What is forex webinar? How to Participate

In this article, I will explain in as much detail as possible about what is forex webinar. And everything related to a Webinar. But before I explain it, let me give you a picture, the origin of the development of online technology that is happening right now, so that eventually Webinar technology emerged.

The development of technology is now growing rapidly and is very helpful for you in completing tasks of business activities, jobs quickly. Internet technology is one technology that is already close to you, just imagine, nowadays almost everyone we meet must have a smartphone that has internet access.

This internet is very helpful because it can connect each of us even though you and I are in different locations.

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What is a Webinar?

Continuous developments occur and finally, there is a very large need, namely face-to-face meetings but the participants are in different locations. How to overcome this? With Webinars, you can do these meetings even if you are in a remote location.

The webinar comes from two words Web and Seminar.

So the webinar is a seminar, presentation, teaching, or workshop that is conducted online. It can be likened to face-to-face meetings online through Internet media that can be attended by many people in different locations.  Through this Webinar, you can interact directly, through images (video) or text (chat).

How Webinars Work

If you attend a seminar, then you need to come to a designated location. Unlike the Webinar, you only need to be ready (standby) at the set time and you can attend the seminar wherever you are as long as you are connected to the Internet.

This webinar did with a software or Webinar service. So each of you who wants to join a Webinar, you must register first.

What you need to prepare to join the Webinar

There are 5 things you need to prepare when you want to join the Webinar

  1. Computer or Laptop, you can actually use your Smartphone, but I highly recommend that you use a PC or Laptop computer that has more complete features than a Smartphone.
  2. The browser that is installed on your laptop. I recommend using the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.
  3. A stable and fast internet connection.  Webinars run like online streaming that requires high access speeds. If your internet connection is not in the top condition it will occur like a picture stuttering and a broken sound.
  4. Active Speaker or Headset, if you use a laptop, there must be a speaker built-in with your laptop, make sure that the speaker is on (on). Or alternatively, you can use a headset to listen to the Webinar.
  5. Your Active Email, usually when registering for a Webinar, you need Active Email.

4 Things to Note for Following (joining) a Webinar

There are 4 things you need to pay attention to following the Webinar:

  1. You must register for the Webinar you want to follow. Enter your Name and Email to register for the ongoing Webinar.
  2. After successfully registering, you need to record the Webinar Link. This link will be used as the entrance when the Webinar takes place. Usually, you will get a confirmation email also in your Email Inbox. This email contains a Webinar Link.
  3. Note the date and time, make sure you make a reminder on your Smartphone so you don’t forget.
  4. Make sure you are online at the Date and Time of the Webinar, by clicking on the Webinar Link that has been given to you via Email.

The Benefits and Advantages of Following Your Webinar

What benefits and advantages do you get when you join the Webinar compared with attending an offline seminar?

  1. Cost-effective. You don’t need to leave the house when you join this Webinar. You don’t need to get out transport costs right?
  2. Very flexible. You can follow this Webinar wherever you are, most importantly you have a stable internet connection.
  3. You can interact with many people even if you don’t meet in person. Only face to face in cyberspace.
  4. You can learn directly from the Webinar from the Experts and can playback the contents of the Webinar. Usually, every Webinar has a reply (not always).

Free Forex Webinar Broker List

There are various ways to learn to trade without capital, but not all of them can effectively help your understanding process. If you only read without a visual explanation, the information contained in the material is usually not easily conveyed. Because of that, some forex brokers try to help traders by providing free forex webinar facilities.

Here are 10 forex brokers that provide free forex webinar programs:


If you are looking for a forex broker with beginner-friendly conditions and provide free forex webinars, then XM is the answer. This broker has a webinar corner that is conceptualized in earnest, seen from the format presented in 19 languages, and each managed by trading experts from the country concerned.


As a forex broker that adjusts its services to all traders, FBS does not miss presenting learning trading features for beginners. Although better known as on the spot programs such as forex seminars, FBS brokers also have free forex webinar facilities scheduled twice a week.

According to information on the official website, the topics commonly revealed in brokerage FAR webinars include real-time analysis, trading events, market views, and trading skills. The broker’s webinar program still speaks English and is guided by an FBS professional team. The schedule and registration of the free FBS forex webinar can be found on this page


As mentioned on the special webinar page on its official portal, there are 4 advantages to attending InstaForex broker webinar: free, consisting of various topics, can be followed as needed, accessible on a Smartphone.

Unlike XM and FBS which only ask for the identity of their name and email address in their respective webinar programs, InstaForex brokers require a trading account number.

