentralization at the commercial level

by providing all the core functions needed

Such as databases, accounts, signatures (permissions), schedules, authentication, and handling communication between applications connected to the internet network.

So, EOS will make it easier for business people to stay focused on developing their own business

rather than focusing on the payment system.

EOS Crypto Currency Features

The two features offered by EOS are very interesting, considering almost cryptographic lovers, traders, investors, and business people.

  • Removal of Transaction Fees. EOS has a transaction feature without Fee because there is a feature of Ownership Model where the user has the right to use resources that are proportional to their own shares, rather than having to pay for each transaction.

That is, there is a need for someone to have several pieces of EOS to be able to enjoy free transaction features.

  • Scalability of EOS. For example Bitcoin (BTC) which is currently limited by severe scalability problems, where each transaction will “jam in the queue” for a period of 38 minutes to 1,188 minutes.

This is what makes Bitcoin (BTC) almost impossible to call instant payment because the transaction validation process takes a long time.

Especially according to data from Blockchain.info, the Blockchain Bitcoin network is currently only able to process 3 to 14 transactions per second.

EOS presents high scalability. With asynchronous communication and parallel processing, EOs able to process millions of transactions every second

What Is The Price Of EOS Cryptocurrency?

What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

EOS is a cryptocurrency token issued on the EOS platform.

The price of EOS for April 03 2019i is $ 4.73

Data from the coinmarketcap at the moment is

  • Market Cap $ 4,289,044,281 USD 909,132 BTC
  • Volume (24h) $ 3,602,378,092 USD 763,582 BTC
  • Circulating Supply 906,245,118 EOS
  • Total Supply 1,006,245,120 EOS

Prices rose 13% in the last 24 hours. An outstanding supply consists of 1.04 billion coins and the maximum amount of coin inventory. Below is real-time data from coinmarketcap for price and ranking of EOS

Is EOS Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

Since its beginning, EOS has positioned itself as a heavy competitor of Ethereum, because it also allows the development, hosting and distribution of commercial-scale dApps.

Often considered the “Killer Ethereum,” the EOS design to overcome all the shortcomings of Ethereum. 2018 is the year when EOS proved that this is more scalable and faster than Ethereum, and resolves token savings, increasing capital for development.

Another reason why EOS might prove to be a profitable investment in 2019 is the fact that EOS does not require developers to learn in-house programming languages (such as Ethereum that uses Solidity).

At this time EOS was perched at position 5 in the coinmarketcap, a remarkable journey since the launch of this coin has achieved significant progress.

With these various reasons, EOS is one of the best investments in cryptocurrency for 2019

How to Get EOS Cryptocurrency?

What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

Actually, there are several ways to get EOS which can also be applied as a way to get bitcoin too.

  • Buy EOS through an exchanger
  • Airdrops
  • Mining
  • Faucet
  • Has a Faucet Site

The fastest way to get EOS is to buy, but this requires capital to buy EOS coins via an exchanger, you can get exchanger information in Malaysia in this article

By following the airdrop program you get the opportunity to receive free coins on this program, but there are some tasks that must be done such as following their Twitter and re-tweeting their tweets, joining their telegram group and sharing their Facebook.

EOS mining is a faster way to get EOS coins, but for this requires computer equipment at a high price, but there are other ways to join cloud mining companies like Genesis, Hashnet, Hasflare, Hashing24, and so on.

While to get EOS through the faucet you usually get the task that you might work on the crypto faucet:

  • Clicking on several captcha
  • Play on the website
  • Log in to the website
  • Complete the survey

Having a popular faucet site can generate you a lot of EOS by using paid advertisements using EOS coin.

To build this faucet site you must create your own website, manage users, build a brand, prevent fraud and have the initial capital to increase your website faucet traffic.

Crypto Wallet For EOS

What Is EOS In Cryptocurrency?

To secure EOS assets, you need to choose the best EOS Wallet so that the assets that you have stored will really be safe from the cybercriminals.

Criteria for choosing an EOS wallet.

To ensure that you find a secure EOS Wallet, remember to look for features that are the criteria for choosing an EOS wallet.

Check carefully from whatever wallet you are considering to make sure it supports EOS coins. Also, need to be checked whether the wallet will support free drops from other crypto projects to EOS holders.

  • Security features. Checking your EOS wallet coin security is very important. Check what features are offered by the wallet to protect your funds from theft, the wallet must have basic security such as two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, and others.
  • Private key. private key you really need and this will definitely always be asked to be able to send and receive funds using your cryptocurrency balance, so look for a wallet that allows you to maintain control of your private key at any time.
  • Further development. Make sure that whatever wallet you choose is constantly being upgraded and developed with new features and enhancements. This will help ensure that it functions as much as possible and provides protection against the latest security threats.
  • Positive response. Finally, check independent reviews of wallet users. Will they recommend it to others? Is this supported by a strong development team? Are there security gaps? this stage you can find by visiting the forum.

The Best EOS Wallet You Can Use.

From some review sources to store your EOS in your wallet, there are three EOS wallets that are included in the best categories that you can use, we try to summarize in this article.

Infinito Wallet. 

The Infinito wallet allows you to store all the digital currencies that you have in one digital wallet. Thus you can access digital currencies in one package.

This is important because, for the majority of cryptocurrency, investors must use a different wallet for each cryptocurrency owned.

By finding a wallet like the Infinito Wallet you can give the name of the label of each coin that is owned so you don’t need to remember the unique code from each wallet which makes your head dizzier.

Currently, Infinito Wallet can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, EOS, NEO, Dash, etc. But Dompet Infinito can also save all cryptocurrency classes. Most of these wallets supported are tokens that are ranked 100 coinmarketcap.

For more information to created wallet visit the website Infinitowallet.io 


Developed by EOS Rio, candidate for the EOS Block Producer based in Rio de Janeiro, SimplEOS is a wallet for the sole purpose of interacting with the EOS ecosystem. It truly integrates with all the EOS.IO software features and is compatible with Windows operating systems.

After downloading SimplEOS makes it easy to send, receive, and store EOS coins. Will offer multi-account support, be compatible with EOS airdrops and include a voting portal.

But if you want to save coins and tokens other than EOS, you need to look elsewhere. Support for secure pending transactions and cellular wallets for iOS and Android is listed as an upcoming milestone in the SimplEOS road map.

You can download SimpLEOS wallet at website eosrio.io


This wallet operates on a browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to interact with the EOS blockchain.

Through the use of Single Sign On (SSO) using asymmetric encryption, this allows you to sign transactions and enter the application without having to expose your private key or personal details.

When you use Scatter, all the important data collection that you must store on your device. When Scatter sends any data to the blockchain, this data will be “hash fingerprint”, which is a collection of characters and numbers that cannot be changed.

Scatter currently supports the EOS and Ethereum blockchain, but in the future, it is still developing and supporting more digital currencies.

You can download Scatter wallet on their website get-scatter.com


The development of EOS is significant, which is currently in rank 5 on the coinmarketcap site. prove that this digital coin deserves consideration as one of the investments that have a bright future.

However, this ranking may still change, because other digital currencies also offer good features, and increased market demand will possible certainly shift the current EOS rating.

As for the security of your EOS wallet, make sure to store your password safely, and be careful of hackers who might be able to steal your password, for example, they use fake websites that are similar to the original, so make sure the site address when you access your EOS wallet to avoid hackers

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