What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

best candlestick pattern

In the present article, I am will commence my new arrangement on Forex Best Candlestick Pattern.

That’s how I share thoughts, ideas, or procedures the wild Forex market, working to analyze information, demonstrate diagrams, and more. And try to recognize areas of factual problems that we can misuse.

Basically does this technique work or not? by doing this technique correctly it will most likely give good results. In the event that information shows a number of measurable edges, we run the technique through a robotic test to show how they will do it.

This is an assessment of the procedure of my first candle pattern, I need to concentrate on something very basic – the body of the candle.

Does the light body thickness have prescient forces? Would it be able to give us an edge? How about we make a plunge and do some profound, yet fun investigation on the light body’s insider facts.

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The Candlestick Body “Graph Pattern” Strategy Explained

Previously, researching Forex meetings – I hit a group of value activity brokers who had just used a light body to complete the exchange option.

On the off chance that bullish: they buy If prices close bearish: they sell.

This kind of system seems very improper, and most likely is one of the most difficult thinking wax procedures.

Exchanging the system with such direct principles, will not succeed the achievement will be very difficult and depends on market uncertainty.

This idea is missing a certain something, some quality control. The market won’t simply given you a chance to benefit off the bearing of the flame shut over the long haul.


For instance; Imagine utilizing these guidelines in overwhelming combination, you would flip exchanges each day with building disappointment.

Be that as it may, there might be some legitimacy to the thought whether we present some different measurements and principles.

The hypothesis goes this way: When you see aflame with a substantial, thick body – you for the most part do see great finish from cost a similar way.

An image says everything… here is a diagram of the achievement condition we are attempting to quantify:

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Essentially we need to know whether a light closes with a bullish body, what is the rate chance we will see a higher close before a lower close.

Our stop misfortune for the trial will be put at the contrary end of the light. As it were, to be viewed as a bullish flag achievement, a light should close past the ‘flag flame’ high before a candle breaks the contrary side.

Rearrange those guidelines for bearish conditions. On the off chance that a light closes bearish, what rate chance are we liable to see the lower close first.

Candles shutting inside the ‘flag’ light’s range are the ‘invalid’ occasion. We hang tight for either that unequivocal higher close, or lower close (past the flag light’s range).

Let’s look at what that looks like in principle on the diagrams…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Above: In a bull run, this thought would flourish. A pleasant heap of bullish bodied candles would make a burst of worthwhile exchanging.

Bearish sample

The equivalent goes for bearish runs…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

A decent bearish cascade would bring the benefits up rapidly.

Yet, these are the course book conditions for this system. Can we expect this ‘unclean picture’ situation to arise, when do we realize that it will happen?– we don’t know.

We can’t depend on being conveyed by a gigantic market rally each day.

That is the reason it is essential to begin acquainting some quality control measurements with have the capacity to channel the great from the terrible!

The Size of the Candle Body

One of the self-evident, first estimations we can watch is the way the light body’s size impacts the achievement/disappointment of the flag.

The body size ought to be a major ordeal – envision a little Doji flame versus a major thick-bodied power light. The distinction between the two (I would envision) would be very emotional – however, you never know…

Be that as it may, what are we going to contrast it and? We can’t quantify body estimate against a hard set number, similar to body measure contrasted with 300 pips.

The normal exchanging range between business sectors changes significantly. Gold can move 2000 points a session, making the static pip estimation a fake reference.

In any case, the Average Trading Range (ATR)

Using ATR

We can quantify the flame’s body measurements against the present Average Trading Range’s esteem.

That way we have a relative measurement to gauge the body estimate against which changes with economic situations.

In the event that the market is pushing out some huge candles, the ATR will scale up and furthermore downsize in moderate conditions.

I chose to quantify the flame’s body measure versus the ATR as a rate. How about we consider the ATR was 50 pips:

In the event that the flame body estimated 50 pips, the rate would be 100%. Since the flame body is 100% the span of the ATR.

On the off chance that the flame body estimated 25 pips, that is half of the ATR.

On the off chance that the flame body estimated 80 pips, that is 160% of the ATR – speaking to a light body that is bigger than the present unpredictability.

Okay, so let’s demonstrate a few diagrams.

