What The Best Crypto to Mined?

Cryptocurrency investment is not only limited to trading, buying and then saving. But it can also be obtained by mining using the GPU that we have. At least, there are 7 best and profitable coins currently mined with GPU and ASIC. This coin has the potential to skyrocket by the end of 2018.

Most people begin to hesitate to invest their assets in the crypto world. This is due to the falling prices of bitcoin and altcoin in early 2018. But many practitioners are optimistic that everything only happens in a short time, then bitcoin will be re-born again. Blockchain technology is now growing, not only as an exchange tool, but also used for data storage, gaming, communication, and others. Traditional technology and internet systems are slowly being displaced by a new system, blockchain.

Currently, many coins can be mined using the Proof of Work (PoW) method, but not all of them promise profit. Some of them even continue to fall, never rise in price, or even disappear from circulation. This is due to the lack of community and developers so that the technology offered does not seem promising

There are Seven Best and Profitable Coins

What are the best seven coins that are profitable and must be mined during 2018? The following are the chosen coins that can be chosen one of them:

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

Certainly, this one coin is the king of cryptocurrency that must be owned. Until now, all coins and token prices circulating in the market depend on the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices. According to predictions, it is estimated that the price of bitcoin will reach 15-20k US dollars, and will not return to the price of 6-7k.
Bitcoin is now no longer possible to be mined with CPU and GPU. The ASIC miner technology has replaced it much more quickly and efficiently. Likewise, if you have a large enough mining rig, you can try to mine it. The practical way that is currently in great demand is to buy Could Mining one time payment. This service offers a one-time contract, so you directly mine Bitcoin for life. Cloud Mining like this can be bought directly to Minergate or CCG Mining.

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2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

Bitcoin Cash cannot be seen after the eyes, because crypto is an alternative currency after BTC. BCH within a few months after its launch, its popularity was able to attract the attention of many people. This crypto will continue to pursue the sale value of BTC slowly.
BCH mining is now starting to get crowded, where GPU miners are slowly being displaced by the presence of ASIC. But one-time payment cloud mining is also available, once you pay, you can mine BCH for life. Cloud mining Bitcoin Cash is available at CCG Mining.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

In the most recent predictions, the selling price of LTC is expected to double, even triple by the end of 2018. Litecoin is still seen as a silver coin (BTC: gold coin) with a broad market. This coin is in every crypto exchange, and now comes the special LTC / Altcoin exchange.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

This coin innovation seems to continue to develop, with the token and smart contract launched by Ethereum. All technology and business fields can use it to launch ICOs. ETH prices are expected to continue to soar due to the increasing number of DApps, the use of tokens, and the communities that support them.
Ethereum is still very possible to be mined with a GPU with a minimum specification of 3 8GB graphics cards each. This is due to the large number of miners who use ASIC, so the GPU miners must increase the rig specifications.

5. Monero (XMR)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?Monero is one of the kryptonite coins that are currently in great demand by traders and miners. Monero puts forward transaction privacy, changing mining algorithms to reduce ASIC threats. The monero community will continue to change the algorithm so that this coin can only be mined with the CPU and GPU.

6. Siacoin (SC)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

Maybe many people will not think that “Next Bitcoin” which is currently being hunted by traders and miners is Siacoin. Why do you need Siacoin? In the future, online storage is needed and Siacoin technology is created for storage services.
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Siacoin is claimed to be the safest in terms of data storage, and all users must pay it with SC coins. Coin Siacoin mining is currently rampant, and it is possible to be mined with GPU.

7. Bytcoin (BCN)

What The Best Crypto to Mined?

Who would have thought that Bytcoin was considered a coin dime in the class of Dogee could give birth to top-grade coins. Bytcoin is the first kryptonite-based crypto that cannot be tracked or anonymously. The BCN coin algorithm has initiated the emergence of Monero and Electroneum. Bytcoin can be mined with CPU, GPU and Android phones. It is estimated, BCN will rise in price in 2018 and so on.


Of the seven best and profitable coins above, we can adjust assets and devices. Which one is most suitable for the GPU we have, and which one makes more profit. For BTC and BCH, you should use ASIC miner. If not available, you can buy cloud mining at Minergate or CCGMining.

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