This rubric is managed by Petar Jacimovic, an experienced analyst who an expert in the field of Volume Price Action.

InstaForex also provides Client Cabinet specifically for webinars as your Personal Assistant to organize trading learning programs, such as recording training progress, upgrading ability levels, and so on.


Although OctaFX’s actions have started since 2011, this broker’s free forex webinar program was held in May 2017. OctaFX also does not hold webinars with certain registration concepts, but upload videos on Youtube channels regularly. A list of OctaFX webinar here

According to official broker information, the OctaFX webinar rubric presents fundamental forex analysis with Yohay Elam, author and well-known analyst of Forex Crunch.

In addition, there will be a weekly market forecast directed by Dan Blystone, a market strategist from FXStreet.

Elam material will be presented every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30 GMT, while market estimates from Blystone delivered every Wednesday at 11.00 GMT.
OctaFX brokers add one special material in the webinar program, which a tutorial using the Autochartist plugin.


Like XM brokers who have developed the concept of free forex webinars in such a way, FXTM presents a webinar program with various features and benefits. In the FXTM broker webinar held weekly, you can get an explanation of trading strategies, session question, and answer.L

Learn how to trade on the forex market, minimize risk, read charts, explore trading psychology, and recognize Chart Pattern formations.

FXTM collaborates with Lukman Otunuga, an analyst specifically recruited to become a speaker in the free forex webinar program. You need to login to the MyFXTM Area Member first before registering a webinar at the FXTM broker. A full schedule and description of the webinar program can be seen here


Is regulation broker from Australia member of ASIC.

The trading specifications offered to tend to target more experienced traders, so it is only an ordinary trader, not conceptualize the program. Instead, ThinkMarkets broker webinar programs are presented in the news and analysis rubrics.

To find out the schedule for the ThinkMarkets broker webinar, you can visit here

Admiral Markets

Among all the brokers listed on this list, Admiral Markets is a broker that has the most intense webinar schedule. webinar program is  5 days a week, every Monday-Friday, and with different tutors.

Admiral Markets even has several sections of webinars which include Real-Time Daily Trading Ideas, Pro Learning Labs, Weekly FX Recap, and Expert Opinion. Presents profiles of each webinar supervisor at Admiral Markets.

You can see the complete concept on this page

ETX Capital

Free forex webinars are one of the features offered by ETX Capital in the learning rubric. Taking place Live, this event is not only available in English, but also in Spanish. To register at ETX Capital broker’s webinar program, you need to open a trading account first. The material taught in this rubric varies, ranging from technical analysis, market sentiment, to risk management.

In addition to free forex webinars, this FCA regulated British broker also holds a Seminar guided by expert analysts (from ETX Capital) and pre-independent traders. Beginners can also take trading courses from forex educator companies for free. This is an interesting facility because a general trader who is not an ETX Capital client is usually charged with a maximum cost of 1,000 pounds.

IG Markets

The third British broker on this list after previously there were Admiral Markets and ETX Capital. As part of the IG Group which has been established since 1974, this broker is considered as one of the leading trading service providers.

More than just a trading service provider broker, IG Markets is committed to educating traders by opening the IG Academy program. One of the learning methods included in the column is a free forex webinar. Although not held regularly, IG Markets can hold Live webinars more than once a day.

This broker also displays a profile of the webinar guides, so you can see professional figures who guide the course of the webinar. Archives video from previous sessions able to access again, allowing you to save the subject matter taught in each webinar program.


An Australian broker that provides free forex webinars on this list.

ACY further functioned as a broker webinar as a forex education media. Interestingly, ACY’s capital-free learning program targets not for beginner only, but for any level. You can visit this page to get more information

The material contained in the ACY webinar program is about news important event and more.

The analyst appointed by ACY to manage the webinar rubric is Lucas Shu.

Free Forex Webinars Really Need Costs

Even though it can be followed free of charge, you actually still need to provide costs to get truly optimal webinar services. Costs required are usually more intended for support facilities, such as internet fees. Why does this need to be considered?

Most free forex webinar programs are usually held live and broadcast across countries, so you need to have a truly strong and smooth internet connection. In addition, there are also several other conditions such as the web browser and PC OS that you use.

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Bottom line

Forex webinars are the same as remote conferences. These use conference applications that require an internet data connection to connect with meeting participants.

Conference applications that are increasingly popular during the pandemic are zoom, there is also a Google meet. However, webinars are provided by brokers who give users the opportunity to learn forex from experts who give presentations.

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