The following is a triumph/fizzled histogram which delineates the information with lucidity.

The x-hub demonstrates how the body measure Vs ATR (20 periods) influences the flag execution. Here is a precedent…

Sample Image

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

The base diagram is my pleasantly shading coded ‘probabilities histogram’ demonstrating to us where the solid favorable circumstances are in the information (on the off chance that they exist).

Passing by this diagram, it appears there is a reasonable edge when the body measure is above 85% of the ATR. Be that as it may, in the event that we take a gander at the achievement/fall flat histogram above, we can see there are very few exchanges above 130%.

So the open door is by all accounts between 85-120% of the ATR.

In any case, I’ve additionally included another perception of the graph, which is the ‘gainfulness edge’.

At the point when the bars are over the limit, the framework as an opportunity to do profit – the further over the line, the almost certain it is to profit over the long haul.

It utilizes the normal profit for hazard for each container run on the x-hub to build up how every x esteem extend (the body size of the light versus the ATR) influences gainfulness.

This model graph doesn’t look solid, with most bars falling beneath the benefit line (you can likewise consider this line an ‘equal the initial investment marker’).

Pause! Try not to toss down the mallet and make ends presently – this is just the GBPUSD… there are numerous different markets to run the information on. Not just that, this is the 6-hour time span – shouldn’t something be said about the other time periods?

Timeframe reference

I chose to incorporate the majority of the swing exchanging time spans:

  • 60 minutes
  • 4 hour
  • 6 hour
  • 8 hour
  • 12 hour
  • Daily

I additionally tossed in the 15 min diagram to fulfill the high recurrence addicts (informal investors) out there. I for one loathe those lower time periods, however, I will give the information a chance to do the talking.

Instrument trading recommendation

For business sectors to run this procedure on, I picked a bunch of various markets to spare time on the information mining process (I would be here perpetually preparing each and every market and time span variation).

  • GOLD
  • Raw petroleum
  • S&P

Each Forex system will perform diversely on individual markets. A system could be a major victor on EURUSD, yet wipe a record on GBPNZD.

This spread of market will give a pleasant assortment, and a smart thought on how the system performs over our ‘test bushel’ of business sectors for a ‘general execution’ metric – we can generally test on more instruments if the outcomes are promising.

So how about we see a few diagrams …

Crude Candlestick Body Size Vs ATR Performance

To abstain from swelling the article with 100’s of charts, we can merge information bunches together to check whether any pleasant measurements fly out at us. On the off chance that they do, we can get increasingly granular.

As I referenced before I incorporated the 15 min time period… so let’s begin from the base.

Not expecting much enchantment from this low time span information to be ruthlessly fair with you.

The following is the united 15 min information of all the test images to feature the candle design technique execution no matter how you look at it.

ATR explanation usage

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Obviously a poor outcome.

None of the flame body sizes can make it over the gainfulness line.

One relationship unmistakable here is that the achievement chance increments as the body size of the flame get higher.

You may think: “Hold up I see 60-70% win rates”. That is valid, the exchanges are hitting the ‘achievement condition’ regularly, yet the reward is poor versus the hazard taken.

This means each fizzled exchange turns out to be extremely rebuffing to the framework.

Shouldn’t something be said about the 1 hour?

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Not by any stretch of the imagination much continuing for 1 hour either.

The 1-hour diagram isn’t anything but difficult to exchange in any case, the candles still don’t have much value activity information inside them.

Venturing it up an indent to the 4 – 6-hour go…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Just unimportant upgrades.

The flame body truly should be 135% of the ATR to have the capacity to play with the earn back the original investment stamp.

At long last, my most loved swing exchanging time spans – the 8H to everyday graphs…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Truly I figured we would see some enhancement here, anyway this information is extremely disillusioning as well.

The best of the most noticeably bad is by all accounts the 4-6 hour extend when the light body is above 115% of the ATR.

For the sake of entertainment, let’s go through a couple backtest outcomes, and see how the value bend looks like on that information run.

Beginning from the base, here at nearly 15 min time allotment results…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Setting the minimum candle body size of 160%, as that was the only range that came close to the profitability line on the performance graphs.

As you can see the 15 min chart results would have brought tears to a grown man’s face if you let this system run on your live account.

Total trash results. The performance graphs are shown earlier anticipated this.

Moving along to some 6-hour time frame figures. I am not showing every single symbol otherwise the article will be too bloated.

The min ATR was set to 115% this time, as the performance evaluation charts showed this is the best performance started to kick in.

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Sideways results as expected, as the performance charts implied this would happen.

None of the bars on the 6-hour data chart really cleared the profitability line, so break even was the best case scenario here.

Moving along to the daily – where I would usually expect cleaner results…

bWhat Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

The day by day results was the most steady up until now, yet nothing to get amped up for!

Nonetheless, there was this one…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

The EURUSD everyday yield was an entire damn great value bend. Only a light body merchant with a min contribution of 115% profits!

Buzzkill: 10% record increase over the multi-year exchanging period isn’t amazing. Despite the fact that it turned a benefit – it was a moderate snail framework.

So what would we be able to remove here… ?


One clear connection in the information is the bigger the light body estimate, the higher possibility we get to an exchange achievement condition (a higher or lower close).
In spite of the fact that we have high win rates, the reward yield is so terrible for each exchange, we can’t get over that benefit edge – causing stop outs in the framework to be so damaging and accordingly devouring all prizes + more.
This framework isn’t feasible with these exceptionally basic standards, despite the fact that the extraordinary instance of EURUSD made a benefit, it was as yet a moderate creep with two or three multi month times of no benefits.

Acquainting Moving Average Filters With A Candlestick Pattern Strategy

Since we have built up a ‘gauge’ for this investigation, we can have a go at adding channels to check whether they enhance execution.

The moving normal channel is the ‘go-to’ starter unit for a straightforward pattern channel – endeavoring to scour out awful exchanges, and let the great exchanges ‘with energy’ rise as quality exchange signals.

Simple principle:

  • Bullish signs that shape over the moving normal = pass
  • Bearish signs that shape beneath the moving normal = pass

Whatever else is sifted through

I gathered information on a decent scope of exponential moving midpoints: 10, 20, 33, 50, 65, 100, 200.

I fabricated a unique execution examination chart to help assess how viable the EMA channels are on the framework.

The 20 EMA = normally a decent medium-term energy channel. I likewise use it in my every day exchanging – so I was intrigued to perceive what impact it would have here…

The first run is through the 15 min information to yield what execution change we would see with the 20 EMA channel included.

EMA explanation usage

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

The decisive diagram here is the % Change bar graph in the upper right.

This will disclose to us what impact the channel had on by and large execution. For this situation, scarcely anything.

Truth be told, those marginally negative red bars, show the 20 EMA aggravated the execution somewhat than the standard execution.

How about we run the 8 hours today by day extend information…

What Is The Best Candlestick Pattern For Trading Forex Futures?

Some minor bleeps on the radar, yet by and large an invalid impact.

This underlying information is firmly recommending the EMA channel does nothing to help the execution of this Forex candle methodology.

Now, I figured it would be too exhausting to even think about continuing with posting singular execution charts for each and every EMA/time period set.

To get even more a ‘flying creatures eye see’ of how they impact execution, I planned this line diagram beneath which has significantly progressively primary concern information packed into one graph.

I just ran the 15 min information test on the GBPUSD as the re-running of the information digging for all these EMAs, for each combine is was too tedious.

best candlestick pattern

This is an estimation of 0-100 % of how much each EMA supported, or hurt execution on each EMA period connected.

You can see rapidly there was no reaction from any of them!

Shouldn’t something be said about on the higher time allotments… ?

best candlestick pattern

Just some negligible lifts when the body measurement is over 150% of the ATR.

To be straightforward I was shocked to see such little impact out of the EMA channels.

This basic way to deal with pattern separating is utilized broadly in the Forex world – so thinking forward for future tests, it will be extremely intriguing to check whether this is even a legitimate sifting approach by any means.


Shockingly the exponential moving normal’s ‘incline sifting forces’ do nothing to help support execution in this system. We’ve tossed a huge scope of computations periods, scaling from present moment, medium, and longer term EMAs – however they all having an invalid impact, some notwithstanding delivering negative outcomes… what!

Candle Swing Highest/Lowest Filter

I typically simply call this the swing channel.

Essentially we need to check the light’s high or low cost to see where it fits inside the encompassing candles.

We’re estimating these focuses to perceive what number of light highs our flag flame is higher than, or what number of lows the flag candle is lower than.

A fast picture to illustrate…

best candlestick pattern

What I am estimating here is if the flame is perched on a swing high, or swing low – assuming this is the case, how noteworthy is it?

An estimation of 1 implies the light isn’t on a swing high or low.

I likewise measure with these principles:

On the off chance that the exchange is bullish, measure the swing low hugeness

On the off chance that the exchange is bearish, measure the swing high hugeness

Why? Since I am attempting to channel exchanges sitting on lower highs in a bearish market (after a bullish remedy), and in a bullish market, estimating swing lows (after a bearish redress).

For swing brokers, this is a significant estimation.

By and large, you would need a swing estimation of no less than 3.

That imparts the light has the most astounding high, or least low inside the last 3 candles.

On the off chance that we apply a swing channel estimation of 3 to this framework, we get these execution reactions

Example Highest and Lowest Filter

best candlestick pattern

Above is the 15 min information, and how a swing channel of 3 influences the execution.

One striking bit of information that flies out is the number of exchanges sifted through. The base right outline demonstrates what number of exchanges were taken without and with the channel.

So we’re stifling a lot of exchanges! It is by all accounts justified, despite all the trouble, take a gander at the graph above it.

We’re getting 10-20% lifts in execution, which drives me onto the execution charts on the left side.

Top demonstrates the first, base demonstrates the execution with the swing channel.

We can see a portion of the body measure ranges pushing execution bars over the productivity line. Inquisitive to perceive what it looks like in a backtest…

best candlestick pattern

Above is an examination backtest on the GBPUSD 15 min diagram.

With no channels the framework tanks before long, plunging the record to $0 throughout the last piece of 2015.

When we include the swing channel, the framework doesn’t make us rich – yet it gets a gigantic survival help, and there is no record emergency!

A straightforward swing channel halted the record jumping to $0 and furthermore figured out how to hold ground until the finish of the trial (3 years).

In end, the channel is dramatically affecting execution, yet insufficient to wrench it into the benefit go.

So what happens when we run it on some higher time periods..?

Next analysis

best candlestick pattern

Contrasting and without channel tests on the GBPUSD doesn’t demonstrate anything noteworthy by any means.

Truth be told the channel appears to be excessively solid in this specific circumstance, with the sifted backtest just taking a sum of around 30 exchanges over the multi-year time span.

The other higher time periods showed comparable outcomes.


The Swing Filter demonstrated monstrous sifting impacts in the lower time allotment tests, however on the higher time spans it sifted through the signs too vigorously. This could be on the grounds that this light body flag framework isn’t creating any great exchanges in any case, so the swing sift scours through the majority of the signs. I trust the swing channel has a great deal of potential, yet not with regards to a framework pressing an amazingly awful gauge (unfiltered), execution .

Conclusions for best candlestick pattern

This Forex candle design methodology is likely a standout amongst the most basic candle techniques you could consider, so my desires were not high.

The information shows – the bigger the flame body measure, the more probable a higher, or lower close will pursue.

Gauge backtests didn’t create the ‘sacred chalice’ value bend we long for, however, nor did we expect it as well.

Tossing a few channels on the framework and assessing their execution didn’t create anything energizing either.

It was astonishing to see every single moving normal having zero impact on execution, however!

That one backtests on the EURUSD demonstrated a pleasant value bend… so there may be others in there.

I’ve included underneath a Forex robot for MT4 and 5 intended to exchange this procedure – with the capacity to redo a great deal of the information sources. You may locate some different markets which create intriguing outcomes.

For my first methodology examination, I figure I will stamp this procedure ‘not reasonable’.

In the event that you enjoyed this sort of procedure investigation content, if you don’t mind let me know in the remarks – so I realize whether to keep distributing more tests!

I have plenty of thoughts we can test, yet there are 1000’s of methodologies out there – so additionally in the remarks beneath you can likewise tell me your contemplations on:

  • Other mechanical procedures to test.
  • Exchange Filter thoughts.

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